Strange: Biggest Companies Making No Progress On Climate Crisis (scam) Goals

It’s almost like they were climavirtue signaling to get the cultists off their butts

The world’s biggest companies have made almost no progress on limiting global warming since 2018

The vast majority of the world’s biggest companies have done almost nothing in the past five years to cut their planet-heating pollution enough to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Large companies are either more likely to contribute to extreme levels of warming or are not disclosing their greenhouse gas emissions at all, according to a new report from ESG Book, seen by CNN.

The leading sustainability data provider found that the efforts of just 22% of the world’s 500 biggest public companies by market value are aligned with the Paris Agreement, aimed at limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. That’s a measly gain from 18% of firms in 2018.

Almost half, or 45%, of companies are aligned with warming of at least 2.7 degrees Celsius — a disastrous level of warming that could expose billions of people to dangerously hot conditions. That’s down from 61% in 2018.

“Our data presents a clear message: we need to do more, and we need to do it quickly,” ESG Book CEO Daniel Klier said.

What’s this “we”, chump? If climate cultists are averse to making even token changes in their own lives, why should they rest of us? Mind your own business.

“Without a fundamental change in the way the global economy operates, it’s not obvious how we see a significant shift.”

And what would that fundamental change be? Strange how they never come out and say what they really want.

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2 Responses to “Strange: Biggest Companies Making No Progress On Climate Crisis (scam) Goals”

  1. Nolan Parker says:

    Evidence, found in deep ice cores, looking at what is happening and what isn’t, not concluding the whole thing is and was bullshit from the start is just not possible.

  2. wildman says:

    they have made progess. they made more money producing nothing but BS.

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