Climate Pope Tells Warmists They Must Do More

Pope Francis keeps moving the Catholic Church into being a subsidiary of the Cult of Climastrology

Earth Day: Pope Francis urges responsibility for our common home

As the world marked Earth Day on Monday, April 22, Pope Francis reiterated his urgent plea for bold action for our common home and for world peace.

The international Day was established in 1970 to raise awareness about the critical environmental challenges facing our planet, and to mobilize efforts to address them.

The observance provides an opportunity for individuals, communities, organizations, and governments to come together and engage in activities to repair and heal ecosystems, combat climate change, and preserve biodiversity so as to preserve the planet for future generations.

In a post on his X social media platform (formerly known as Twitter), Pope Francis noted that his generation has bequeathed many monetary riches to later generations, but has done little to protect the planet.

He also commented on the link between current environmental problems and the many conflicts raging throughout the world.

“Our generation has bequeathed many riches, but we have failed to protect the planet and we are not safeguarding peace. We are called to become artisans and caretakers of our common home, the Earth which is “falling into ruin.” #EarthDay

What is the Vatican doing? They get about 5 million visitors a year. How many of them take long fossil fueled trips?

Earth Day 2024: It’s time for the Catholic Church to give up fossil fuels for good

In the apostolic exhortation “Laudate Deum: On the Climate Crisis,” published last Oct. 4, Pope Francis stated simply that “responses have not been adequate” in the eight years since he published the encyclical “Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home.” This assessment applies to society as a whole, but it also includes the Catholic Church. As we approach Earth Day, on April 22, I plead for all U.S. Catholics to repent from our collective ecclesial sins of omission and commit to greater shared mission fidelity on climate action.

It’s now a “sin.” The weird part is that the author, Daniel DiLeo, fails to mention if he’s given up his own use of fossil fuels.

This Earth Day, I plead for these faithful, “adequate responses” to the climate crisis so that we may “avoid the sin of indifference, that [we] may love the common good, advance the weak, and care for this world in which we live” (“Laudato Si’,” No. 246).

Yup. Cult

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29 Responses to “Climate Pope Tells Warmists They Must Do More”

  1. H says:

    Too good for Nr Teach to fact check

    Einhorn veas not the “founder” of Earth Day.

    • Kye says:

      He sure in hell was one of them. Back in the mid 60s I used to eat lunch with that June maggot at Day’s deli at 18th and Spruce St. in Philadelphia with all my hippie friends. He was a filthy communist then and he’s a filthy communist now.

      So before you start reading all your little Wikipedia and Google’s comments and repeating them here bear in mind I knew Ira Einhorn. I knew him well. And I knew at the time he was a piece of crap. It was just like I imagine Elwood is right out of that red diaper mold. Parents were rich lived in a townhouse at Rittenhouse Square big money. I got to the point where I wouldn’t let him sit at our table because he never reached for a check ever.

      • Dana says:

        Well, he’s no longer a filthy Communist, because Mr Einhorn, 19 days before Earth Day 2020, departed this mortal vale for whatever his eternal reward has been.

        After fleeing the US for killing his live-in, but attempting to move out, girlfriend, he spent 33 years in Europe. He was such a strong environmentalist that, after he killed his girlfriend, he tried to compost her body. On July 20, 2001, he was finally extradited to the United States. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

        • Kye says:

          I knew all that Dana but I was more interested in getting out my perception of that piece of crap Einhorn then worrying about the days and weeks of his life. The guy deserved to die and he deserved it for a long time. Of course the young girl he murdered was a piece of work herself but we won’t go into that.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          I always figured that Kye/L’Roy was a Philadelphia murderer like Einhorn.

          • Kye says:

            You are so perceptive. If you think teaming me up with a black guy is insulting it’s not. Especially from a Nazi like you. And now you’re accusing me of being a murderer? You really are a moron man. I believe Leroy is from jersey anyway idiot.

            Once you start calling other commenters murderers there’s nowhere to go from there.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    How is Einhorn (a Jew) related to the Pope (a Catholic)?

    Anyway what do the Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Protestants, Buddhists know about global warming?

    The “freedom-loving” American-right objects to any mention of global warming, calling it a hoax or scam. People, especially Americans, should be able to do, buy, drive and live however they want. To suggest otherwise is communism. Freedom!!

    A side-hustle for right-wingers is their support for Vladimir Putin – they want continued access to Russia’s sweet, sweet crude oil and natural gas!

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Happy Birthday, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, (aka Vladimir Lenin).

      Signed, Karen (aka Rimjob).

  3. Professor Hale says:

    The American war monger sector, which includes the Democratic party, doesn’t seem to care about saving the Earth when it comes to spreading wars in foreign lands. Wars are not very Earth friendly in any sense. Massive amounts of pollutants and toxic chemicals are released into the air, water, and ground. It will be many decades if not centuries before the contamination in Ukraine is mitigated. Centuries more before the environmental harm from communism gets cleaned up. Yet the Left is so in love with communism, they will overlook that. When the US government sent cluster munitions and Depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine, the Left applauded. It was that same Left that called the US possession and use of those things a war crime. It’s almost as if the left really doesn’t care about the positions they take on the environment, only if they are supporting their side and opposing the “other guys”.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      The US right either has forgotten or ignores that neither the EU, NATO, the U.S., or Ukraine started the war in Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine, unprovoked by any national or economic threat against the Motherland. Inexplicably, the American far-right supported the invasion, destruction and occupation of Ukraine. It’s unsurprisingly that the American near and far-right support the Israeli invasion of Gaza and the killing of Palestinian children, women and men. The American far-right has become so “war averse” that they support rapid and complete invasion and subjugation of weaker nations. “Don’t resist, you’re only making it worse. After all there are worse things than authoritarianism.”

      We get it. American far-rightists love Putin and Russia for some reason(s). They cite a fear of Russian nukes, the fear Ukrainian Nazis, their objections to foreign aid except to Israel… the excuse that makes the most sense is that Russia supported and supports Donald Trump and the feeling is likewise. Trump is keeping quiet about the $61 BILLION of materiel headed to Ukraine until he sees how the voters break on the issue. It’s his approach on abortion as well.

      Anyone who believes the American Democrats are in love with communism is being dishonest or stupid.

      There are 5 communist nations extant: China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea and Vietnam. It’s the American right who revere the former communist nation, Russia and admire North Korea.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Karen, Karen, Karen (aka Rimjob) sheesh.

        Bwaha! Lolgf

        • L'Roy White says:

          drowningpuppies do you think dowd actually believes that shit? It sounds ludicrous from the start. LA mayor and lying democrat leftist Karen Bass was just attacked in her home. But they all insist crime is down. And they have all kinds of statistics to show that they’re right except that the statistics come from leftists that are trying to cover up the crime so they’re all lying. Just like the nitwit doubt when he starts telling us about Republicans and conservatives and anybody but the leftist love communists it’s the leftists who are really the enemies of the communist. They just keep mumbling the same nonsense and I guess they think people sooner or later start believing it but we’re onto that bull now we don’t believe anything they say.

          I imagine that ellwood believes that genocide Joe’s uncle was eaten by cannibals too.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            I believe Karen, Karen, Karen (aka Rimjob) is a lonely narcissist seeking the attention he never received as a child.

      • Brother John says:

        Russia invaded Ukraine, unprovoked

        You’re done right there. No need to read any more of your bullshit. This much is an outright lie or a statement of such ignorance that you should repeat 8th grade history.

        BTW, you still haven’t shown any evidence that you understand the difference between Finland and Ukraine joining NATO, and no desire to understand it either, confirming once again that you’re a fraud, a liar, a troll, and a fool.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          You can read? You have yet to explain why you feel Russia was provoked to invade Ukraine, confirming once again that you’re a fraud, a liar, a troll, and a fool.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            BroJo (aka Gaslight),

            The Trumputins and their lackeys have promulgated the lie that Russia was terrified that Ukraine would join NATO. That excuse is so obviously false that not even discerning MAGAts (both of them, LOL) believed it.

            Putin wants his legacy to be the hero who rebuilt the Russian Empire!! He believed Ukraine would be an easy but significant first move. He has been obsessed with Ukraine. The Baltics and Poland are part of NATO, so he’d have to be careful and take them piecemeal. Putin thought the West would give him Ukraine but he underestimated that a stand-up comedian/sitcom actor would give him the finger. Putin transmitted his lies to the MAGAt party for distribution – Nazis, corruption, Hunter, Big Guy, persecuting Christians and Russians, LGBTQ controls Ukraine etc.

      • Jl says:

        Oh, my-“the American far-right (maybe someday we’ll meet people just from the ‘right’) supported the invasion, destruction and occupation of Ukraine…”
        I see, as opposed to libs supporting the invasion, destruction and occupation of our own country? Remember when Trump’s 4 billion for a border wall on our southern border was too much money for our libs friends?

      • James Lewis says:

        Chicken Little Man

        Actually it is noted that Russia’s actions started AFTER the possibility that Ukraine could become a NATO member with rockets, etc., installed.

        A more reasonable situation would be for Ukraine to be a neutral buffer country.

        And when you write, “It’s the American right who revere the former communist nation, Russia and admire North Korea.” You demonstrate nothing but a desire to be a troll, or stupid, or perhaps both.

  4. Kye says:

    It’s the American right who revere the former communist nation, Russia and admire North Korea.

    That is definitely one of your dumbest statements. And in case you don’t know that there are millions of Americans of Russian descent. I’m one of the American right who think the former communist nation’s operative word being former Russia is a great country and has been through most of its history except when it was run by leftists like you. That’s when all the bloodshed started. And nobody on the right that I know or have ever known admire North Korea. None of us can stay in North Korea but you should like it since it represents everything you believe in. Starting with a one party state.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      “Russia is a great country!”, he exclaims. Recall too, that the Dear Leader of the nuRepublicuns, Donald Trump, said he and the Dear Leader of North Korea “fell in love”.

      The great country of Russia has been America’s bête noire for the past 60 years or so, but since 2016 when they helped your Dear Leader, Donnie the Decadent, you fell in line. Russia may well be the longest running autocracy in world history!! From Ivan the Terrible through Putin the Pugnacious. No wonder you fascists love Russia so.

      Despite centuries of authoritarians, suppression and oppression, Russia produced the likes of Kandinsky, Pasternak, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Pavlov, Dostoyevsky, Rachmaninoff, Solzhenitsyn, Rimsky-Korsakov, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Mussorgsky, Aleksandr Karelin, Maria Sharapova, George Balanchine, The Bolshoi Ballet, Anatoly Karpov, Garry Kasparov, Alexander Godanov, Leo Tolstoy and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

      If you think Russia’s bloody history started with Lenin you’re ignorant of history.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Another Karen (aka Rimob) C&P that contains zero relevance except for trolling.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Another Foreskin (aka Handjob) C&P (aren’t they all…) that contains zero relevance except for trolling.

          Such a short attention whore! When was the last time you were relevant, Foreskin? 2023?

      • Kye says:

        Once again you blast off into a tirade about shit I wasn’t even talking about. What is it about your inability to see the nuances when other people say things or print things? Do stupid things like put for parentheses around fall in love. Why? Couldn’t two world leaders just meet eye to eye? What has the murdering child rapist biden done with North Korea? Nothing. Which is good he got his fingers involved in Russia and there were now with the Ukraine and he got his fingers involved with Palestine and now they’re at war with Israel. Like you (in business) everything he touches turns to crap.

        Why do you have such a hard one about Russia? Are you still pissed at them cause they blew off communism? Then you should get pisssed off at one of your favorite countries yet now but even though they’re still listed as a communist country your entire economy is switched to capitalist, heavy duty capitalist. You keep referring to China as communist and the only thing that’s communist is the party because the rest of the country is again operating like a capitalist corporation.

        Are you hating on Russia because they’re white people? That would make sense because you do hate whites. Are you all mad at Russia because trump can get along with a guy like Putin but that pussywhipped idiot in the White House today can’t ha ha ha lol.

        And I’m not even get rid of the history I just don’t come here for a history lesson I come to comment talk about ideas but apparently you’d rather sit there and argue about every nuance of of every comment that I make so guess what? screw you you ignorant putz.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          Like you (in business) everything he touches turns to crap.

          Galera Therapeutics Inc
          As of April 23, 2024 • 1:57 PM CDT
          NASDAQ: GRTX 0.191USD (-98.41%)

          Bwaha! Lolgf

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Did I misquote your saying you believe Russia is a great country?

    Did Mr Kye really ask why I dislike Putin and Russia? Because they wish to destroy America. Because they are evil. Lenin, Stalin, Nikita “We will bury you!” Khrushchev, now Putin. The Gulag. They are a totalitarian nation that murders their citizens as “needed”. Did you read anything by Solzhenitsyn or Barbara Armonas? Putin stills has work camps!!

    The question is: Why do you MAGAts like Putin and Russia so much? Because of Trump? Trump will turn on you and Putin in a heartbeat if it serves Big Donnie’s purposes. Then what do you do?

    Do you now like communists and communism like Trump does? As I recall, you said you went to Vietnam to kill communists, and ironically, Vietnam is now one of only five communist nations on Earth.

    Bill O’Reilly: “But he’s a killer!” (of Putin).

    Donald Trump: “There are a lot of killers. You think our country’s so innocent?”

    Seriously? Comparing the sins of Russia to the US??

    Trump said he and the communist Kim Jong Un “fell in love”. Kim is a tough, smart guy.

    Trump praises the communist Xi of China, loving his strength, his voice… “He’s right out of central casting!”

    These dicktaters are not make-believe communists, but are the real deal. To Putin’s credit he is no longer a communist but WAS a communist KGB agent up to 1991.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Keep it up, Karen.

      Stupidity is basically not an intellectual defect, but a moral defect.

      – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

      Bwaha! Lolgf

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Keep it up, Foreskin.

    Against stupidity we are defenseless. Neither protests nor the use of force accomplish anything here; reasons fall on deaf ears; facts that contradict one’s prejudgment simply need not be believed – in such moments the stupid person even becomes critical – and when facts are irrefutable they are just pushed aside as inconsequential, as incidental. In all this the stupid person, in contrast to the malicious one, is utterly self satisfied and, being easily irritated, becomes dangerous by going on the attack. For that reason, greater caution is called for when dealing with a stupid person than with a malicious one.

    – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    Pastor Bonhoeffer describes the American MAGAts who really believe that Fatt Donnie won the election! You’re dangerous because you’re impervious to facts and reason. Cult.

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