Good News: You Poors Can Give Your Carbon Emissions Rights To Elites

Of all the Elitism I’ve read from the climate cult rich folks, this easily makes the top 20. Maybe top 10

Got that?

“If I want to fly, I buy some carbon emission rights from someone who can’t afford to fly, for example… Or if someone lives in a small house, he can sell his carbon emission rights to someone who lives in a big house. This way, poor people can benefit from the green economy.”

You can sell you rights away so the rich folks can keep living the high life! They’ll probably offer a pittance, then you’ll be taxed on it. Meanwhile

Rich nations say they’re spending billions to fight climate change. Some money is going to strange places.

Italy helped a retailer open chocolate and gelato stores across Asia.

The United States offered a loan for a coastal hotel expansion in Haiti.

Belgium backed the film “La Tierra Roja,” a love story set in the Argentine rainforest.

And Japan is financing a new coal plant in Bangladesh and an airport expansion in Egypt.

Funding for the five projects totaled $2.6 billion, and all four countries counted their backing as so-called “climate finance” – grants, loans, bonds, equity investments and other contributions meant to help developing nations reduce emissions and adapt to a warming world. Developed nations have pledged to funnel a combined total of $100 billion a year toward this goal, which they affirmed during climate talks in Paris in 2015. The funding helped crown Japan and the United States as two of the top five contributors.

Although a coal plant, a hotel, chocolate stores, a movie and an airport expansion don’t seem like efforts to combat global warming, nothing prevented the governments that funded them from reporting them as such to the United Nations and counting them toward their giving total.

No, no, not a scam at all.

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6 Responses to “Good News: You Poors Can Give Your Carbon Emissions Rights To Elites”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Mr Teach headlined:

    You Poors Can Give Your Carbon Emissions Rights To Elites

    You can SELL your carbon emissions rights to elites.

  2. Matthew says:

    This has never been about CO2, the climate or saving the planet. It’s about money, power and control.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    By this logic, the USA can take carbon credit for every dime we have spent in Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa since the end of WW2.

  4. Smitty says:

    Seattle airport has a place where flyers can donate to make them feel better about their carbon usage. I didn’t see any takers. And I don’t know where the money goes- Al Gore?

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