Good News: Disposable Personal Income Fell Yet Again

The Brandon economy is just doing so wonderful, eh?

Real Personal Income Fell in March as Bidenflation Soared

Joe Biden Ice Cream AfghanistanDisposable income fell in March after adjusting for inflation, the Commerce Department said Friday.

Real disposable personal income, which is income after taxes and inflation, fell 0.4 percent in March compared with February. This was the seventh time in the last eight months that disposable personal income in the U.S. fell from the previous month. It rose in February by 0.15 percent.

In nominal terms, disposable personal income rose 0.5 percent but consumer prices rose 0.9 percent, swamping the income gain.

Does anyone think Brandon cares?

Heading for an election wipeout, Joe Biden is doubling down on every failed policy

As Joe Biden’s Hindenburg of a presidency continues its fiery descent into historically low popularity, the whiz kids at the White House think they have a solution. Their answer, amazingly, seems to be to double down on their cavalcade of failed policies and get Mumbly Joe out in front of the American people more.

That’s right, the man who rode to the presidency hiding in his basement is supposed to electrify voters and save the Democrats in the midterm. (snip)

On the economy, inflation is so high that a trip to the grocery store almost requires taking out a second mortgage. Biden’s answer: To that is to spend and print more money, which is obviously how we got here in the first place. Meanwhile the Gross Domestic Product is in the red by 1.4% all while the president pretends he’s doing a fantastic job with his American comeback. In addressing this stark decline in the economy the president blamed “technical factors.” Technical factors? This is meaningless gibberish at a time when Americans are financially suffering.

The only question now is “is this just incompetence, a complete lack of caring, or, intentional for some nefarious reason?”

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9 Responses to “Good News: Disposable Personal Income Fell Yet Again”

  1. Hairy says:

    0.4% ??? Well thanks for posting that!! Personally I hadn’t noticed it.
    Teach could you share with us how that personally impacted your own life? ? Were you emotionally damaged? It certainly seemed like a triggering life event especially since the previous month.well on the plus side oil producers profits are skyrocketing so our elites may not be suffering as much as the poors

    • Jl says:

      John-are oil producers not supposed to make profits? Please give us a list of which industries are supposed to make profits. Thanks in advance….

      • Elwood P. dOwd says:

        Jill – Of course, even oil corporations are expected to make a profit. Does it strike you as odd that energy corporations make record profits while the plebeians suffer from higher prices?

        The rich get richer, the poor, poorer!

        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          “Does it strike you as odd that energy corporations make record profits while the plebeians suffer from higher prices?”

          No it does not strike us as odd. When prices go up so do profits because costs have gone up. Since you are unfamiliar with business I’ll explain. When costs go up prices go up because prices are the total of cost+profit. If your company must work on a 10% profit margin to succeed when you cost is $100 per item you charge $110 to the consumer. If your costs go up to $200 then your price increases tp $220. You’re maintaining the same cost/profit structure you always have just reflecting your increase in expenses. Businesses don’t have the ability to print money like governments do so raising prices is all they got. Even in socialist economies. When they refuse to obey the laws of economics they crumble like the Soviets did. Or is that your goal?

          How many businesses have you driven into bankruptcy, QdOwd?

          WWED (What Would Elon Do) just think that way and you’ll be okay.

          Meanwhile, FJB and his commie minions. And his Ministry of Truth and Propaganda.

        • Jl says:

          “Energy companies record profit…” Yes, that what happens when the price paid for a barrel doubles or almost triples, mostly having nothing to do with oil companies. Russia invading Ukraine plus uncle Brandon’s brilliant energy polices help set that stage. But you have to hand it to Brandon-his goal seemed to be to drive fossil fuels out of the market but instead record profits. Way to go, Joe!

  2. Hairy says:

    Well sorry but I can not provide that is st this time. Got to do spring maintenance on the boat.
    Of course in capitalism unregulated industries can make profits! Even price gouging. I am so sure that you also agree that you would never even pay any attention to the price you pay for gasoline. And scoff at those who bitch about it. And let’s give serious consideration by unleashing the power if the free market by deregulation our public utilities from the control of BIG GOVERNMENT they too should be allowed to chsrge whatever they feel is in their(stock owners) best interests
    Teach that horrible 0.4% drop in disposable income, correlates quite closely to the fact that Americans also worked fewer hours from Feb to March. More time to enjoy our pitifully short existences!!

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