Bummer: 2020 PRC Wildfires Ruined Their Climate Apocalypse Actions

Well, this is a bummer. Because the People’s Republik Of California and it’s citizens have been utterly irresponsible in managing their forests and not setting fires, things are doomy

2020 wildfire season in California wiped away 16 years of climate gains

The wildfires that have scorched the West in recent years are not just a consequence of climate change, they also are an increasingly sizable driver of the problem, according to a new study.

The research paper, published Monday in the journal Environmental Pollution, finds that California’s wildfires in 2020 caused twice the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that the state successfully cut between 2003 and 2019. In other words, 2020’s wildfire season, which set a record for the number of acres burned in the state, essentially wiped out 16 years of progress California had made on climate change through efforts such as replacing fossil fuels with clean energy.

Well, except for the Elites of the PRC, including folks like Gavin Newsom and his fossil fueled vacation, who drive in their big limos/SUVs, take lots of private fossil fueled flights, and live in giant mansions.

Since wood is full of stored carbon dioxide — the most prevalent greenhouse gas — it is emitted when the wood burns. As average temperatures have grown warmer, California and other Western states have experienced more heat waves and droughts, which are risk factors for wildfires. Currently, a 22-year megadrought is parching the West, forcing water authorities in parts of California to institute water usage limits for residents. The state is also experiencing intensified heat waves.

Consequently, wildfires have become more prevalent. Eighteen of the 20 largest wildfires in California’s history have occurred since 2000. The eight largest have all been since 2017, five of them in 2020 alone. The biggest fire in state history, the August Complex Fire in 2020, burned more than 1 million acres of land.

The West tends to be dry, and historical data shows that there have been points during previous Holocene warm periods of prolonged drought and wildfires. Nowadays, the eco-loons make sure that brush and dead wood cannot be cleared, sue over fire-breaks, and sue over modernization of things like transmission lines. Pretty much every wildfire can be traced back to incompetence, often with electric infrastructure, mistakes with camping fires, and straight up arson.

Now, we also know how much emissions were created by all that burning wood, and they accounted for 30% of California’s total emissions, making wildfires the second-largest source of emissions in the state, after transportation.

Well, looks like the big wigs in the PRC need to start restricting the peons from taking fossil fueled travel, require turning the heat down and the AC up, limiting their use of appliances. Just to be sure.

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9 Responses to “Bummer: 2020 PRC Wildfires Ruined Their Climate Apocalypse Actions”

  1. H says:

    The right-wing tried to tell us that the fires were caused by Jews using space based lasers. Qanon which Trump now openly supports broadcast that to allow it’s nutcase supporters. Teach went dark on this antisemitic trope
    The for profit entity that operates the Cali electrical grid caused many of the fires by skimping on maintaing their wires to be free if tree branches hoping for higher short term profits.

  2. CarolAnn says:

    No H, The “right -wing” did not try and tell us that. Crazy anti Semites did and being a communist you dutifully blamed it on millions of patriotic Americans. Asshole.

    Just because the radical left has wrapped their arms around co9mmunists, fascists, nazis, anarchists, trannies, child rapists and such to be “inclusive” does not mean we accept weirdos, perverts and and clowns like the pedo and his traitorous, drug addled, whore loving son. Seems every fuked up weirdo in America is now a democommie. Why is that H?

    You commies went dark on how ineffective the vaccine is, the economy, inflation, decent education, fags teaching kids, black on black crime and big blue city corruption. How come?


    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Actually, nuCon Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) blamed Jewish Space Lasers for starting CA wildfires. tRump and his new bro’, Ye, agrees that Jews are the problem. Same as it ever was.

      Of course, the igniting of the fires is not the predominant problem, the availability of dry tinder and fuel is. That is how global warming and drought contribute to wildfires. The fires are ignited by the same old things – campfires, lightning, power lines, arson and Jewish Space Lasers. Same as it ever was!

      Wood burning is a temporary problem. While wood sequesters significant amounts of CO2 (as complex carbohydrates) whether it’s burned (immediate release) or rots in decades or a century (slow release) doesn’t matter in the long run. That said, the LOSS of healthy forests IS a problem for the climate as it’s a lost sink for CO2.

      • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

        The bullshit to which you refer dowd was a satire piece by Andy Borowitz (Himself a radical left self hating Jew) in the New Yorker Magazine. The fact that you radicals are so willing to pick up such obvious bullshit and run with it as fact is why nobody with a brain believes anything you clowns say any more. You guys create a lie, grow it, then spread it around like the manure it is never questioning the validity of the claim. That’s why you believe a senile pedo won an election with “81 million votes” yet refuse even to investigate mass reports of election voter fraud and vote count cheating. You are so into the spurious the facts go by you like a Tesla with the peddle to the plastic.



  3. Dana says:

    Our distinguished host quoted:

    Since wood is full of stored carbon dioxide — the most prevalent greenhouse gas — it is emitted when the wood burns.

    Translation: wood stoves will be the next thing the warmunists try to ban.

  4. bob sykes says:

    Ninety percent of wild fires are caused by lightning.

    • Dana says:

      Not Jooooos with space-based lasers? Or is it possible that 90% of lightning strikes are caused by Jooooos, almost certainly the Rothschilds, controlling the weather?

  5. Jl says:

    John-it’s too early for the bong. The “right wing” said no such thing. Those who look at the data, right or left, know wildfires are 80-90% started by humans and/or lightning. Try not smoking before you post….

  6. Jl says:

    And of course, no evidence CO2 has any effect on wildfires. https://phzoe.com/2022/06/06/global-fires-2/

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