DHS Decides It’s A Good Idea To Warn Of Threats Over Holiday Season

You’ll never guess who they’re attempting to demonize

DHS warns of heightened threats ahead of holidays

The Department of Homeland Security is warning of rising threats in the coming months.

report from DHS referred to a heightened threat environment, with risks of domestic terror attacks committed by lone-wolf actors or groups motivated by personal grievances and violent ideologies.

The report, which comes ahead of the holiday season, said potential targets include public gatherings, religious institutions, government facilities, schools and the LGBTQ+ community. The agency also warned of possible attacks against the media, critical infrastructure and perceived ideological opponents.

“Perceptions of government overreach continue to drive individuals to attempt to commit violence targeting government officials and law enforcement officers,” the report stated. “Some domestic violent extremists have expressed grievances based on perceptions that the government is overstepping its constitutional authorities or failing to perform its duties.”

Got that? It’s primarily Republicans and those on the far, far right they are Blamestorming, even though those people are vastly more likely to observe the spirit of the Christmas season than Democrats. It’s not Republicans who are using perceived racial grievances to commit smash and grabs at all sorts of stores, playing the knockout game, or assaulting Asians in Democratic Party run cities.

DHS pointed to an uptick in extremist content online as well as recent attacks like the Colorado Springs shooting at a gay nightclub that killed five people and recent threats made against the Jewish community in New York City.

The Colorado Springs shooting was committed by a non-binary lunatic, not exactly the type of person who votes Republican. Most threats against Jewish people come from either Democrats, who seem to despise Jews and Israel, or wackjobs. The above case features one guy who has a history of mental illness and loves Nazis.

Interestingly, The Hill attempts to mostly demonize Republicans for Christmas, but, the DHS bulletin is the 7th since the beginning of 2021, and goes till May, 2023. Of course, DHS is mostly attempting to Blame Republicans with their bulletins, despite most of the violence coming from Democrats. It’s not Republicans attacking police officers. But, is it any wonder some people get upset over vast government over-reach when the government is vastly exceeding its Constitution authority?

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6 Responses to “DHS Decides It’s A Good Idea To Warn Of Threats Over Holiday Season”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach typed: The Colorado Springs shooting was committed by a non-binary lunatic, not exactly the type of person who votes Republican.

    According to connies, mass shooters are always “lunatics’, except for the Bernie bro who shot Rep Scalise (still used an AR-15).

    Byron York: Democratic leaders knew the shooter, James Hodgkinson (Scalise shooter), was an angry, Trump-hating progressive — not crazy in the sense that David DePape (Pelosi attacker) is crazy, just angry, from a progressive Democratic perspective.


    Mass shooters that we all enable are actually part of the US anarchic element – those who crow: gov’t sucks, military sucks, teachers suck, elections suck, America sucks, Europe sucks, kids suck, medicine sucks, media sucks, public health sucks… just grab an AR-15 and protest!

    Anderson Lee Aldrich’s lawyers claim ‘they’ are non-binary. Whether true or not, it certainly argues against this being a hate crime! Aldrich’s grandfather is a far-right Republican State rep and election denier who celebrated the Jan 6 attack on America and is calling for revolt. Aldrich’s dad, Aaron Brink, is a porn actor, drug addict and petty criminal. His mom supported Aldrich’s right-wing grandfather. Aldrich was arrested earlier for making a bomb threat – yet still was able to buy semi-auto weapons. After the shooting, Aldrich’s dad was delighted to find out his son was ‘only’ a mass-murderer and not gay!

    Why do you think mass-shooters always use AR-15 style rifles? Are they used for anything OTHER THAN mass shootings or for wingers intimidating others? President Biden recommends that we re-outlaw AR-15 style rifles. What would mass-shooters turn to? High-capacity mag semi-auto pistols? Hunting rifles? Shotguns? The gun industry may have to invent a new killing machine!

    • Dana says:

      The distinguished Mr Dowd wrote:

      Aldrich was arrested earlier for making a bomb threat – yet still was able to buy semi-auto weapons.

      That’s true, but why is it true? The police had him in custody, his crimes were caught on tape, but he was apparently never tried and convicted of anything. Why did law enforcement in Colorado Springs seemingly do nothing about Mr Aldrich and his previous crimes?

      We see this more and more. Nikolas Cruz was able to buy his weapons because both the Broward County school board and the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, despite several ‘interactions’ with young Mr Cruz, took no actual action against him. Despite Mr Cruz physically assaulting another student, the school board, in their stated desire not to put Mr Cruz into the so-called “school-to-prison pipeline,” did not refer the incident to law enforcement, so when Mr Cruz went to purchase his weapons, he was completely clean on his background check.

      Mr Aldrich? If Colorado Springs had taken action against him for his armed standoff, he could and should have been safely behind bars on the day he shot up Club Q.

      We already have plenty of laws which bar convicted criminals from owning or buying firearms, but when law enforcement doesn’t turn real criminals into convicted criminals, those laws are useless.

  2. Dana says:

    It seems as though the left have gotten the memo, as Jennifer Rubin, a columnist for The Washington Post, warned about domestic terrorism on Tuesday.

    The extent of the threat is staggering. The report mentions a 2021 study from the Center for Strategic and International Studies that found there were 110 domestic terrorist plots in 2020 alone, a 244 percent increase from 2019. The Anti-Defamation League also reports that over the past decade, domestic extremists have killed 443 people. More than half of the deaths were attributable to white supremacists. Had foreign terrorists committed such crimes, Republicans would have raised a ruckus.

    443 people killed by “domestic extremists,” more than half of which were “white supremacists,” over the last decade. Well, 473 people have been murdered so far this year in Philadelphia alone. But Mr Rubin and the left aren’t worried about those killings, because both the victims and their killers are mostly black.

    From 2015 forward, there have been 2,118 fatal shooting victims in Philly, 76.74% of the total, along with 154 black female victims, 5.58% of the total. In a city which is not majority black, 82.32% of all homicides by gunfire victims have been black.

    Hispanic males, which are counted separately, and can be either white or black, constitute 283, 10.25%, of the victims, while Hispanic females suffered 36 such deaths, 1.30%. 93.87% of the homicide by shooting deaths in Philly have been among people The Philadelphia Inquirer would classify as “Black or brown,” and though the statistics do not tell us the racial makeup of the known killers — and the Philadelphia Police have a rather low rate of actually solving homicides — we know that, generally speaking, the vast majority of homicides involve intraracial, not interracial violence.

    The St Louis Metropolitan Police Department, which does publish racial statistics of apprehended killers, noted that, as of November 29, the vast majority of murder victims, 163 out of a total 179, or 91.06%, have been black, and out of 125 identified homicide suspects, 121, or 96.80%, have been black.

    The Census Bureau puts St Louis population as being 45.7% black.

    But black-against-black crimes just don’t attract the attention of our ‘progressive’ friends, because they spoil Teh Narrative. Yet you are far more likely to get shot if you are on the streets in North Philadelphia than by a “domestic terrorist.”

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Seems to me blacks constitute a greater threat to domestic tranquility and therefore are the greater terrorists.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Suburbanites know better than to buy drugs at 1AM in dangerous urban neighborhoods. That knowledge is ‘baked in’ and is no longer disruptive to society. Sad but true.

      On the other hand, society is still coming to grips with white men in combat gear shooting assault rifles at moms and kids or moviegoers or revelers or shoppers or students. These attacks ARE incredibly disruptive. The shooters have various motivations – they hate blacks; they hate Mexicans; they hate LGBTQ; they hate being ignored; they hate their own lives. The two common denominators are hate and rifles designed to kill other humans.

      But we did nothing after Adam Lanza marched into Sandy Hook and murdered 20 little boys and girls. Will we ever?

      But a few dead kids is a small price to pay for Freedom!! Anyway, the negroes are worse!

      Mr Dana predictably trots out his ‘but whatabout Philadelphia?’. We’ve heard it before, we’ve explained it before. But his, “We’ll take grade school shootings seriously when you take black guys killing black guys seriously”, is designed to distract. Conservatives do not now, have never, and never will be concerned about poor urbanians killing other poor urbanians.

      Connies yell “Look over there!” since acknowledging the enormity of mass shootings would ruin Teh Narrative.

      The connie argument is that DHS is in the pocket of the ‘woke’ Democratic mob.

      It’s as persuasive as Mr Teach’s predictable shout, “But President Biden flies in Air Force One!”, to rebut global warming.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    In fairness to the DHS, it is run and staffed by democrats. This is litterally how they see the world. Republicans who want to be left alone are more dangerous than MS-13, ISIS, Anti-fa, communists, and genuine flag carring nazis.

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