Bummer: 64% Say Biden’s Too Mentally Unfit For Another Term

Most of the media running with this poll discuss Biden’s age, but, it is his mental issues that are relevant

Nearly 70% of voters believe President Biden is too old to be reelected, poll shows

An overwhelming consensus of voters say President Joe Biden is too old to be reelected, according to the results of a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.

While Biden holds a narrow lead over former President Donald Trump among voters in a hypothetical election, 67% say Biden, 81, is too old to effectively serve another term. A smaller group of respondents, 57%, said the same of Trump, who is 77.

The perception of Biden’s overall fitness appears dismal, with 35% agreeing he has the required physical fitness to serve as president, compared to Trump’s 62%. Only 34% felt confident of Biden’s mental fitness compared to Trump’s 48%.

Biden’s approval rating among respondents was just 40%, with the highest disapproval rate coming from 18 to 34-year-olds.

64% say Biden is a mental mess. In fairness, 51% say so is Trump. Of course, the poll doesn’t break down why. I’d bet it’s because Joe acts like he has dementia and just isn’t all there, while Trump is just a bit wackadoodle and doesn’t know when to just shut his mouth.

The data mirrors that of recent polling by ABC News/IPSOS showing 86% of Americans feel Biden’s age should prevent him from serving a second term. Age has become a hot button topic in the 2024 election as Republicans continue to point to a special counsel report calling into questions aspects of Biden’s memory.

I’m hoping the GOP and Trump campaign are going to use that report about Biden’s mental unfitness when the time comes. Switching over to that poll link which mentions Brandon’s handling of

  • the response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: 47 percent approve, while 48 percent disapprove;
  • the economy: 42 percent approve, while 55 percent disapprove;
  • foreign policy: 36 percent approve, while 60 percent disapprove;
  • gun violence: 32 percent approve, while 59 percent disapprove;
  • the response to the war between Israel and Hamas: 31 percent approve, while 62 percent disapprove;
  • the situation at the Mexican border: 29 percent approve, while 63 percent disapprove.

Who are these wacko 42% who think he’s doing good on the economy? Are they the folks making lots of money who aren’t bothered by the spike in food prices?

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5 Responses to “Bummer: 64% Say Biden’s Too Mentally Unfit For Another Term”

  1. h says:

    The spike in food prices? lol The amount each household pays as a percent of income skyrocketed from 10% to 11.5%. That is a whopping 1.5% jump of household income. Most of which went from increased cost of eating out.

    • Brother John says:

      Well when your mom pays your grocery bills, you don’t have any understanding of the actual scale of the prices.

  2. h says:

    Bummer. 57% in the same poll say Trump is too old to be POTUS.
    Trump will be the GOP nominee.
    I think there is only a 50% chance Biden will be. Remember Biden was elected because his best qualification was simply that he was not Trump. Dems would be quite happy voting for another candidate. 25% of all GOP voters will NOT vote for anyone but Trump

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach asks:

    Who are these wacko 42% who think he’s doing good on the economy? Are they the folks making lots of money

    Teach believes 42% of Americans are making lots of money??? LOL.

    By most macro-measures the US economy is outperforming all other economies!! Despite inflation and the therapeutic higher interest rates, investments, profits, jobs, GDP, oil production, manufacturing, DJIA, mean income etc are solid. The national debt is worrisome as well. The working class in America always gets the shit end of the stick. Always. Even in a burgeoning economy our present day economy is designed and operated to benefit the wealthy (but hardly 42%!) most of all.

    Doom and gloom is the coin of the realm today, as it has been the past 8-10 yrs or so.

  4. […] other day Quinnipiac had Biden at 42% approve 55% disapprove on the economy. Those were nice […]

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