Good News: Biden Regime Running Stealth Geoengineering Program In San Francisco

What could go wrong?

I’m surprised Scientific American bothered to cover this, as the organization is 100% a part of the climate cult

The nation’s first outdoor test to limit global warming by increasing cloud cover launched Tuesday from the deck of a decommissioned aircraft carrier in the San Francisco Bay.

The experiment, which organizers didn’t widely announce to avoid public backlash, marks the acceleration of a contentious field of research known as solar radiation modification. The concept involves shooting substances such as aerosols into the sky to reflect sunlight away from the Earth.

The move led by researchers at the University of Washington has renewed questions about how to effectively and ethically study promising climate technologies that could also harm communities and ecosystems in unexpected ways. The experiment is spraying microscopic salt particles into the air, and the secrecy surrounding its timing caught even some experts off guard.

If this goes badly, who will be held liable? Who gets fired?

The study plan also made no mention of its potential ecological impacts, a key consideration recommended by a 2022 Biden administration marine cloud brightening workshop. That’s a significant oversight, according to Greg Goldsmith, the associate dean for research and development at Chapman University.

“History has shown us that when we insert ourselves into modification of nature, there are always very serious unintended consequences,” said Goldsmith, who studies the implications of climate change for plant structure and function. “And therefore, it would be prudent to listen to what history has shown and look for consequences.”

If this was so safe they would have announced it publicly, instead of trying to hide it. Further courts have said “don’t do this,” and the US has been part of an agreement to not do this kind of thing since 2010. How much “carbon pollution” can be eliminated by ending the fossil fuels usage of Biden, Kamala, and all the Congressional and State elected Democrats who believe in this scam?

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5 Responses to “Good News: Biden Regime Running Stealth Geoengineering Program In San Francisco”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    I am a two-time cancer survivor. The first treatment was a radical surgery that worked.

    Sort of.

    In fact, it totally screwed up my plumbing, and my life has been miserable since then. In other words, when you start messing with Mother Nature, you end up reaping the whirlwind.

    The second time the cancer returned they radiated my ass. It worked.

    Sort of.

    This treatment screwed up other parts of my body, once again messing with my plumbing causing me to have to take several new drugs to offset the effects of the radiation.

    Again…if you mess with Mother Nature, you tend to reap the whirlwind.

    My point is not to elicit sympathy but rather to construct a parallel to this hair-brained attempt at saving a supposed dying patient (earth). One small group of people in the USA are attempting to do something that could affect the entire world…..How fascist is that?

    AGW, Democrats, and Woke lunatics have taken fascism to an all-new level, never dreamed of by the father of fascism.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      D & G,

      I too am a two-time cancer survivor with a similar story – radical surgery etc. You do have my sympathy and encouragement, but letting nature (cancer) take its course has its own considerable risks, particularly metastases.

      The scientific community is largely against geoengineering “solutions”. That said, this experiment is a small effort (but still should NOT have been conducted).

      Mr Teach falsely attributes this to his imaginary “Biden Regime”, but whatever.

      Yes, the lay science magazine, Scientific American editors, like all cognizant beings, recognize that human-sourced greenhouse gases are causing the Earth to warm unnaturally.

      • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

        Mr Teach falsely attributes this to his imaginary “Biden Regime”, but whatever.

        I imagine you lay the blame squarely at the feet of either Reagan or Trump? Last time I looked that depraved moron was still the president therefore anything having to do with geoengineering when that level would have to be approved by the feds under him.

        Cognizant human beings recognize that human source greenhouse gases are as natural as dog sourced greenhouse gases. They also recognize that all greenhouse gases are not evil demons circulating the earth and that there are areas of the earth that vary in different gases. There is nothing scientific nor is there anything cognizant about a cult that believes in all kinds of ridiculous nonsense that has been unproved and can only been shown to even exist in models. Not to mention the fact they’ve never had an accurate prediction.

      • alanstorm says:

        Yes, the lay science magazine, Scientific American editors, like all idiot leftists, (BIRM) believe that human-sourced greenhouse gases are causing the Earth to warm unnaturally, despite the lack of evidence.

        There, fixed it for you.

        You’re welcome.

  2. Matthew says:

    Scientific American is no longer either.

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