Bummer: 56% Of Silicon Valley Residents Plan To Move Away

What could possibly caused these liberals residing in the People’s Republik Of California to want to move?

‘The mood is dark’ — More than half of Silicon Valley residents still want to move away, poll finds

There is growing pessimism in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area as residents continue to deal with the high cost of housing, the high cost of living, homelessness, drought and more.

According to a new poll by Joint Venture Silicon Valley, 64% of those surveyed said the region is on the wrong track, a more than 10-point increase from last year. In addition, 56% said they plan to leave the area in the next few years, a number that remains unchanged from last year. And 36% said the quality of life in the Bay Area has gotten much worse in the last five years.

“The mood is dark,” said Russell Hancock, chief executive of Joint Venture and president of the Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies, during a briefing Tuesday about this year’s Silicon Valley Poll. Of course, he said, there were differences among those who felt gloomy about the region.

Those who think the region is on the wrong track were more likely to be Republican, Independent, and/or people who said their personal finances were in poor shape. More renters (62%) and people staying with family and friends (67%) said they were considering leaving the Bay Area than those who own homes (47%). The sentiment that things have gotten much worse in the Bay Area was held by 62% of Republicans surveyed, 46% of Independents and 23% of Democrats.

Well, come on, there can’t be that many Republicans and Independents there. In 2020, every single county in the area voted heavily for Biden, most over 71%. So, it is mostly Democrats, who are sick of all the problems resulting from….their own beliefs turned into votes. What did they think they were going to get?

While most survey respondents agreed on housing issues as the most pressing problems, there was no clear agreement on possible solutions, especially if it involves building more housing near them — a “not in my backyard” attitude that advocates and local and state legislators are attempting to solve.

For example, the poll found that 57% of Bay Area residents support building more subsidized low-income housing, but that number dropped to 43% when they were told that housing would be built within a half-mile of their homes. For building housing for homeless people, those numbers were 51% and 34%.

The hell you say!

Meanwhile, nearly 8 out of 10 residents surveyed said they considered racism to be a serious or somewhat serious problem, with 39% of Black or African-American respondents considering it to be an extremely serious problem, along with 30% of Hispanics or Latinos, 29% of Asians and Pacific Islanders and 18% of Whites and Caucasians.

So Leftists in the PRC are saying they’re racists? Huh

Anyhow, they need to stay there are suck it up, tolerate the conditions they voted and agitated for.

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