Pro-Hamas Protesters Go Crazy In NYC On Christmas

Why are we letting these people in? Why did we bring in a whole bunch of Islamists post 9/11, and of all the cities to house them, they pick NYC? These people are siding with a State department designated terrorist group which hates Israel, hates Jews, and hates America, and doing everything they can to ruin Christmas

Pro-Palestinian protesters chant ‘Christmas is canceled’ while carrying blood-red mock Nativity scene through NYC — scuffles break out, arrests made

They’re out to “cancel” Christmas.

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters converged on Midtown Monday, lugging a blood-red mock Nativity scene and chanting “Christmas is canceled here.”

“Long live the intifada,” the crowd of about 500 demonstrators yelled, using the Arabic word for “rebellion” or “uprising,” as they mobbed the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree where revelers were enjoying the holiday.

“While Ur Shopping Bombs are Dropping,” read one of the signs carried by the protesters.

“No Joy In Genocide,” said another, written atop the faux Nativity scene, which was splattered in what appeared to be fake blood and which several of the demonstrators carried on their shoulders.

Now, just imagine what they would do if non-Muslims were carrying around a depiction of Allah or Mohammed covered in fake blood, or a Koran desecrated. There would be riots like the ones after George Floyd.

They were attacking police officers, calling for a worldwide Intifada, spouting anti-Jew sentiments

We should be immediately deporting any and all who are not US citizens. Let them go be Islamists elsewhere.

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8 Responses to “Pro-Hamas Protesters Go Crazy In NYC On Christmas”

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  2. Dana says:

    I guess that they’re mad that Santa left them lumps of coal in their stockings.

  3. Ellwood says:

    We need a full Crusade followed by an expulsion (Queen Isabella saved Spain).

  4. h says:

    Teach you seem to be oblivious yo what other Americans think, they don’t all think like you do.
    according to a Gallup poll Nov 1-21
    50% support Israel’s actions in Gaza
    45% do not approve
    23% of Republicans do not support Israel’s actions in Gaza
    64 % of those aged 18-35 (“youts”) do not support Israel’s actions in Gaza

    That poll was taken in Nov, since then I am sure more people have moved to non approval of Israel. Since then we have learned that it was not true that “40 babies” had their heads cut off, it is now down to 1 but no pics or verification. We have seen that Israel shoots and kills people carrying white flags. Does anyone really think that the 3 Israelis shot and killed while carrying white flags were the first to suffer that fate? The death total is now up to 22,000, with 70% being women and children.
    Virtually EVERY other nation on the planet has called for an immediate cease fire.
    I do not condone Hamas killing 1200 Israelis, almost all of whom were members of reserve Israeli military. Do you condone Israel killing 22,000? 70% of whom were women and children ?
    Social Media, people with phone cams, are showing what really has happened in Gaza.

    • Dana says:

      Mr H seems to be of the belief that, in January of 1945, when the Allies were at the borders of Germany, and the Third Reich was clearly and decisively defeated, the Allies should have stopped, because so many more innocent civilians would be killed if they fought on to Berlin. Germany should have been given a ceasefire at that point, right?

      Of course, that would have left Adolf Hitler and his henchmen alive, the Nazis still in political power, and the concentration camps that were in Germany proper — Dachau, Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, and Lichtenburg — would have continued operating.

      War is a terrible thing, but the lesson of the Israeli experience has been clear: every time they’ve defeated their enemies, but ended the war with just a ceasefire, the savages would rear their ugly heads again, soon enough, basically when the next generation of boys too young to have fought in the last war reached fighting age. In Germany, in Japan, we killed a great many of those boys, wounded more, and so thoroughly terrorized the rest that few though of taking up their noble struggle once they grew up. More, we occupied those nations, put them under puppet governments, to wholly revamp their educational and other systems, to educate those growing up that the previous regime was a bad thing. In Japan, General of the Army Douglas MacArthur wrote the nation’s new constitution, and gave women the right to vote, something he believed would cripple militarism.

      Allowing Hamas to survive means allowing them to continue to run what’s left of Gaza, continue to teach hatred for Israel and Jews everywhere, and prepare for the next wave of fighters to grow up and attack again.

    • Jl says:

      Carbon boy-have you seen the latest? The IDF has found suicide vests for small children. That’s a great team you seem to be making excuses for….good job.

    • Jl says:

      Johnny-“1200, almost all who were reserve Israel military”. Nope, latest figures show 695 civilians killed, so only about half were reservists.
      “Israel killing 22,000..” So whose fault is that? Has Hamas surrendered yet?

  5. James Lewis says:


    Virtually EVERY other nation on the planet has called for an immediate cease fire.

    Hamas shoots from behind human shields.

    Hamas is a cancer that must be removed.

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