Vatican Says The Debate Is Over On “Denying” Climate Crisis (scam)

Because, see, every weather event is proof that this is your fault. I think the Vatican should demand that no one take fossil fueled trips to come to Rome or the Vatican

Extreme hurricanes show time of climate change denial is over, Vatican says

Recent extreme weather events, such as the hurricane that devastated parts of Florida, show that the time for climate change denial and scepticism is over, a senior Vatican official said on Tuesday.

Cardinal Michael Czerny, a Canadian who heads the Vatican’s development office, made his comments at a news conference presenting “The Letter,” a new film on the climate crisis by two-time Emmy award winner Nicolas Brown.

The film takes its title from Pope Francis’s 2015 encyclical letter Laudato Si (Praised Be) on the defence of the environment. It premiered at the Vatican on Tuesday and will be available free on YouTube Originals. Tuesday is the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, patron of the environment.

“The time is over for speculation, for skepticism and denial, for irresponsible populism,” Czerny said.

“Apocalyptic floods, mega droughts, disastrous heatwaves, and catastrophic cyclones and hurricanes have become the new normal in recent years; they continue today; tomorrow, they will get worse,” he said.

Nice to see that the Vatican has bought into being a part of the climate cult hook, line, and sinker, sublimating the teachings of the Bible and Jesus, bowing to the cult.

Francis, 85, strongly supports the goals of the 2015 U.N. Paris accord to reduce global warming and the use of fossil fuels. Former President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the accord but his successor, Joe Biden, has rejoined it.

Who wants to bet that Francis and the Vatican have not given up their own use of fossil fuels.

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5 Responses to “Vatican Says The Debate Is Over On “Denying” Climate Crisis (scam)”

  1. Madam DeFarge says:

    Does this mean the bitch in control of the group responsible for the spanish inquisition is going to start burning folks again.

  2. UnkleC says:

    Not sure, but the way the elites have been going lately, some Nomex undies might be a good idea.

  3. ST says:

    Tucker Carlson – Tony Bobulinski reacts to Biden’s voicemail to son Hunter: ‘That’s staggering’ – Fox News Video

  4. Professor Hale says:

    Strange. I don’t recall Reuters running a lead story about how the Vatican decided that the debate was over on abortion or giving it much thought. In fact, I believe the universal opinion of the global media empire regarding Vatican pronouncements for the past 100 years has been “(yawn), not interested in your sky god yammerings”, sprinkled with stories about pedophiles and hypocrisy. Now it seems the international news empire has forgotten pedophilia is a thing (Ahem, Prince Andrew and Joe Biden).

    It seems Reuters only cares what the Vatican thinks when it supports their own positions.

    Still waiting on Reuters’ conclusions regarding pre-destination or free will with regard to salvation of the soul.

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