Good Grief: Some NYC Snowflakes Criticize Government Over Wildfire Smoke Warnings

I’m not planning on discussing the idiocy of Blamestorming the smoke from the Canadian wildfires on Hotcoldwetdry. Wildfires happen. Lightning happens. Idiots messing up their campfires happens. Some years are drier than others. Enviro-wackos stop government from clearing the underbrush. And members of the Cult of Climastrology will Blame everything on their cult’s beliefs. This, though, is very stupid

New York City’s ‘smoke wave’ response time for warnings criticized

As New York City was bombarded with dangerous air and smoke conditions that turned the skyline orange, some residents and environmental experts questioned if the city’s leader acted quickly enough to warn people about the dangers of the “smoke wave.”

The city’s Office of Emergency Management issued warnings on its social media pages and city alert system starting Tuesday afternoon and Mayor Eric Adams put out a news release about the dangerous air quality around 11:30 p.m.

Some environmentalists said that the late notice was unacceptable given that the city’s environment was already showing poor visibility and unhealthy air earlier in the morning.

“There is supposed to be emergency planning for situations like this,” Rebecca Bratspies, the director of CUNY Law School’s Center for Urban Environmental Justice Reform, told ABC News. “I was expecting the city to read the same news forecasts I had that this was happening Monday and Tuesday. They should have had a plan.”

Center for what? Scam lawsuits? Anyway

Adams defended his administration’s approach to alerting New Yorkers about the dangers of the situation during a news conference with reporters Wednesday morning. He contended that there were no late notifications as the city’s agencies, such as the health department and OEM, were going through the rapidly changing information.

“The clouds you see over New York City was a fire thousands of miles away. This is the challenge…and there are going to be more issues like this, and there’s no blueprint or playbook for these types of issues,” he said.

It would have been more fun if Adams had said “give me a break. You idiots criticizing the government have your faces buried in your phones 24/7. You take photos and videos of your food and coffee. Of you standing in the streets posing for selfies. Of strangers doing things (which you aren’t supposed to) to make fun of them on social media. You’re constantly watching TikTok. Listening to calls and videos and music on speakerphone. Your phone does a whole heck of a lot more. You can, get this, see the weather on your phone. You can actually download apps, and read what’s going on. Same with local news station apps. And they can give you alerts. Your phones do way more than you think, snowflakes!”

“You can also tune your TVs and things like Firesticks and Rokus to news and weather stations. You can ask Alexa to tell you the weather, and it can give you notifications. If you’re so dependent on Government for this, maybe you should look at your own life.”

Seriously, I got a notification on my phone and via Alexa on the air quality on Monday. I’d already read the weather news to know this was coming. These people have to get a life and some common sense. Myself and my fellow Gen Xers have told these younger folks many times that their phones can do a lot more than they think. They’re shocked when I show them some of the things. They would have known about the way the smoke was going to wrap around a low pressure system and come from Canada way down into the U.S., including NYC, back on Sunday.

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One Response to “Good Grief: Some NYC Snowflakes Criticize Government Over Wildfire Smoke Warnings”

  1. STW says:

    The amusing thing about this, for those of us in the Rocky Mountain states, is that we had smoke from these fires three weeks ago. Nary a peep on the “news” except the local weather guy talking about prevailing winds. Personally, I believe the current wind pattern is just fine.

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