Hot Take: NYC Mayor Adams Plays Raaaaacism Card On Texas Shipping Illegals To Cities Run By Blacks

It’s just the latest in a long line of deflections from a mayor of a declared sanctuary city which doesn’t actually want to take the illegals

Adams accuses Abbott of undermining Black mayor-led cities by busing migrants to NYC, DC and Chicago

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, when pressed on plans to build an emergency shelter for asylum seekers in the sanctuary city, suggested in an on-air interview Wednesday that Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is trying to undermine cities with Black mayors by busing migrants to the Big Apple, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

In an interview with “Inside City Hall” With Errol Louis, Adams said he refused to “pit everyday New Yorkers against migrants, and I’m not going to take away resources that we have to really allocate for everyday New Yorkers.”

“This is a national problem, it needs a national response. And that is why we call on Washington to respond to this on a national level,” Adams said. “This differs from the everyday shelter system. This is a migrant crisis, and we must focus on that. Everyone that comes to this city — we are going to ensure that we fulfill our obligation of getting them housing. But this is a migrant humanitarian crisis that we are facing.”

It’s suddenly a crisis when sanctuary cities far from the Southern border who advocate for open borders have to deal with this slightly

“Yes. So true,” Adams responded. “And that was the fear that we had in the beginning when it first started with Governor Abbott that we knew that, unfortunately, that some people were going to use it as a playbook to send buses to both New York, Washington and to Chicago. Keep in mind, these are three cities where we have Black mayors.”

“This is undermining our economy and is undermining our attempt to recover in our cities — that we’re already dealing with crises from COVID to monkeypox to crime to housing,” he continued. “And I think it’s something that we need to be very clear on. These three cities were targeted, and I have a conversation this afternoon with the mayors of the other two cities.”

How about the small towns in Texas and Arizona that have to deal with way more, ones who have been let through being COVID positive, with other diseases, who are breaking into homes and businesses, overrunning those towns, creating a much bigger crisis?

The host asked directly, “You think these cities are being targeted, including New York, because they have Black mayors?”

“Well, I don’t know if it’s Black mayors or if it’s just going to northern cities, but something is wrong,” Adams said. “I mean, we have thousands of cities in this country. Why are we specifically targeting Washington, Chicago, and New York? There’s something wrong with that and I believe there needs to be a national response to give the assistance to these three important cities in our country.”

He’s not really saying it, but, he’s saying it after the question. Is Martha’s Vineyard run by a black mayor?

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9 Responses to “Hot Take: NYC Mayor Adams Plays Raaaaacism Card On Texas Shipping Illegals To Cities Run By Blacks”

  1. L'Roy White says:

    The illegals not migrants are being shipped to leftist cities who claim to be sanctuary cities. Is it our fault they are mostly run by dumb black moron democrats? Screw you. The border states have been drowning in illegals for years and you leftist slobs try and make race an issue because republicans call your bluff? Go to hell.

    We blacks are the beaten wives returning election after election to our wife beating democrat masters. Go Republican fools! After all the democrats were the ones who held us slaves and the Republicans are the ones who freed us. Are you blacks really this stupid?

  2. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host asked:

    He’s not really saying it, but, he’s saying it after the question. Is Martha’s Vineyard run by a black mayor?

    Martha’s Vinyard is governed by a Board of Selectmen, not a mayor; the population are mostly white.

    You could say that Philadelphia is governed by whites, given that the Mayor, Jim Kenney, and the District Attorney, Larry Krasner, are both white — very woke white! — but the largest single demographic group in the City of Brotherly Love is non-Hispanic black, at 37.3%, with the total black population around 44.2%. Non-Hispanic whites make up around 35%, and the total Hispanic population, regardless of race, is 14%. There is a substantial Asian population as well.

    The reality is that Philadelphia is almost totally governed by Democrats, regardless of race. It doesn’t matter if the Democrats are white or black or Hispanic: their governing policies are all just plain stupid. You can be a college educated professional living in tony Chestnut Hill, or a fabulous condo in Center City, or a black working class guy or welfare mother in Strawberry Mansion, or a mostly drug-addled Puerto Rican guy in Kensington, they’re all voting for the same stupid policies which have devastated the city.

    More, Philly is our nation’s most internally segregated city of over a million population. The liberal white family in Chestnut Hill really isn’t worried about black gang-bangers “street groupers” killing each other, because that ain’t happening in their zip code, so they can vote all social-justicy and racial-justicy, feel good about themselves, and not have it affect them. It’s the working-class whites in Bustleton who worry more about crime, while the black neighborhoods vote Democratic because they’re black.

    This chart was compiled by me, and is an image of the Microsoft Excel file I use. The homicides are all full year totals, except, of course, for 2022, the number of murders are through October 6th. With 416 homicides through October 6th, the city is on pace for 544.22 killings for the entire year, fewer than last year, but still far, far above the second-place year of 1990.

    Philly has been governed by Democrats for the last 70 years; the last Republican Mayor left office when Harry Truman was still President, before an old geezer like me was even born. Still, under Democratic Mayor Michael Nutter, District Attorney Seth Williams — who had a criminality problem of his own — and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, the two terms immediately prior to Mr Kenney’s, the city never say 400 homicides. Inheriting a total of 391 killings the year before he took office, Mayor Nutter and the city got the homicide total below 300 the last four years he was in office. All three of the men I mentioned are black, but they believed in treating crime seriously; they weren’t woke.

  3. Toe the Line says:


    Republicans’ Ultra-MAGA Agenda Is WILDLY Out Of Touch
    MAY 5, 2022

    Politico: “Biden: MAGA is the ‘most extreme political organization’ in recent U.S. history”

    With Donald Trump as their leader, the Republican Party is pushing a dangerous MAGA agenda, and President Biden and Democrats will make sure every voter knows what’s at stake in November

    The Hill: “President Biden in a speech Wednesday assailed Republicans for embracing what he described as an ‘extreme’ agenda, seeking to contrast the GOP’s economic vision for the country with his own in perhaps his most pointed criticisms of Republicans ahead of the midterm elections.”

    What is the MAGA agenda?

    More oil. Low Taxes. Low inflation. Secure Borders. More police to counter a huge rise in Crime under Democrats. Parents’ rights to oversee what their children are being taught in congress since we have seen fit to ceede that to Communist China.

    When Trump was president there were NO NEW WARS…Under Biden, we are staring at the precipice of Nuclear War and feeding North of 50 billion dollars to Ukraine to prop up the Military Industrial Complex. Never Forget that Democrats voted with Republicans to attack Afghanistan and Iraq and were cheering when Trump attacked SYRIA with Missiles.

    When Trump was president he tried exceedingly hard to build a wall on the southern border where Biden allows millions of illegals in each year. Trump enacted a remain-in-place until their status was litigated meaning they stayed in Mexico not the USA.

    Under Trump Gasoline was 2.00-2.500 per gallon…..Under Biden it is 4.00-7.00 per gallon and on the rise again. Biden has taken 180 million BBLS of oil from the Strategic oil reserve for political reasons. Under Biden the Middle East hates America more than they did under Trump refusing to even take Bidens phone calls and when he ASKED THEM TO PRODUCE MORE OIL THEY RESPONDED BY CUTTING PRODUCTION BY 2 million BBL’s per day.

    Under Trump He called Democrats liars and socialists and even communists. Under Biden he calls Republican’s the greatest threat to American Democracy ever while collecting money from COMMUNIST CHINA and putting it into his offshore bank account.

    Under Trump he declassified some files and took them, most turning out to be empty jackets. LOLOLOL. More TRUMP TROLLING OF THE DEMOCRATS HE KNEW WOULD COME AFTER HIM.

    In short, the list is endless but Under Trump America was sound economically. Under Biden, it is a dumpster fire Economically.

    JOIN the MAGA MOVEMENT and become a part of making America Great Again. Now there is no choice. Either that or I suggest you move out of those big cities, and get away from interstates and key infrastructure areas. Perhaps hide in the hills because the BIDEN ADMIN is pushing for Nuclear war while they get to hide in big fancy bunkers drinking champagne and eating caviar, you get to inhale radioactive dust and eat stale crackers until you die of radiation poisoning.

  4. H says:

    Until a court declares them “illegal” they are migrants entitled to protection under our Constitution.
    All migrants do not sneak into our country they present themselves for inspection at the border as they should.
    Our Border Chief is now saying that the free transport and fraudulent officers of jobs is now all over social media and encouraging even more migration.
    L’Roy White
    American blacks DO remember when the GOP their champions. But that regretfully ended long ago. How stupid are YOU not to know that ended when liberals were expelled from the GOP?

    • Jl says:

      Johnny-wrong again. As the south has gone more Republican, what’s happened? It’s become much less racist.

  5. Dana says:

    Here’s another chart:

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Rumor is that Ron DeSanctis now is looking for “illegals” to help rebuild Florida.

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