Democrat Strategists See Writing On Wall, Want Dems To Talk About Economy

Hey, with the ride wave rising higher and higher, I bet Democrats are pretty upset with early voting and mail in voting, eh? If we all voted on election day, they might possibly maybe have a chance to mitigate some of the damage. Oops!

Steering the conversation toward the economy could actually help Democrats

Biden Brain SuckerWith just two weeks until Election Day, recent polling suggests that support for the Democratic Party is eroding nationally in the final stretch of the midterm campaign.

Republicans have gained more than four points in the generic ballot since last month. Democrats enjoyed a one-point advantage in mid-September, but the GOP now leads by over three points, per RealClearPolitics’ average.

Not only is support for Democrats declining overall — it is also weakening among the very constituencies that the party has been courting for months. Since mid-September, Democrats have lost 9-points in the generic ballot with independents, 13-points with women, and 32-points with independent women, per the latest NY Times/Siena College poll. While we should not extrapolate too much from one survey, this trend is largely reflected in other public polls.

Obviously, Democrats focused on abortion on demand, thinking that was the path to winning, but, they were mostly preaching to the choir, and even losing support from those who saw their price of living ever-rising

The same NY Times/Siena poll finds that 44 percent of voters cite economic issues — either the economy generally (26 percent) or rising prices specifically (18 percent) — as the main problem facing the country, while just 5 percent name abortion. The same trend is true of women and independents.

Pocketbook concerns are clearly dominant, and by not messaging on these issues, Democrats are letting Republicans’ economy-focused attack ads — which are largely concentrated in battleground states and swing districts — go uncontested. Indeed, tracking by AdImpact finds that Republicans have outspent and out-aired Democrats by a ten-to-one margin on ads mentioning inflation.

What have the Democrats really done? The jobs market has essentially gained back what was lost in the pandemic.

Moreover, when Democrats do discuss the economy, they largely aren’t talking about it in the right way, per veteran pollster Stan Greenberg. When the party touts strong macroeconomic metrics such as historically low unemployment rates and the passage of their spending bill — but avoids talking about rising prices — voters perceive it as disingenuous.

They are lying.

What Democrats should instead be doing, Greenberg argues, is making an effort in their advertising to inform voters that the party has a plan to lower the cost of living if reelected, while also highlighting how Republicans have opposed cutting costs for working people at every turn.

What plan? They control the House, Senate, and White House. They’ve had since January 20, 2021, to implement their plan. Let them try this, because that is what ever Republican will ask “why haven’t they implemented the plan? Where is it?”

How can Democrats counter the GOP’s cost-of-living hits? Run ads hammering Republicans for voting against capping insulin at an affordable level and opposing extending the child tax credit, which would have delivered $600 a month to working people. Ramp up attacks on GOP candidates who favor weakening broadly popular entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.

None of which brings down inflation. Doesn’t bring down the price of food, clothes, housing, vehicles, energy, etc and so on. I’d like to see them give it a whirl.

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14 Responses to “Democrat Strategists See Writing On Wall, Want Dems To Talk About Economy”

  1. alanstorm says:

    Democrat Strategists See Writing On Wall, Want Dems To Talk About Economy

    Please, do just that. Dig yourselves a little deeper into that hole.

  2. H says:

    Republican strategists tell their candidates to back away from toxic trump
    Oil production in USA now exceeding Trump average. So, why are prices now much higher? .
    And renewable energy prices continuing to go down every year
    Trump’s good friends the Saudis proclaim jihad against the UzdA while jacking prices. Teach ? He just says can’t help because we are addicts with no self control over our addiction
    Maybe a 12 step program is the answer?

    • Dana says:

      H wrote:

      Maybe a 12 step program is the answer?

      It shouldn’t take twelve steps to get you back on the road to sanity:

      1 – Look at the facts, and vote Republican;
      2 – Sit in your easy chair, realize what you did, and understand that it didn’t hurt in the slightest; and
      3 – Keep calm, and watch the sun rise on a happier nation on November 9th.

      Just three steps, and you, too, can re-enter the serenity of sanity.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Mr Dana claims knee-jerk voting for GOPhers guarantees a happier nation.

        By all means vote for Herschel Walker, Dr Oz, Kari Lake, Don Bolduc, Mark Finchem, Marjorie Greene, Lauren Boebert, Ron Johnson, Adam Laxalt, Doug Mastriano, Tudor Dixon, Blake Masters…

        Perhaps there exist reasonable and honorable Republicans still, but it seems unlikely. No more conservatives like John McCain, Liz Cheney, Jeff Flake, Adam Kinzinger, Will Hurd… all run out by tRumpism.

        We recall Mr Dana justifying the 2016 election of PedoDonJon tRump because Hillary Clinton would have been worse. LOL.

        The tRumpists, with some help from less “tRumpy” GOPhers hope to engineer the minority takeover of the US. They have worked hard at the state and judicial levels to install supporters. The nuGOPhers could have chosen to offer solutions to America’s problems but chose an authoritarian strategy.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          Bwaha! Lolgf

        • Jl says:

          “No more conservatives like McCain, Flake, Kinzinger, Hurd…..”
          In other words, not conservative at all. If they’re conservative, then Brandon is a rocket scientist…

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            It sounds as if you equate tRumpism with conservatism. tRumpism is a right-wing, authoritarian, anti-democratic populist movement centered on emotionism and grievances. There is little ideology or policy standards. The central grievance is that “real America” is being destroyed by blacks, gays, non-white and non-christian invaders and insipid/immoral libs and “real America” must be taken back by “real Americans” – white, christian men.

            Was Ronald Reagan a conservative? Eisenhower? Dick Cheney? Mike Pence? Milton Friedman? William Buckley? Antonin Scalia? Romney? Condaleeza Rice? Paul Ryan? John Bolton? Colin Powell?

            It appears that the only requirement to be a nu-Conservative is to agree with PedoDon’s grievance that the election was stolen from him!

            Isn’t that prima facie evidence of a cult?

            Nigel Farage, former leader of the Brexit Party in the UK and an enthusiastic backer of Trump, stated that in the 2016 United States presidential debates where Trump loomed up on Clinton, he “looked like a big silverback gorilla”, and added that “he is that big alpha male. The leader of the pack!”

  3. H says:

    Teach would rather kiss Arab ass rather than lower his thermostat 3 degreesF

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      And H would rather suck the pedos tiny dick than demand a livable energy policy. If you want a retarded senile pedo politician to decide how you operate your thermostat go right ahead. You have no right to regulate ours.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        Did you mean PedoDon’s tiny dick as described by his inamorata, Stormy Daniels, the porn actress he banged as his third wife cared for their baby, Barron? Pedo bribed Daniels with $130,000 to keep her quiet before the 2016 election, for which his lawyer went to jail. But not the Teflon Don!

    • Jl says:

      John-if you want to lower your own thermostat, by all means do so.

  4. Our distinguished host quoted:

    What Democrats should instead be doing, Greenberg argues, is making an effort in their advertising to inform voters that the party has a plan to lower the cost of living if reelected, while also highlighting how Republicans have opposed cutting costs for working people at every turn.

    And sensible people will respond, “If you had such a great plan to do that, why haven’t you done so before the election?”

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    “The fight is not about inflation, it’s about the cost of living,”

    Thanks, Nance.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

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