Index Of U.S. Military Strength Rates Military As Weak

This is the result of eight years of Obama and a year and a half of Biden. And, even Trump was only able to do so much with all the Woke lunatics involved at high levels of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The only one that’s not a poop-show, yet, is the Marines

US military rated as ‘weak,’ may not be able to win one war, as tensions grow with China, Russia

The US military may not be able to win one war — let alone two — as the Pentagon struggles to keep its forces equipped against potential threats from China and Russia, according a new report on American military strength.

Years of underfunding and “poorly defined priorities” has led the military to become “weak relative to the force needed to defend national interests on the global stage,” the conservative Heritage Foundation said in its annual “Index of U.S. Military Strength.”

“[T]he current U.S. military force is at significant risk of not being able to meet the demands of a single major regional conflict,” the report said. “The force would probably not be able to do more and is certainly ill-equipped to handle two nearly simultaneous [major conflicts.]”

At the same time, the possibility of two-front fighting has increased as Russia continues to wage war on Ukraine and China grows increasingly aggressive in the Pacific, according to the report.

“In the aggregate, the United States’ military posture can only be rated as ‘weak,’” the report said.

Caring more about things like teaching CRT, allowing the gender confused in the military, reducing standards, worrying about ‘climate change’, and driving away the manly men who used to make up the backbone of the fighting force has not gone well

Across the services, the report rated only the Marine Corps as “strong” in the think tank’s assessment of force capacity, capability and readiness. While the Army achieved a “marginal” rating, the Space Force and Navy were labeled “weak” and the Air Force bottomed out at “very weak.”

Wonderful. But, hey, our nuclear forces are still rated as strong, so, that’s a good thing, right? The Army, Navy, and Air Force are having a lot of trouble with recruitment. The Marines, not as much. I wonder why?

(Deseret News) While none of the military spokespeople mentioned politics as a reason for recruitment troubles, influential conservatives have said they are frustrated with the military over a perceived turn toward “wokeness.”

In an email to Deseret News, conservative writer Rod Dreher said military policies on racial and LGBTQ issues reflect “radical leftism,” and that military leaders are no different than other “American elites.”

“One senior officer who has left the military told me that within the ranks, there is a sense that politicians are using the forces to carry out political and cultural agendas. There is a sense, I’m told, that the armed forces are the playthings of politicians, and that policies can change with each passing administration. There is no stability there,” he said.

Dreher said he has spoken to many friends who have left the military because of politics.

“I spoke only last week to an old friend who was a high-ranking officer, and who took early retirement. Why? Because, he said, the officer corps has become highly politicized, and to the left. He said he feels he can no longer be effective as a leader,” Dreher said. “And, he said, the politicization is harming readiness.”

Not mentioned that often is retention, which is also taking a big hit among those who’ve served for years, who’ve had a lot invested in their training, so, essentially a “brain drain”.

(13 News Now) Among the cited reasons are the pandemic, the economy, and the strenuous requirements for recruits to get into the Army in the first place.

“Currently, only 23 percent of 17 to 24-year-old Americans are fully qualified to serve,” said Lieutenant General Douglas Stitt, Army Deputy Chief of Staff.

He added: “The top disqualifiers for service are obesity, addition, conduct, test scores, medical and behavioral health conditions.”

And that’s what you get when too many leftists are trying to join: they don’t qualify.

Army’s Misplaced Priorities : Recruitment Shortfall vs. Climate Change

The Army’s plan, among other things, contains the requirement to modify unit designs to account for soldiers and civilians that hold “approved climate credentials.”

There is direction to incorporate climate change into “strategic and operational-level wargame and exercise designs.” And the most damning of all is a requirement to “ … produce a digital handbook of potential unit-level collective training modifications that would reduce direct Army [greenhouse gas] emissions.”

Reading between the lines, the Army is considering modifying its unit training programs to reduce greenhouse gases.

It’s a very long article, but, the end result is that the Army (the Army National Guard and Army Reserve are also having problems) is short of it’s manpower goal, is having trouble recruiting, and having trouble retaining, as the focus on things that do not help the mission, and drive away the people who make up the backbone of the fighting force.

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6 Responses to “Index Of U.S. Military Strength Rates Military As Weak”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Good news: The rest of the world is even weaker.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      That’s because for 70 years we took care of them. DON”T FEED THE ANIMALS! It makes them dependent. Ask a black in the ghetto if 80 years of leftist welfare has made them stronger.


    • Doom and Gloom says:

      After watching the Russians get routed by a Ukrainian force that was hand fed by the USA(Including 100’s of spec ops on the ground and hi-tech Intell feed….Just speculation on my part but we all know that it is true) and Nato giving them high tech weapons, Chairman Biden….er I mean Chairman XI said one of his priorities was the make the Chinese Military stronger.

      That’s Woke speech for OH FUK. We thought our PRONOUNS would scare them into retreat and we could smash Taiwan……HOOONNNKKKKKKK….Thanks for Playing XI but GTFO.

      Dowd made a statement several months back that everyone is afraid of the US military. That is true to a degree. At first, Ukraine was being smashed rather handily by sheer numbers and then Nato and the USA stepped in with no doubt boots on the ground, Intell and weapons. Lots and lots of high-tech weapons and the rout was on.

      Still in this era of wokism I find it very disconcerting that the US military is trying to make their ranks EFFEMINATE. This is exactly what XI was screaming about a couple years back when his soldiers would face off against India in cross border skirmishes and get their asses handed to them every time.

      He said our troops need to be tougher and to stop being molly coddled and trained to be real soldiers and not place holders.

      Many believe that is the path the USA is going today. Filling our ranks with placeholders as even now the military is having a hard time meeting its recruitment goals and I personally knows of hundreds of highly qualified people that are getting out of the Military and the door hasn’t a chance of hitting them on the way out.

  2. Our esteemed host quoted:

    The US military may not be able to win one war — let alone two —

    Well, we won every battle in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam, but we certainly did win any of those wars!

    We and our allies won in World War II because we defined war as killing the enemy and destroying his land until Hell wouldn’t have it anymore, and the countries with which we were at war finally gave up and admitted defeat.

    But now? We are so deathly afraid of killing non-combatants — something that didn’t bother us in the slightest in our bombing raids over Italy, Germany and Japan — that we allow the enemy places to retreat and hide. You can’t win a war that way! We should be able to have won in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, because we had the power to virtually destroy those countries almost completely, to, as the Vietnam phrase put it, make a desert and call it peace, and those countries lacked any capability to retaliate in kind. But now we’re fighting a proxy war directly against the Soviet Union Russia, and Russia does have the power to retaliate in kind, to match escalation with escalation, and, in the end, kill almost every living American if it got that far. Yet here the neo-cons, now firmly in the fat-left of the Democratic Party, are all agitating for war.

    Unless the Republicans take control of the Congress and stop this insane escalation of supplying Ukraine, it’s difficult to see this ending well.

  3. Jl says:

    Yes,but aren’t they using the proper pronouns now? That makes them tough….

  4. H says:

    Woke Brandon has traumatized both Chyna And Putin
    China is on the verge of going bankrupt. Brandon has cut off their supplies of high end and medium computer chips.
    35 years of a one child policy has left that country with very very few people under the age of 35. 80% of china’s oil comes from the MidEast. China has very few blue water navy ships they are all small boats with a range of 500 miles. China has 3 months oil storage without incoming trucks boats stop in 3 months lights go out in 6 months. China’s whole economy is based on mass production of cheap goods, you think they would be allowed to export if they invaded Taiwan? They have seen what happened to Russia with sanctions. Russia has relief in companies like Haliburton for their oil technologists their oil production is falling . Because of Dark Brandon’s sanctions they must sell at 30$ decrease per barrel. Russian men are refusing to be mobilized and going into battle with 2 days training. China needs the USA a lot more than we need Chinese cheap shit. China is a net food importer again dependent on being allowed to do so by the US Navy If China invades Taiwan they will have no chips to make your toasters with and no one would buy even if they were allowed to ship by the US Navy. Free global trade depends on the US Navy. Just look at the havoc done by the Somali pirates with outboard skiffs the Malaysian Straits would be much easier to close .
    The Heritage Foundation that published that report also thought we were going to be successful in the MidEast. Instead we turned Iraq into an ally of Iran and got our asses kicked out of Afghanistan after 20 years of being told we were “winning” and having morons believing that

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