Doom: ‘Climate Change’ Made Drought 20 Times More Likely Or Something

Say, what about the big drought in the 30’s, when carbon pollution was well below the “safe” limit of 350ppm?

Climate change made this summer’s drought 20 times more likely, study finds

Rising global temperatures caused by the burning of fossil fuels made this summer’s brutal droughts across the Northern Hemisphere — which dried up rivers, sparked unprecedented wildfires and led to widespread crop failure — 20 times more likely, according to a new study.

Climate change is rewriting normal weather patterns in real time, said the study by World Weather Attribution, a consortium of international scientists who examine the link between rising average global temperatures and extreme weather. The droughts that affected North America, Europe and Asia this summer were so extreme that they would normally be considered a 1-in-400-year event, the study found, but due to climate change, the planet can now expect a repeat of those conditions every 20 years.

This isn’t journalism, it’s propaganda. No proof is required, no skeptical eye involved, no attempt to ask for alternative viewpoints. It’s simply a cult. If people cannot deal with a slight 1.5F increase in global temperatures since 1850, perhaps other factors are in play?

But, um

The Mississippi River basin is getting wetter as climate change brings era of extreme rain, floods

In the early morning hours of July 26, many St. Louis-area residents awoke to floodwater filling their homes, or to the din of blaring car alarms from vehicles getting overtaken by murky brown water. Too much rain was falling far too fast.

The weather system dumped more than 9 inches on St. Louis – about a quarter of the city’s annual average – compressed largely within a few hours. That same week, torrential rain storms settled on Eastern Kentucky, where up to 16 inches fell and water rushed into people’s homes so swiftly that many didn’t get out in time.

Longtime residents in both regions, no strangers to severe storms and flooding, said they’d seen nothing like it before – and they’re right.

The rainfall totals obliterated previous records in each area by a margin that was difficult for some experts to fathom – topping St. Louis’ single-day record by more than two inches, for instance. It was yet another example that rain isn’t falling the way that it used to, with both the magnitude and intensity of extreme rain events increasing throughout recent decades, across a large part of the country.

So, is it drought or flood caused by the burning of fossil fuels? Oh, right, it causes everything, because this is a cult.

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3 Responses to “Doom: ‘Climate Change’ Made Drought 20 Times More Likely Or Something”

  1. Matthew says:

    Another non-study by World Weather Attribution, who portray every piece of news that remotely involves weather as proof of catastrophic man-made global warming right down to the Cub Scouts postponing their bake sale due to rain. And of course, they are winging impossible numbers around because that’s what they do in order to be as frightening as possible. As usual, I suggest people need to check for themselves when they hear some scary, other worldly, numbers. The chances of anything being 20 times more likely, no matter what event we’re talking about should set off anyone’s bovine excrement meter. Both Nature and the Journal of Climate, not exactly a bunch of deniers, have looked at drought severity and frequency and neither can see what World Weather Attribution apparently sees. Follow the money.

  2. captainfish says:

    Wait.. I thought flooding was the sign of global weirding?

  3. Down on the Corner says:

    California’s drought adds to food inflation with tomatoes, onions, garlic hit

    OH NOES……………YET.

    From National Geographic.

    Many would agree that about 25 percent of California is desert. Almost all of Southeastern California is made up of desert.

    Out of the 164,000 square miles, about 25,000 is desert (16%); 45 percent is forested, and the rest are mountains, grassland, lakes, rivers, and cities.

    The State of California is ARID. About 40 percent of the state is ARID or Dessert.

    The fact that the colorado river is running dry is because California and Nevada and Arizona all use tremendous amounts of water to Aerate DESSERTS to grow food and house people.

    AGW NAZIS are lunatics!

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