Gavin Newsome, Sacramento Mayor Freak Over Handful Of Illegals Flown In

It’s so strange, as we were told that California is oh so welcoming of illegals. Gavin Newsome declared San Francisco was a sanctuary city while he was mayor. Sacramento, the capital of California, declared themselves a sanctuary city all the way back in 1985

They don’t seem very welcoming

California authorities say migrants flown to Sacramento have links to Florida

More than a dozen migrants were flown to Sacramento and dropped off in front of a Catholic church on Friday, sparking speculation from California officials that the flight was arranged by Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration.

DeSantis created a national furor last September when his administration paid to fly nearly 50 migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, an act that he frequently mentions during public appearances and speeches, including while campaigning for president.

But so far his administration had not commenced a second round of flights — even after state lawmakers expanded the program in February in response to a lawsuit that challenged whether the governor had the authority to ship people from Texas to Massachusetts. There is also an ongoing lawsuit in Massachusetts federal court that sought to block any more flights by Florida.

Funny how Democrats get so upset when illegals are dropped off in their states and cities, eh?

Bonta suggested that the DeSantis administration may be linked to the operation because he said the migrants appeared to have paperwork connected to Florida, though he did not provide details on the documentation. The migrants flown last fall by the DeSantis administration to Martha’s Vineyard were given pamphlets detailing the benefits available to them in Massachusetts.

If Florida flew them, he’d be happy to let Gavin know. What does it matter? It sure doesn’t look like Gavin is welcoming of illegals. DeSantis or Texas governor Greg Abbott should drop some off in front of the California governor’s mansion.

Eddie Carmona, campaign director at PICO California, a faith-based community organizing group that has been assisting the migrants, told The Associated Press that the migrants had already been given court dates for their asylum cases when a person representing a private contactor approached them outside a migrant center in El Paso, Texas. Carmona told the AP that “they were lied to and intentionally deceived.”

If he’s correct, then they came from Texas. Perhaps Gavin should be speaking to Joe Biden about his essentially inviting illegals to show up at the border. And all his Democratic Party Comrades. And look in the mirror and ask himself.

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30 Responses to “Gavin Newsome, Sacramento Mayor Freak Over Handful Of Illegals Flown In”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    How can anyone be this blind? His own state is overrun by illegal migrants and has been for decades. But that is in SOUTHERN California, not his own beloved bay area and Sacramento.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    They could be quite welcoming. The concern is that conservatives are trafficking humans for political gain. These are people, not pawns.

    • CarolAnn says:

      The concern is that conservatives are trafficking humans for political gain. These are people, not pawns.

      Having the balls to type that as an open border neocommie leftist astounds us. Have you zero self awareness? Your party has allowed 11 million illegals into the US in the last 3-4 years yet you claim “conservatives” are using theses people for political reasons? You are really mental.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Perhaps moderates like President Biden, Speaker McCarthy and Leader Schumer can craft an actual immigration bill that addresses these issues. No doubt there are a few radical Dems who advocate open borders, just as there are many reactionary Republicuns who advocate deporting all current undocumented aliens.

        If no one will compromise, we’re left with the current horrible situation.

        • JimS says:

          Deporting all illegal aliens is not “reactionary”. It’s only common sense.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:


            Sometimes common sense is more common than sense.

            If the U.S. ramps up and deports 1000 “illegals” a day, we’ll be rid of all in 33 years, and cost $100s of BILLIONS. It would be much cheaper and efficient to verify their status and kill the illegal ones.

            Even the greatest conservative in American history, Ronald Reagan, didn’t try to deport all the “illegals”. We have an overload of people wanting to come work in the U.S. And we need the labor! Almost all are fleeing abject poverty, violence and corruption from failed states in Central and South America.

            America has 333+ million residents, with an estimated 12 million “illegals”.

            59.3% White, non-Hispanic
            13.6% Black
            18.9% Hispanic
            6.1% Asian
            2.9% mixed “race”

            It is up to Congress and the President to craft a plan that is feasible and fair.

          • James Lewis says:

            Dear Elwood:

            It doesn’t have to be fair.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:


            In America, we stress being fair. It’s an America thing.

            Why not recruit 100,000 conservative American men with their own AR-15s and a commandment to capture “illegals”, zip-tie them and put them on continual loops of boxcars headed toward the Mexican border, where they’ll be dumped. Other Americans are authorized to guard the border and shoot any and all coming north through the border.

            This is America.

    • alanstorm says:

      These are people, not pawns.

      Tell it to the Democrats – and the so-called “sanctuary cities”. They labeled themselves as such; let them enjoy the rewards.

      • david7134 says:

        We don’t have to deport a single illegal. They can walk back home when we impress upon them that there is nothing for them. And, they can take Obama and Biden with them.

  3. Mike-SMO says:

    The Dems Are afraid that the small number of “immigrants” will reveal the “Compton Game”. Compton, California was a useless Black ghetto with about 100 homicides per year. California brought in a Hispanic population (and their gangs). The Hispanics targeted the Black gang-bangers, their friends, and families. Within a few years, Compton was ~70% Hispanic with almost no violent crime. In Chicago, the activists are complaining that cash spent on the Illegals should have been spent on the Black community. I’d guess that the activists realize that the Illegals are the leading edge of a plan to evict the Blacks from South Chicago and to make Chicago into a Hispanic enclave. Hey! It worked in Compton. You are going to love your new neighbors. The multi-family zoning push is designed to provide an escape for the refugees from the upcoming Black v Hispanic wars. Sending a handful of “Illegals” into California is “cute”, but it hides the invasion of Black zones of influence. The GOPe and the Democrats drool at the possibilities. The “Hispanic” influx provides a functional population. The “illiterate” “Illegals” can handle jobs that are beyond that of uneducateable Blacks. The Hispanics don’t tolerate violent crime. Tax income (and grift) will increase. Property values will increase. Corporations and investors with “downtown” facilities will be protected. The only losers will be the Black population that will be forced into the surround. The low crime Black “settlements” in our area are unlikely to accept “ghetto” refugees. The ghetto will relocate from the urban core to poorly defended parts of the surround. The Masters of the urban ghetto and the corrupt politicians have no interest in protecting the refugees or the victimized surround. Compton was a ghetto in a ghetto field (south Los Angeles). No one (of influence) cared about the ghetto eviction. Chicago, Killadelphia, Baltimore, and others like Saint Louis are surrounded by functioning communities that will be over whelmed. No one (of influence) will care since there is money to be “made”. Unless you are committed to some part of the “surround”, stock up on pop corn. It is going to be quite a show. If you live in the surround, harden your perimeter and stock up on ammo.

    • H says:

      Mike is living a completely stressed out life.
      He probably thinks that SOROS is tracking his posts and location, ready to o overwhelm his isolated fort and ready to confiscate all his prepper supplies.

  4. H says:

    democrats have different views about immigrants.
    I think providing them free transport to wherever they wish to go is a great idea. Immigrants have often started their new lives as Americans in cities. There are more opportunities for them to work. Remember our economy needs 11 million jobs filled in order to be optimum.
    Teach would rather have them bring forced to “receive free stuff” than be allowed to work and pay taxes. We need these workers and unless Teach himself is willing to work as a farm laborer to grow how good cheaply he should let others work to feed us

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      democrats have different views about immigrants.

      They sure do, they think filthy illegal aliens who come here to steal our jobs and our wealth, sell drugs and dispense fentanyl, rape our women and children, murder our citizens, make more gangs, and spread disease are “immigrants”. They are not.

      democommies have a perverse desire to erase the American culture, our history, our greatness and the White race and have millions of Americans buffaloed they aren’t committing white genocide. Name one program or policy specifically designed to benefit straight, White, Christians. Everything is for blacks, browns and faggots and they just give us the bill.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Above all else white nationalists are afraid.

        They’re afraid ‘the other’ will treat white nationalists the way white nationalists would/will treat ‘the other’.

        They’re afraid of losing the privileges and advantages that derive from being white.

        They’re afraid of equality.

  5. Jl says:

    Johnny-they’re illegal immigrants, as you know, but nice try. Do you have evidence we need 11 million illegals to take jobs? What, no American citizens to do those jobs? By the way, still waiting on that “trillions in permanent tax cuts for the elites”. Have that one yet?

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    NuCons are no longer motivated by policy but 1) hatred/anger with “the other”* (Blacks, Mexicans**, LGBTQs, Muslims, the libs, Jews) and 2) fear of The Great Replacement where Blacks, Mexicans, LGBTQs, Muslims, libs and Jews are being recruited, imported and groomed to supplant the white Christian nationalists.

    *The Other = old, descriptive term for what the far-rightists now refer to as “woke”.

    **Mexicans = shorthand for Mexicans, Guatemalans, Panamanians, Venezuelans, Costa Ricans, Salvadorans, Nicaraguans, Hondurans, Columbians, Dominicans and Haitians. They have in common Spanish as their language and skin color from olive to black.

    • Jl says:

      J is no longer motivated by facts, but by his unsupported assertion of “white Christian nationalists”. But a good one-“Nucons not motivated by policy…”. Uh, yes- the policy of upholding a secure border. That was hard……

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        The entire undercurrent of nuCon anti-immigrant, anti-Black, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Muslim fervor derives from the fear of Replacement of the white Christian nation with perverts, foreigners, non-christians and socialists.

        How would you secure the border?

        • Jl says:

          Good job-and you have no proof of that.
          Finish the wall, patrol the wall. The real question would-be why not secure the border?

    • CarolAnn says:

      These White. Christian nationalists you keep referring to, do they live under your bed or in your closets? Where cans non-insane people see them? Are you seeing them now? Can there be black or yellow Christian nationalists or must they all be White?

      Since you are obviously the white face of black anti Christian anti Americanism would that mean other commies or nazis such as yourself be Jews?

      You seem to be overwhelmed by all sorts of racists and nationalists in your mind. Perhaps you should seek profesional psychiatric help. Your nightmares are coming to get you. Maybe if you didn’t treat those you disagree with like animals and unworthy to live your conscience (such as it is) wouldn’t be doing this to you.

      God help us non leftists should you ever attain power. We would be genocided immediately.

      You’re never wrong, you never change your mind, you never apologize, you can’t compromise and you never show mercy. You are the quintessential megalomaniac.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        CarolAnn repeats from others: These White, Christian nationalists you keep referring to, do they live under your bed or in your closets?

        LOL. From where did you pick up this refrain? You all say the same thing.

        We’ll take your word for it that you’re not a white Christian nationalist who prefers America be dominated by white Christians to the point of supporting laws to assure its continuance. Would you support laws strengthening the Christian religion and banning all the rampant discrimination against white Americans and Christians?

        Genocide is another common refrain from the anti-Democracy crowd. Did you just luck out those times we had a Dem President and Dem majorities in Congress?

        You’re never wrong, you never change your mind, you never apologize, you can’t compromise and you never show mercy.

  7. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Philip Gorski – Yale: Adherents believe in the idea that America was founded by Christians who modeled its laws and institutions after Protestant ideals with a mission to spread the religion and those ideals in the face of threats from non-whites, non-Christians, and immigrants.

    Bart Bonikowski – NYU: Christian nationalism in the United States is exclusionary and nostalgic, seeing the nation as going downhill and needing to be recaptured by people who see themselves at its rightful owners — possibly through authoritarian means. And while the phenomenon can take different forms in other countries, Bonikowski said the mechanism behind the movements can be quite similar. He said white Christian nationalists take advantage of preexisting societal cleavages to mobilize supporters, channeling their fears into resentments.

    Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, said, “The Framers were seeking divine revelation from God, that’s why the Declaration and the Constitution have lasted over 230 years because they were a divine revelation from God.”

    Make America Great Again!, Take Back America!, You Won’t Replace Us!!, Jews Won’t Replace Us!, Ban discussions of racism and slavery in schools, ban any mention of non-hetero relationships in schools, Deport ALL Illegals!,

  8. James Lewis says:

    Dear Elwood:

    If being fair is the American Way….

    Why is our income tax rate progressive????

    Why do we have “Affirmative Action” programs??

    Why do we let biological males compete against females???

    • Professor Hale says:

      “Fair”, “equitable” and “justice”, are just words to the Left that mean “the left will redistribute outcomes to favor groups they like at the expense of groups they don’t like. Refer to the book 1984 for examples of controlling language to control thought.

      More Just

    • L'Roy White says:

      Because in the immoral Bizarro world of leftists inequality is equality if the “right” people are getting fucked. And as a side benefit it stirs up hatred among groups.

  9. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Hi James!

    How is a progressive income tax rate not fair?

    Don’t the wealthy derive greater benefits than the working class? They use more resources, have much more to protect by the police, fire fighters and military.

    We’ve been very fortunate in our earnings and begrudge not one penny of the higher income tax rate that we’ve paid to help build America.

    What tax system do you propose in the name of “fairness”? Flat tax? Eliminate the income tax? Completely voluntary? The great conservative economist Walter E. Williams suggested a per adult flat tax, where we’d divide the national expenditures by the number of workers to come up with a number. For example, $3 trillion/ 150 million workers = $20,000 per worker. Works for me! A couple making combined $70,000/year may not be so happy. Gates, Bezos, Trump etc would love it!!! In addition, it would make the common man more conservative with gov’t spending! Win win!
    Actually, I believe America would be better with a MORE progressive tax system. We are creating millionaires and billionaires at a prodigious rate!

    Agreed that affirmative action may not be the best way to correct the long-term inequities Blacks and their family have suffered (and suffer) in America. The net worth of whites is nearly 4 times more than that of Blacks. You will allege that it’s a result of Black laziness, stupidity and poor choices and not any flaw in our system. Or today the go to blame from nuCons is that the liberal Dems did it… plantation… blah blah blah.

    Is it fair that the kid of a rich Harvard alum (who happens to donate millions) gets in Harvard while a Black or Asian kid with better grades doesn’t?

    As I’ve said before, we shouldn’t allow males to compete with females in sports/activities where size and strength make a significant difference. The example I often use is that of a 7 foot tall male high school basketball who transitions and plays college basketball against 6’2″ college women. That’s not fair, is it?

    • Jl says:

      “We’re creating millionaires and billionaires at a prodigious rate”. Which is good for tax hungry liberals, because it just means the top 1% will pay a greater share of the tax bill.

  10. L'Roy White says:

    How is a progressive income tax rate not fair?

    How could one think it’s fair? You think putting different values to Americans based on their income is fair? I don’t.

    Don’t the wealthy derive greater benefits than the working class? They use more resources, have much more to protect by the police, fire fighters and military.

    The very fact you used the term “derive” rather than “earn” reveals your inert injustice. The use more resources that they pay for and are protected by the same cops, FFs and military we all are. BTW, cops and FFs are paid from local taxes not income tax.

    Actually, I believe America would be better with a MORE progressive tax system. We are creating millionaires and billionaires at a prodigious rate!

    Well, of course you do you’re a fuking commie. You believe in penalizing the producers. It’s in your envious DNA. I OTOH am quite happy our country is creating millionaires and billionaires at a prodigious rate. We create value and we create valuable people who in turn hire others, spend more and make America stronger. You would tax us back to Soviet levels of production. No thanks.

    As a communist you are forever envious of those who produce more than you and therefore are wealthier. It’s in your genes. And as a communist you think you are morally superior because you’ve been very fortunate in your earnings and begrudge not one penny of the higher income tax rate that you’ve paid to help build America. You think making more money was from luck? Not work? Then you’ve been stealing. And if you don’t begrudge one penny then you’re not paying enough. By all means pay more.

    I don’t make anywhere near what you do each year and when I see you pinkos handing out my tax money to bums, illegals, criminals, druggies and all sorts of people who neither earned nor deserve that money I literally hate you. Now you commies want us to pay reparations we don’t owe and pay for trans surgeries we don’t want.

    You can’t build someone up by tearing someone else down. It’s been tried and always fails.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Mr White,

      I’m a capitalist myself and support capitalism with controls. Please realize the objective of every capitalist endeavor is monopoly so that the capitalist has no competition other than the desires and income of the consumer. Less competition = more profit!

      And I’m in favor of innovation and millionaires and billionaires! As brilliant as the Oracle of Omaha is, it’s unlikely he’d be a billionaire if born in the bush of Western Australia or even to an addicted crack addict in East St. Louis. Maybe. But not likely.

      We’re all lucky to be born here, lucky to have the circumstances and health to survive and prosper, lucky to have the physical and social infrastructure to work, invent and innovate! I also believe we should all contribute to facilitate the circumstances of our brethren.

      I think you should probably pay less tax.

      Look around today. Are the people of the working class thriving or surviving? We have for decades been redistributing wealth from the workers up to the capitalist class. Working class Americans need more – more pay, more services, more support.

      The bumpy history of our economy strongly suggests we do better as a nation with higher top marginal tax rates.

      In the 50s the top marginal rate was 90% and white middle class families typically had one worker, a car, health insurance, a vacation and a pension. In addition the nation was building interstate highways, state universities, grade and secondary schools.

      We’ve destroyed labor unions and manufacturing jobs, putting our workers in direct competition with workers in low pay, low safety, high pollution jobs. Our colleges and universities are nearly out of reach for working class folks.

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