Republican States Petition Supreme Court To Block “Social Cost Of Carbon” Rule

If Brandon wants the rule he should start with the activities of the White House. Stop using fossil fuels. But, you know that the wants of the climate cult always apply to Other People

GOP-led states ask Supreme Court to block key Biden climate accounting measure

A group of Republican-led states on Thursday asked the Supreme Court to reinstate a court order blocking a key climate accounting measure put in place by the Biden administration amid a legal dispute with potentially high stakes for climate change regulation.

Led by Louisiana, the GOP-led states urged the justices to revive a federal judge’s February ruling that temporarily stopped the Biden administration’s use of a metric known as the “social costs” of planet-warming gases to quantify the climate costs and benefits of regulatory actions.

That ruling, by Trump-appointed U.S. Judge James Cain in Louisiana, was halted last month by a New Orleans-based federal appeals court.

In court papers filed Thursday, Republican attorneys general from 10 states trained their fire on the metric at issue, formally known as the Social Cost of Greenhouse Gas Estimates, which was first implemented under then-President Obama.

“The Estimates are a power grab designed to manipulate America’s entire federal regulatory apparatus through speculative costs and benefits so that the Administration can impose its preferred policy outcomes on every sector of the American economy,” the group of GOP-led states wrote in their brief.

It warms my heart that so many Republicans are getting that this is not about science, but, Control. Even if the climatic changes were mostly caused by “carbon pollution”, it’s interesting that most of the climate cult’s solutions revolve around authoritarian control of, well, everything and everyone.

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