Illegals In SCNY Demand City Make It Easier For Them To Work

Amazing. They come to our nation illegally, demanding asylum they do not deserve, and, among the other things they demand is that we allow these people to work

Migrants rally at NYC’s City Hall, want officials to make it easier for them to work

Hundreds of Black migrants, many from African countries, showed up at City Hall Tuesday demanding better treatment.

They say they just want a job, and basic shelter.

The migrants and their advocates say they’ve received unfair treatment and have been left forgotten. The rally at City Hall was a bid to get attention of state and federal lawmakers. They’re hoping changes could be made to immigration laws, and they could help contribute to the economy.

They said they want to work, and are trying to cut through the red tape that’s stopping them. They asked for local leaders to put more pressure on Washington, D.C. to make a change.

Dozens rallied on the steps outside City Hall, and hundreds gathered in support nearby while inside the City Council chambers, tears were shed for all Black migrants impacted by what advocates are calling unfair treatment.

How much does it cost to travel from the continent of Africa? It’s not cheap. And, apparently it comes with a Race Card

Tuesday, City Council members held their first meeting to learn more about the experiences Black migrants have been going through in New York.

“Black migrants have reported verbal and physical abuse due to the color of their skin,” one person said.

Wait, the citizens of the uber-Democratic SCNY have been mean? Even I don’t believe it, although the illegals may not be used to the NYC attitude. They can always leave if they do not like it

Mohammed Bah said he came from Guinea five months ago ready to work.

“Anywhere you go to find a job, they ask for working papers,” Bah said

If he came the legal route with a visa then he’d have those papers. He, and the others didn’t. That’s there problem. They’re welcome to travel to another country and give it a shot. I hear Canada is nice this time of year.

“It’s clear our immigration system is broken, and needs overhauling,” New York City Immigrant Affairs Commissioner Manuel Castro said.

This again? Though, if you think about it, the insane asylum setup is absurd.

“Find solutions for all African community,” one person said. “They’re young guys. They’re 19 or 20 years old, so they’re ready to work. But we need to get better conditions for these guys.”

Yeah, we have a whole bunch of mostly young men coming illegally to the U.S., spending a lot of money to do so, and bringing their 3rd world beliefs with them.

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14 Responses to “Illegals In SCNY Demand City Make It Easier For Them To Work”

  1. Dana says:

    If we aren’t going to expel them, it’s actually a good thing to find ways to let them work and support themselves. Better letting them work than feeding them via welfare.

    • L'Roy White says:

      Better letting them work than feeding them via welfare.

      Except that due to modern game fixing by Democrats they can work and get fed and paid welfare. They can also get health care education free phones and cash payment cards that get replenished monthly. So letting them work just allows them to take at least a part time job away from an American. But I don’t think that would matter anyhow since they would just come up with the ID card that would allow them to work anyhow. Ohh and allow them to vote too which is the whole point of bringing them in.

      I’ve noticed also that we’ve been stuck on this figure of 8 million illegals coming in during the military junta of genocide joe. That’s like when we got stuck on 11,000,000 illegals for 10 years back in the early 2000s. Finally conservatives shook it loose and forced them to realize it was closer to 25,000,000. I would estimate it’s closer to 15,000,000 that have come across the border illegally since genocide joe took office.

      The good news is the junta has currently eased up on forcing illegals into the country because they’re concentrating on removing their opposition on an election ballot. They’ve gotta figure a way to criminally undermine the election or they don’t feel good about themselves. We know that steal is in but it never hurts to have a Plan B.

    • Brother John says:

      No reason to not expel them; just the same, if they’re not being expelled, there’s no reason to feed and house them at public expense.

  2. H says:

    Immigration legality is determined by an immigration court, not by Mr Teach.
    Until that is determined should they be encouraged/discouraged to work?
    Indeed.Com today is reporting 7000+ entry level jobs in NY. immigrants want to work and send money back home. Maybe, then those pitiful child cobalt miners in the DNR would be able to quit working without facing
    The Biden economy is strong in NY , capitalists need more workers! Does our economy need these new workers willing to work hard for minimum wage (15$)

  3. H says:

    Could an immigrant earning 30k a year afford to buy a new 35k Honda Civic?
    Dana not sure but don’t think your state is more generous with welfare than NY, but in NY “welfare” consists of good stamps and 100$ cash each month the generous amount of NY food stamps are paid by “los federales”

    • Dana says:

      The distinguished Mr H wrote:

      Could an immigrant earning 30k a year afford to buy a new 35k Honda Civic?

      Apparently not that many Americans can, either: in 2022, 73.95% of all 52.2 million car sales were for used cars (38.6 million).

      Dana not sure but don’t think your state is more generous with welfare than NY, but in NY “welfare” consists of good stamps and 100$ cash each month the generous amount of NY food stamps are paid by “los federales”

      The cost of living in the Bluegrass State is also far lower than in New York.

      Fortunately, we at least appear to have far fewer illegal immigrants; our reputation as a poor state probably keeps some from choosing Kentucky. We’re not on the southern border, but we’re also far away from the liberal northeast.

      We do have some Hispanics living here, but the ones I’ve seen outside of Lexington pretty much all work for a living; there are some really good immigrant families here, but that’s the operative word: families! They mostly are not single, younger males and gang members.

      This is the part you just don’t get: I am not opposed to legal immigration of as vetted as possible people. I very much support the legal immigration of families, married husbands and wives and children, because those are good people to have. Heck, a lot of them are better people than real Americans who were born here. But we need to exclude those immigrants who do not fit that description.

      More, legal immigration requires that newcomers are able to support themselves; a nation such as ours with a developed welfare system cannot and should not tolerate the immigration of people who will not work.

      • H says:

        Only asking if it might be a possibility Dana, not a probability.
        The average age if a car on the road in the USA is 12.5 years. That indicates that most Americans do NOT choose to own new cars, only that the do choose not to own a rapidly depreciating asset.
        My net worth is not 1 million dollars, but if it were I do not think I would choose to buy a new automobile. Maybe yes if my net worth was 10 million.
        In 2035 when ICE vehicle production in the USA is scheduled to stop, my guess is that the average she of a car on the road will still be about 12.5 years. Do relax, take a deep breath, you are not going to be forced out of your fossil fueled cars

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Maybe I’m missing something here but where do “illegals” get the “right” to “demand” anything from our government?

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    William Teach repeatedly, and falsely, calls these immigrants “illegals”. Some may be here illegally, most are not. Hundreds of thousands ARE expelled every year.

    WT typed: we have a whole bunch of mostly young men coming illegally to the U.S., spending a lot of money to do so, and bringing their 3rd world beliefs with them.

    As we repeatedly point out, it IS illegal to knowingly transport those here illegally. Why has Governor Abbott not been prosecuted by the Biden Administration for transporting “illegal” aliens?

    He should probably familiarize himself with the laws. (LOL, that’s a joke, MAGAts don’t need no stinkin’ laws). Congress could actually change the laws!!

    Seeking asylum is legal. Asylum seekers must be in the U.S. or at a port of entry to request the opportunity to apply for asylum.

  6. Andrea Lambert says:

    Dana, giving in and giving them all work

  7. Andrea Lambert says:

    Dana, giving in and giving them work permits as soon as they arrive is just another magnet for millions of more illegals to flood our country that we don’t need. Stop ALL insentives and magnets, period. Also, anyone from Guinea, any African country, China, or any other country halfway around the world should be immediately turned away at the border and permanently denied entry into the US. If they’re truly being persecuted and in fear for their lives they’re supposed to go to the first safe country to claim asylum. The Chinese could easily claim asylum in any of the 48 countries in Asia, and that number doesn’t include Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao. And illegals from Guinea and other African countries can claim asylum in one of the 54 other independent countries and 4 dependencies. There’s absolutely zero reason to allow them asylum in the US. These other countries also share their culture. Instead they come to the US demanding taxpayers support them while they refuse to assimilate and demand America and Americans bow down to their cultures and religions. Nearly 1/3 of Africa is Muslim and despite the left and their media shill’s claims, diversity is NOT our strength. Shared values, culture, language, etc., are a country’s strength. Just look at France, the UK, Germany, etc., these countries, like ours, are deteriorating and more divided than ever. The clash of cultures, values, and religion, have created nothing but upheaval, tension, and division. The US will not survive if the mass flow of 3rd world populations with cultures, religion and values that clash with ours continue to come. What country has benefited and become stronger, safer, and more prosperous, after mass illegal immigration? Btw the trip Africans take to “claim asylum” in the US is called by airline employees “the luxury route.” Each pays roughly $10,000 for flight packages to get to the US. The daily flight from Istanbul to Bogotá, on Turkish Airlines, has become the most popular route for African migrants trying to reach Nicaragua, airline officials say. But other trans-Atlantic routes — from Spain and Morocco, with stops in Colombia or Brazil — have also boomed. Officials say travel agents in Africa buy tickets in bulk that they resell at a profit. So, these so-called desperate, in fear for their lives, “asylum seekers travel through many countries that they could claim asylum in, IF escaping persecution was truly their goal. These are ALL bogus asylum claims and every one of them should be sent back. We’re over $2T in debt and can’t afford the 7M+ illegals that have been let in in just the past 3 years. Import the 3rd world, become the 3rd world. Just look at France…Paris is now a shithole. Like it or not, their culture and values do not benefit our nation.

  8. Andrea Lambert says:

    “Immigration legality is determined by an immigration court.” Yes, after they’re here for 3-6 yrs, then they get denied and don’t leave. A congressional report from Oct 2023 found 90% of illegal immigrants released under Biden between January 20, 2021, and March 31, 2023 haven’t even claimed asylum. Of the 2.1 million releases into the U.S. during that time period, approximately 1.9 million did not make an asylum claim before the Biden administration released them. Most illegals were released into the country without undergoing an initial screening to see if they met the bare minimum requirements to be placed into the asylum-seeking process. “The Biden Administration also failed to remove, through immigration court removal proceedings, roughly 99.7 percent of those illegal aliens.” And if they were truly asylum seekers based on the legal definition under US immigration laws, they would have sought asylum in one of the MANY countries they traveled thru to get to the US. For example, Africans travel from either Istanbul to Bogotá, on Turkish Airlines, to reach Nicaragua, or they take other trans-Atlantic routes — from Spain and Morocco, with stops in Colombia or Brazil, airline officials say. After stopping in all those countries they travel up thru all the central American countries. So, they travel thru 3 to 6, 7, and 8 countries to get to the US border. They’re ALL BS asylum claims. In FY 2023 the Median Court Asylum Grant Rate was 11% and the Mean Court Asylum Grant Rate was 15%.

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