CNN Seems Pretty Upset That Those Brown People In Singapore Are Using World Killing Air Conditioning

CNN Is claiming that the use of AC is a Bad Thing. When will the main CNN building, located in the hot, humid, and sweltering city of Atlanta stop using it? Even without the massive urban heat island effect of Atlanta, the area would be rough during large parts of the year

This country’s love affair with air conditioning shows a Catch 22 of climate change

When the temperature soared to 99 degrees Fahrenheit last month, Singapore resident Chee Kuan Chew saw just one option: cancel all plans and stay indoors in air-conditioned comfort.

“You can’t survive without air con in Singapore,” Chee said. “It’s impossible with the heat.”

The 20-year-old university student lives with his family in a four-bedroom flat in Ang Mo Kio, a bustling district that made headlines in the Southeast Asian city state when its temperatures hit a 40-year high in a recent heat wave. Thankfully, Chee said, his home has five air conditioners – one in each bedroom and a larger unit in the living room.

“I drank plenty of water, took cold showers and kept the air conditioning on for the entire weekend. That’s my way of managing the heat,” Chee said.

Taking solace in air conditioning in Singapore is hardly unreasonable behavior. Situated roughly 85 miles north of the equator, the island nation is famously hot and humid, with temperatures that stretch into the 80s year-round – a climate that has helped make it one of the most air-conditioned countries in the world, with more units per capita than any of its Southeast Asian neighbors.

Singapore is a modern city, so, they can afford it. CNN doesn’t like this, and would like the use ended, like they do in developing nations.

Indeed, in this city, air conditioning has become almost a way of life. An office or mall without it is near unthinkable; 99% of private condominiums are air conditioned, as are the majority of public housing apartments.

And this is CNN’s business, why, exactly? Why do Warmists, and Progressives in general, always want to control the way Other People live their lives?

But Singapore’s love affair with air conditioning has an enormous cost.

It has trapped a nation already hot – and getting hotter – in what experts describe as a “dangerous, vicious cycle.” It’s a climate change Catch 22 paradox that faces all nations which rely on air conditioning to make life just that little bit more tolerable.

Put simply: the warmer the world gets, the more people turn to their air conditioners. And the more they turn to their air conditioners, the warmer the world gets.

Yes, just like during previous Holocene warm periods, except, they didn’t have AC to cool them down back then. Now we do, and CNN can piss off.

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2 Responses to “CNN Seems Pretty Upset That Those Brown People In Singapore Are Using World Killing Air Conditioning”

  1. Jl says:

    No need for a place 85 miles from the equator to have AC…,,

    • Ed Brault says:

      And not to mention all the humidity that condenses and flows into the ocean, contributing to rising sea levels!

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