Sanctuary City Denver Closing All Illegal Alien Centers But One

It’s almost like a declared sanctuary city doesn’t want illegals in their city because they are problematic and cost a lot of money. I guess it’s all fun and games till you have to actually practice their beliefs

Denver is closing all migrant hotel shelters but one, a signal that services are winding down

After this week, Denver will have just one hotel for migrants who need a place to sleep after arriving in the city, a sign that the 15-month, $63 million effort to shelter new arrivals is winding down.

The announcement Monday that Denver Human Services would close three of the remaining four hotel shelters this week came as a surprise, since Mayor Mike Johnston had previously said the city would continue operating three hotels as shelters. That’s down from a max of seven hotels around the city that Denver was leasing for migrant housing.

The decision comes as the number of daily arrivals has been declining. About 60 people, mainly from Venezuela and other South American countries, got off buses in Denver on Sunday, and 50 more arrived Monday — that’s a significant drop from previous months when migrants were coming at the pace of 200 or 300 per day.

Denver was paying for shelter for nearly 5,000 people in January. That number dropped to 730 this week.

In fairness, the illegals aren’t being booted from the city, but, they have to find other housing options. Will the citizens offer to house them in their own domiciles? It’s not like Denver has an abundance of housing: it was one of the worst for being in shortage. Where are legal citizens supposed to go? And as more and more come to Denver it makes the shortage worse and increases housing prices. Which will mean fewer people will want to move to the Denver area and bring their companies, jobs, and money with them. It’s not like the illegals are bringing high skilled labor with them.

Boston residents rip ‘disgusting’ plan to house migrants at former veterans shelter

Residents are up in arms about a plan to shelter hundreds of migrants inside a former Boston-area veterans’ shelter, according to the New York Post.

“I can’t believe the Chelsea Soldiers’ Home, which is for the Vets, is going to [be] used for the immigrants overflow,” Massachusetts resident George Belmonte said on social media. “How about taking care of the homeless vets first? I am all for helping people but how about taking care of those already here and homeless.”

Massachusetts Democratic Governor Maura Healey announced last week that the historic Chelsea Soldiers’ Home would be converted into a facility to house 100 migrant families, including pregnant women.

Great! Booting veterans out so illegals can have anchor babies.

The shelter had been closed and scheduled for demolition, with veterans going to a newer facility, for which they have to pay a little to stay. But, if the Chelsea home is fine for illegals, why can’t homeless veterans stay there?

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3 Responses to “Sanctuary City Denver Closing All Illegal Alien Centers But One”

  1. wildman says:

    i assume the illegals are conflicting with all the trendies and hipsters that moved in from cali.

    • Professor Hale says:

      Trendy people from California will just move along to Wyoming and Montana cause there’s “too many illegals” in Colorado.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    These people are not here illegally. It’s illegal to knowingly transport people here illegally. Gov Abbott would be in prison!

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