Miami Herald Super Bummed ‘Climate Change’ To Make Florida Boil

Another day, another bit of cult freakout propaganda

As climate change makes Florida boil, DeSantis might respond with the ‘delete’ button

If there is a magic way to stop climate change from wreaking havoc on Florida, reverse sea-level rise and lower the kind of scalding summer temperatures Miami saw last year, lawmakers may have figured it out.

It’s called denial.

It hasn’t worked in past decades. A 2023 report by scientists, published in the journal Bioscience, warned that inaction to reduce carbon emissions is driving the planet toward “dangerous instability.” (The highest Earth temperature ever recorded happened last July).

Apparently, the Republican-dominated Legislature’s plan on how to address climate change in Florida before it’s too late is to hit the “delete” button — literally.

House Bill 1645 is reminiscent of the days when then-Gov. Rick Scott’s administration stopped state workers from using “climate change” in their official communication. The new legislation, approved in the 2024 session, removes most mentions of the term from state law, among other things.

Blah Blah Blah. The problem with yammering about ‘climate change’ in school as it stands is that it is not science, it is propaganda. There is no allowance for discussion of causation. It’s pure cult.

Deleting the words “climate change” might make it easier for lawmakers to escape accountability. But it makes it no easier for South Florida to deal with its very real impacts.

Yet, the weird thing is how many people move to South Florida every year. Overall, a million moved to Florida in 2023 (though, 250K were migrants), so, apparently they aren’t really worried about global boiling. Further, if this is so bad, why do so few of the Believers, who are primarily Democrats, refuse to vastly change their own lives to accord with their beliefs?

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2 Responses to “Miami Herald Super Bummed ‘Climate Change’ To Make Florida Boil”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Damn. If only someone could invent a way where people indoors could stay cool no matter how hot it is outside. Sounds like something one of those fully funded government research labs should be working on.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    I’m in Tampa now and it’s in the 60s!! Global warming is dead! In related news, the allergy season is much, much longer throughout the US, a result of global warming and that potent plant food, carbon dioxide.

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