Majority Of Deep Blue New Jersey Residents Not Interested In Getting An EV

It’s easy to say you’re going to implement something. It’s harder to make it happen. Funny, though, how the Elites blow off their own talking points about “saving Democracy” when the peasants have opposition to initiatives

Phasing out gas-powered vehicles in NJ? Most NJ residents vote no, according to a poll

The Garden State is divided on the use of electric vehicles.

That’s what the latest Rutgers-Eagleton Poll says: Half of New Jersey residents don’t support the governor’s phase-out plan for gas-powered cars and trucks by 2035.

State residents are worried about the costs — for both the state and themselves to shift to electric vehicles, according to the poll, although they understand the environmental and health benefits.

Sounds like they aren’t too thrilled that the Elites in the capitol are going to force the peasants to drive EVs. It’s a shame that none in the media are asking people like Governor Phil Murphy if he’s driving an EV. Anyhow, it breaks down as

  • 56% say they would be “not very likely” (21%) or “not at all likely” (35%) to consider buying an EV
  • 23% would be “somewhat likely”
  • 13% would be “very likely”
  • 3% say they already have one
  • 4% are unsure

So, wait, only 3% have an EV now in deep Blue NJ? 57.3% of NJ residents voted Brandon, so, I would have expected most of them to have switched over by now. Or at least the 51.2% who voted for Murphy in 2021 to have gotten one. If you’re voting for it why are you not doing it?

Despite the opposition, 58% of residents recognize that the policy will have a positive impact on air quality and 51% can see the health benefits. On the other hand, about one-fourth of those polled say it will have no impact on either one.

Yeah, but, they still aren’t doing it.

Support for the 2035 mandate is strongest among Democrats (68%) and reaches a majority for groups who historically lean Democratic, such as Black residents (53%); residents who are multiracial or of backgrounds other than white, Black, or Hispanic (57%); those age 18 to 34 years old (53%); urbanites (55%); and those who have done graduate work (56%).

Republicans are the least likely of any group to support the mandate (15%) and the most likely – by far – to oppose it (80%).

So, why is it 3% when 68% of Democrats back the mandate? I’ll say again, if you want an EV, get one. That’s your choice. And that’s what it should be: a choice. Not a mandate by Elites who do not drive them themselves.

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10 Responses to “Majority Of Deep Blue New Jersey Residents Not Interested In Getting An EV”

  1. h says:

    Many people may be simply waiting, knowing that prices are decreasing while the cars keep getting better each year.
    Teach maybe they are waiting for 2026 when Honda will begin selling its Saloon model which promises 10-15 min recharging (15% to 80%) with MSRP starting at around 50000$ about the average cost of a new car sold in the USA.

    Even after all ICE cars are no longer sold in NJ the majority of cars on the road will not be EVs. Remember that the average age of a car being driven in the USA is now 12.5 years, 10.7 years in NJ

    While only 3% of cars registered in NJ are EVs, new car registrations are 8% and will be at least 10% next year.

  2. ckc2000 says:

    You’re delusional.

  3. STW says:

    The missing link is just a simple missing word, other. People are in favor of forcing other people to get an EV. They, of course, don’t realize that to everyone else, they are other too.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Wokesters are trying to take away your guns, gas cars, forced births, gas stoves, your right to discriminate against Blacks, women, Muslims, immigrants, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans, queers, gender non-conformers, non-Christians…

    Yikes. Now the woke Alabama Supreme Court has just put the kibosh on in vitro fertilization, used mostly by white women. Fewer white babies!!

    • Dana says:

      I wonder if Mr Dowd has all of the Accredited Victim Groups™ and leftist bugaboos on a function key, to ease the strain on his fingers.

      The thing is that the left are trying to take away law-abiding people’s firearms, are trying to phase out gasoline and diesel powered vehicles, are trying to nationalize prenatal infanticide, are not only trying to ban gas ranges, but have passed laws to ban them from new construction, and are trying to criminalize the knowledge that transgenderism is insanity and homosexuality is societally harmful.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        No one is taking Mr Dana’s guns.
        The far-right is trying to nationalize forced births. They will attempt to ban abortions nationwide.
        Gasoline powered vehicles will die a slow death. Invent a car that doesn’t emit much CO2. Easy.
        Build a stove that doesn’t emit dangerous chemicals.
        It’s Mr Dana’s opinion that transgenderism is insanity. They will attempt to ban transgenderism.
        It’s Mr Dana’s opinion that homosexuality is societally harmful. They will attempt to ban homosexuality.
        The far-right has given up on America, democratic principles and the Constitution.

  5. Doom and Gloom says:

    I’m good for one post a day. This site always eats my 3 or 4 that I attempt to write.

    Dowd offers a rather unhinged rant that is partially steeped in facts about his enemy.

    let’s offer a bit of context to his rant:

    No one is taking Mr Dana’s guns….That is only because those who truly do believe in the Constitution have to spend billions in court year after year to prevent the left from taking them.

    The far-right is trying to nationalize forced births. They will attempt to ban abortions nationwide.
    Currently, the world is facing a shortage of births. It is lunacy to take Ivermechtin for COVID say the left but it is not lunacy to abort babies when facing a population shortage.

    Gasoline-powered vehicles will die a slow death. Invent a car that doesn’t emit much CO2. Easy…..It would be really easy if the left was not attempting to end fossil fuels which will CHARGE said electric car. So everyone buys an EV and then CAN’T USE IT because there is no power to charge it…..B R I L L A N T!

    Build a stove that doesn’t emit dangerous chemicals…….Again Natural gas is much safer than CO2, right? Ergo Natural Gas emits much less CO2 than electricity and yet the left wants to ban gas stoves because now, suddenly after 100 years, they emit dangerous chemicals? Bait and switch. Another way to put more strain on the power grid forcing the entire flyover country to become wind farms and solar generating stations for the VORACIOUS BLUE STATES.

    It’s Mr Dana’s opinion that transgenderism is insanity. They will attempt to ban transgenderism…..Transgenderism is insanity. I cannot argue with this, however, this is America and everyone EARNS the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…if it makes you happy to cut off your DICK…go for it….just wait till you are old enough to make that decision wisely and not have your lunatic parents do it for you at 5 years old!!!

    It’s Mr Dana’s opinion that homosexuality is societally harmful. They will attempt to ban homosexuality……Homosexuality has become the norm in the USA. No one is going to ban this on the right….this is a frantic talking point by DOWD.

    The far-right has given up on America, democratic principles and the Constitution…>..It is the right who is fighting tooth and nail to preserve the constitution as BIDEN violates it by ignoring laws passed by Congress and doing illegal things such as forgiving debt and opening the borders wide open. Without the right in resistance, this entire country would already look like a homeless shelter.

    Now that we have context. Yes some of what DOWD says is true and I believe that 75 to 80 percent of this country would agree with my responses if ONLY they did not get their news from the legacy media which distorts the truth in an amazing way to compete with online news sources to keep their jobs.

    This is why everyone tunes in for a natural disaster and tunes out the rest of the time until the next sensational story breaks….what better way to keep your job than to keep sensational jobs flowing to the ears of IDIOT, uninformed voters of which I have several in my family….Most of them are educated and don’t even know what’s going on with Trump or the border or the fact that the TEAMSTERS just gave the RNC a large donation this year for the first time since 2000.

  6. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Dowd usually gives an unhinged rant that is partially steeped in facts. And everybody except chairman Mao and Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler are his enemies. Any patriotic American who believes America first is Dowd’s enemy.

    He has no political position that is not detrimental to the well-being of the United States. He has no social for cultural position that is not a detriment to the well-being of the United States. When I see him touting in favor of open borders and buying all the crap and the corruption from the ridiculous legal procedures against Donald Trump I realize that there is nothing that this person and probably his entire party wouldn’t do to have power.

    What they are currently doing to Donald Trump is a disgrace especially for a country it’s supposed to be a free Republic. He’s got a $360 million fine for a crime that had no dollar loss nobody lost anything. So it’s not like the $360 million is gonna make the wronged right. All it’s going to do is hurt Donald Trump which is the object because it’s not about justice it’s about crushing the enemies of the left in America and they’re starting with Donald Trump but they’re coming for us. In fact they already are coming for us as can be attested by the number of people thrown in jail for protesting at the capitol building. Have a bunch of middle class American citizens process at the capitol building breaks some doors and some windows and maybe even injure a few cops is an insurrection then what do you call it one thousands of well organized armed people burned down cities kill 25 to 35 people and do it over the course of three months?

    Fact is all the Democrats ever had to do was called for a nationwide audit especially in the problem areas particular states that had obvious problems and obvious cheating with the vote. That would have solved the whole problem. Accept that it would have shown that Democrats who have been cheating and stole an election which they just couldn’t allow to happen. Why do you think they’re going after trump so hard right now? Because they know if he becomes president hills have access to the truth about what these people have done regarding January 6th and what they’ve done to the people of this country for the entire three years since then. Joe Biden is an illegal president they know it we know it and they know we know it. But they gotta keep trump from getting in there because he will show the world that the United States government has been overthrown in an election by the Democrats and that the Democrat party has turned into the Communist Party in the United states and has taken over the country.

    Just look at the nonsense that Dowd prints here day after day week after week look at how his mind has degenerated over the years till now there’s no difference between him and Che Guevara.

    Nowadays when I see his name on the top of a comment I just skip it and go into the next comment because I know it’s gonna be a rant based on stupidity with a few facts thrown in to make it look like he knows what he’s talking about usually taken from wiki or Google and based on a highly emotionalized mentally incompetent individual. Let’s face it would you would you allow a person who believes in 37 genders and that men can have periods and can’t define what a woman is take care of your kids? Then why should he be allowed to vote in elections? The mentally incapable should be stopped from voting. Elwood P Dowd has shown himself to be mentally incapable.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Speaking of unhinged rants, please read what D&G and L.G. typed!!! I haven’t the energy past the first few sentences.

      The far-right wants MORE and BETTER guns in America to fight the oppressive government!! That’s insanity.

      Gasoline engines will die out anyway.

      Gas stoves emit benzene and other dangerous, volatile chemicals.

      Banning abortions while also banning IVF makes no sense except from a religious point.

      Banning abortions so Americans can have more white babies is grotesque.

      Transgenderism is not insanity.

      Homosexuality does not harm America.

      I try to base my opinions on available facts. What on Allah’s green Earth do you base your opinions???

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