Cost For Massachusetts To Feed Illegals? $64 Each Per Day

Who else spends $64 a day on food? Maybe if you’re on vacation. Maybe. If you’re traveling for work, what’s your daily limit? Perhaps we should all declare ourselves illegals

Vendors charging Massachusetts taxpayers $64 a day to feed each illegal immigrant: report

New details have emerged about the staggering sums of cash Massachusetts taxpayers are forking out to pay for the state’s influx of illegal immigrants, with vendors charging an eye-popping $64 per day to feed each person, according to a new report.

The new report by CBS News reveals that vendors are charging $16 for breakfast, $17 for lunch and $31 for dinner per day for each migrant it feeds – as the total cost of the crisis is expected to cost hardworking taxpayers $1 billion.

One vendor, Spinelli Ravioli Manufacturing Company in East Boston, was awarded a $10 million six-month no-bid contract to provide and deliver meals, reports CBS, citing records.

Well, you wanted this, Democrats of Mass. Now you got it. And your taxes/fees are going to have to rise to pay for it. How much do you spend on breakfast and lunch? You could get a big breakfast with hotcakes and an orange juice for less. Do you enjoy paying all this for illegals so they can eat much better than you?

Hilariously, illegals who’ve been here for a while are upset about the new illegals

Chicago’s migrant crisis raises questions of equity

Gonzalo Garcia arrived in Chicago from Mexico 30 years ago and has worked, paid taxes and raised a family. He’s also undocumented. And he can’t help but be incensed when he sees a new wave of immigrants arrive with a path to obtain a work permit and, potentially, to citizenship.

“I think about how difficult my life was, especially in the beginning, without having that work permit,” Garcia says in Spanish through a translator. “It’s sad to see that we are not being awarded anything.”

The migrant crisis has brought to light inequality in the way immigrants are treated. Members of the city’s undocumented Latino community like Garcia are angry when they see newly arrived immigrants from Venezuela able to obtain work permits, which gives them access to better-paying jobs.

They should all be awarded trips via deportation. It’s all very silly.

They come to our country and get violent, not liking the living conditions and food. Gotta love the fat DEI cop who doesn’t seem to know how to swing the baton and doesn’t seem to have a clue what she should be doing.

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17 Responses to “Cost For Massachusetts To Feed Illegals? $64 Each Per Day”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Who else spends $64 a day on food?

    That’s actually pretty reasonable for catered food, purchased by government contract, three meals per day including drinks. Likely also includes stuff like paper plates, condiment packs, packaged cookies and chips and disposable flatware.

    The sad part is how much of it goes into trash cans uneaten. Migrants actually have other food sources to turn to and the catered food is sometimes not to their liking, so they will pick through it for the stuff they like and discard the rest. When I was assisting refugees from Afghanistan, it was a problem for us to dispose of all the uneaten food.

  2. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    Why on earth were you assisting refugees from Afghanistan? Unless you were feeding them until you got them on the plane to send them back?

    • Professor Hale says:

      Oddly enough, I met some who wanted to go back. Typically old women, whose sons dragged them along when the sons feared for their lives. Why would I do it? It landed on me because of where I was when it happened. I was supposed to be doing other things at that time.

  3. James Lewis says:

    Gonzalo Garcia arrived in Chicago from Mexico 30 years ago and has worked, paid taxes and raised a family. He’s also undocumented. And he can’t help but be incensed when he sees a new wave of immigrants arrive with a path to obtain a work permit and, potentially, to citizenship.

    “I think about how difficult my life was, especially in the beginning, without having that work permit,” Garcia says in Spanish through a translator. “It’s sad to see that we are not being awarded anything.”

    He’s been here 30 years and he needs a translator?

    Out of many, one?

    Assimilation is not happening.

    • Professor Hale says:

      He is only mad because he didn’t get free stuff too. He isn’t incensed that foreigners are being allowed in and he certainly isn’t making a case that they should be expelled.

  4. Dana says:

    $64 per day? Nope, no graft there!

    Actually, I can see how it could cost that much, if we are talking about three separate meals a day, individually prepared, and then transported to the illegal immigrants ‘migrants’ warehousing sites. It’s not like we’re giving them two packs of Oodles of Noodles and telling the illegal immigrants ‘migrants’ to boil their own water and mix the stuff themselves.

    Actually, I eat Ramen noodles for lunch on occasion: one pack of soy sauce flavor mixed with one pack of chili flavor. We have an induction water carafe which boils water quickly, put the noodles and the flavor packets in a big bowl, pour the water in, and make sure I get it to my computer desk in 30 seconds before the bowl gets uncomfortably hot on my fingertips. A glass of ice water to drink with it, and I’m good to go. Perhaps not the most nutritious meal I could have, but it’s not as though I eat this stuff thrice a day.

  5. H says:

    Plenty of good money to be made by grifting capitalists

    Maybe it would be cheaper to give them debit cards like EBT ?

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    It’s only $517M. Shoulda sent that to Ukraine, huh?

    Biden admin ‘directly subsidized “undocumented” immigration under the guise of COVID-19 pandemic relief,’ report states

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  7. H says:

    Blue states are so rich !!

  8. H says:

    These are the afghans that are fleeing their country after siding with an invading army that got their asses kicked out.
    You DO remember that ear? The one that the rightwing pushed onto the USA?? What year did you figure out that ear was unwinnable and unnecessary?
    Well at least you did learn the spelling and meaning if “quagmire”.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Yes, I remember that ear. That’s the ear Biden surrendered to the Muslims! That’s the ear Biden lost the first war America’s lost in years. Who could forget it? So you’re supplying all this stuff to Afghanistan’s it should be in a Muslim country not here? Why? How much did you give to American warriors and servicemen how did you help them? Bet you didn’t help them one Dimes worth.

      I never thought going into the Afghanistan was winnable or necessary. You have me mixed up with the Democrats who voted to go there. I mean after all they had to make their grift somehow. They’ve always done quite well at wars and running guns.

      But more importantly when are you going to learn that fighting in Ukraine and the Middle East is unwinnable and unnecessary? Are they were were you wanna win could you get to kill white people? Ohh, and Jews. Tell me when you understand what a quagmire is in Ukraine say it out loud so that we can all enjoy it hundreds of thousands of dead billions of our money wasted and it’s all gonna go back the way it was. Ohh you left this had to do was guaranteed Putin you weren’t gonna put the Ukraine in NATO that’s all. You would have avoided all those deaths. Then again death is all you left this offer cause you certainly don’t offer freedom. When you’re censoring everybody and trying to take their guns you’re not offering freedom it certainly don’t offer democracy even though you run around screaming about your democracy you keep trying to take your opponents off balance that’s not democracy that’s despotism.

      • Professor Hale says:

        The “Good” news about Ukraine is that when the dust settles, all the destroyed buildings and poisoned wheat fields will be on the Russian side. It will be on Russia to rebuild it. And since Ukraine will have a huge variation between males and females of child bearing age, Russians can fill that “gap” too.

        I’m just wondering how long after the war it will take for the Western nations to repeal their sanctions. it is normally the sort of thing that gets mentioned in the peace settlement, but since the USA is incapable of following treaties, it is anyone’s guess when the return to normal can happen.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          The Soviet Union and then Russia have been pariahs for much of their modern existence and it’s likely they will continue. Many of the economic sanctions have had work-arounds enabled by Russia’s national resources – oil and gas. China, India, EU, Turkey and other lower level users buy Russian oil and gas. Along with the invasion of Ukraine, these nations are keeping Russia afloat. California, New York and Texas all have better/bigger economies than Putin’s Russia. Russia’s GDP/capita is around 13,000 USD. The US is about 68,000 USD.

          What will happen to the failed Russian state after Putin dies? Pretty much the same kleptocracy led by those who agree with Putin’s approach.

          The Trumpublicans want Ukraine to surrender. Can any Trumpublicans explain why that is?

          The small nations around Ukraine took in millions of Ukrainian refugees. Suckers!! What’s their problem?

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        We wish that Ukraine could go back to the way it was! If Russia succeeds, there will be show trials, executions, and Russia will rape what’s left of the country.

        Putin (and other Russian red-tailed hawks) want to rebuild the Russian Union. Ukraine, Belarus, the “Stans”, the Baltics, Moldova, Ajerbaijan, etc. Also, Putin is piss-his-pants afraid of a modern, Westernized, democratic Ukraine on the border. His entire Eastern border could be democracies. Finland, Norway, Baltics, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Poland (via Belarus). What if Russians rise up and wanna be more democratic, free and equitable? Can’t have that.

        Russia agreed not to invade Ukraine if Ukraine gave up their nukes, which they did. It’s almost as if Russia cannot be trusted!!

        • Dana says:

          No one here disputes any of that, but so what? We can impose sanctions, but eventually those things fade and fail. I would hope that we’re not going to invade Russia to liberate the people from their terrible rulers.

  9. Brother John says:

    *creepy whisper*
    If you feed them, they will come.
    *end creepy whisper*

    Well then stop fucking feeding them, then. Problem solved.

  10. Jl says:

    “NY Mayor warns migrants if they keep attacking NYPD officers, they’ll be downgraded to 4 Star hotels…”

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