UN Chief Names Group To Investigate Companies On Climate Crisis (scam) Response

Oh, good, a not so secret police group, unelected with absolutely zero accountability to anyone. The Climate Stasi without the power to drag people away and beat them. Yet

UN chief names panel to probe companies’ climate efforts

The head of the United Nations announced the appointment Thursday of an expert panel led by Canada’s former environment minister to scrutinize whether companies’ efforts to curb climate change are credible or mere “ greenwashing.”

Recent years have seen an explosion of pledges by businesses — including oil companies — to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to “net zero” amid consumer expectations that corporations bear part of the burden of cutting pollution. But environmental campaigners say many such plans are at best unclear, at worst designed to make companies look good when they are actually fueling global warming. (snip)

The 16-member panel will make recommendations before the end of the year on the standards and definitions for setting net-zero targets, how to measure and verify progress, and ways to translate that into international and national regulations.

In addition to examining net-zero pledges by the private sector, it will also scrutinize commitments made by local and regional governments that don’t report directly to the U.N. However it will not “name and shame” individual companies, U.N. climate envoy Selwin Hart said.

What’s the over/under that the names get released? What else is the point of doing this? Hopefully a lot of companies will tell the panel members and their staffs to just piss off, not even letting them in the door?

The panel includes prominent Australian climate scientist Bill Hare, South Africa-based sustainable finance expert Malango Mughogho and the former long-time governor of the People’s Bank of China, Zhou Xiaochuan.

It will be chaired by Catherine McKenna, who was Canada’s minister of environment and climate change from 2015 to 2019.

Oh, good, China. And Climate Barbie (McKenna). Who’s going to monitor their massive carbon footprints as the drive and fly all over the world? How about all the climate cult members of the UN who fly all over on private jets?

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2 Responses to “UN Chief Names Group To Investigate Companies On Climate Crisis (scam) Response”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    What do we care if they drag people away in the night. After all they just work for Corporations. No way this goes to mom and pop or the owner of a Diesel pickup truck or generator. No way this filters down to the streets of America.

    I can only imagine the next great STASI will be High Rise placement and the taking of farmers’ lands because we know farmers and ranchers create CO2 and methane. So no more cows for you. We have to be creative in the way we farm so no more food either.

    Civil war is coming. This is getting insane with a finger pointed Directly at the USA. Hurrah says Commrades Dumb and dumber. XI is so proud of them.

    All for a few molecules of Co2 and the bigger picture. All so that China can own and operate the world and give us all social scores and reeducate us on the proper methods of putting MUSLIMS and WHITES in concentration camps and harvesting them for their organs and hair.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    Seems like the UN should target nations who don’t meet their goals instead. Since the UN charter only recognizes nations, not individuals.

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