Climate Cultists Glue Themselves At VW Plant In Germany

The best part is their complaints

Germany: Climate activists glue themselves to Volkswagen visitor facility floor, criticise company for not providing bowls to urinate and defecate while being glued

On Wednesday, nine environmental activists belonging to a Scientist Rebellion group that works for climate revolution in Germany glued themselves to the Porsche pavilion floor at Volkswagen’s Autostadt to raise awareness about the climate emergency. The activists also declared a hunger strike demanding the authorities and the government decarbonize the German transport sector. Autostadt is a facility for visitors adjacent to the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany.

According to the reports, the Autostadt at the Volkswagen plant is the facility where consumers and fans go to connect with the company’s brands or experience some car-related pleasure. A total of 15 members of the ‘Scientist Rebellion’ group who claim to be science researchers marched in Autostadt to protest against Volkswagen which is the second largest car producer in the world. Nine out of 15 researcher members of the protesting organization glued their palms on the floor as a part of the protest and also decided to go on a hunger strike.

The researchers said that Volkswagen should do its part in slowing down climate change and that it plays a big role in the fight against pollution. They also pointed out that the company has the means to lobby decision-makers into doing the right thing. (snip)

Protesters want the German government to reinstate the €9 public transportation pass and to impose a speed restriction of 100 kph (62 mph) on all of the country’s roadways. They are well-known for being an essential component of the Autobahn system, which lets cars go as fast as they want on some sections with no speed restriction.

Say, I wonder how they got there. It’s not exactly an easy walk or bike. Did they take a fossil fueled vehicle or bus? Here’s the fun

Grimalda in the series of tweets further mentioned that the company supported the group’s right to protest but refused to provide them with a bowl to urinate and defecate in a decent manner while they are glued. He also said that the people who supported the protest were not allowed to go out of the building and if allowed, they couldn’t get back in. “We can’t order our food, we must use the one provided by Volkswagen. Lights off. Random unannounced checks by security guards with bright torches. Police just came in”, he tweeted.

VW should have surrounded them with some partition walls, to boot. If the protesters aren’t willing to put it all on the line, that’s on them. Let them stay there, no food, no bathrooms, no new clothes. Deal with it. Looks like VW is just trying to protect the environment by cutting lights, heating, and water.

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12 Responses to “Climate Cultists Glue Themselves At VW Plant In Germany”

  1. H says:

    Mercedes Benz announces solid state battery using 100% sodium replacing lithium as anode.
    620 mile range with prototype next quarter in Class
    First production in 2 years in Glass SUV

  2. ruralcounsel says:

    The names, addresses, and occupations of these protesters should be published, so the public can ridicule them and employers can fire them as they deserve.

  3. P’raps they should have brought those ‘bowls’ along with themselves. They forgot the six Ps: Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.

  4. Dana says:

    At a couple of points during Le Tour de France, protesters glued themselves to the roadway, in one instance causing an injury to one of the riders, as the peloton had to stop abruptly. The police rather too gently detached the idiots and got them out of the way, but they caused a 32-minute delay in one instance.

    Realistically, the police should have just grabbed them and ripped them off of the pavement, heedless of any clothing or skin that might be stuck and left behind.

    There was another such protest of which I saw a bit, where a protester, knowing that glue just wasn’t good enough, used a fast setting to concrete his hand to the pavement. A Youtube video showed a policeman using a hammer and chisel to extract the idiot as gently as possible, but my thought was give me a Cat 966 loader, and I’d just remove him that way, scraping the pavement clean as I went, and f(ornicate) his hand and health.

  5. UnkleC says:

    The wheel loader seems a tad excessive albeit quite effective, I think a cordless angle grinder would be quite adequate and easily portable.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      What amuses me is that if the tables were turned and it was our side gluing and defacing crap history shows leftists just shoot everybody and drag away the carcasses. That they know we won’t do that shows why we’re loosing.


    • Dana says:

      Perhaps, but I am a pretty good loader operator, though I haven’t had an opportunity to run one since I retired. I like to think that my skills haven’t atrophied too much, but I can always use the practice.

      Besides, while I do have an angle grinder, it’s not cordless.

  6. Jl says:

    Apparently the fledgling rocket scientists didn’t realize that the glue they used is made, in part, from oil…

  7. Matthew says:

    Put the porta-potty across the room and give each idiot a spatula. That is some weapons grade dumbassery and they really should have their noses rubbed in it.

    How about the dealership set up a jumbo-tron with a nice PA system in the room and broadcast actual qualified climate scientists debunking all their idiotic CO2 driven nonsense on a loop at high volume until they leave of their own accord?

    Class dismissed!

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