Americans Overwhelmingly Support Florida Anti-Grooming Law

Democrats are already facing a massive uphill battle for the mid-terms, and they learned absolutely nothing from the loss in Virginia for the governorship, and a close call in New Jersey, all because of what the schools were doing with kids. The Democrat politicians and pundits are barking up the wrong tree if they think opposing Florida’s parental rights bill will help them

Americans support ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, poll shows

Anew poll found that Americans overwhelmingly support the language of the Parental Rights in Education bill signed into law by Florida governor Ron DeSantis this week.

Celebrities at the Oscars on Sunday night shrieked about the alleged attack on LGBT rights and Disney executives were caught on tape promising to create more queer content for children in response to the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

A poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies indicates that these woke institutions are wholly out of step with the concerns of normal Americans. When registered voters were shown the actual language of the bill, which prohibits age or developmentally inappropriate sexual education in pre-K through third grade, they supported it by more than a two-to-one margin.

Yeah, it doesn’t look good for Democrats

So, yeah, Democrats, run on teaching young children about adult sexual issues, which leads to grooming children to be all sorts of crazy sexual identity that wouldn’t even be a consideration for them at that age. Not something they would think about or talk about. Things that could mess them up badly as they grow up. Things that teachers have no right to be talking to kids about. Just teach the subjects they were hired to teach, and damned sure don’t try and hide what’s going on from parents.

Oh, and then there’s Disney

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6 Responses to “Americans Overwhelmingly Support Florida Anti-Grooming Law”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    What’s the Matter with Florida?

    2024 presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis spells out his strategy… paraphrasing Ephesians from the christianist bible…

    “Gird your loins for battle. We are going to fight. You put on the full armor of God. You take a stand against the Left’s schemes. Yeah, you’re gonna face flaming arrows, but if you stand for truth, you and we will prevail.”

    more from What’s the Matter with Florida?: 2024 presidential hopeful and FL Senator Rick “Skeletor” Scott proposes forcing ALL Americans to pay federal income taxes AND that Congress “sunset” Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare after 5 years. Scott’s response to criticism is that “at least he has a plan!”

    Are you ready to have YOUR taxes increased AND LOSE YOUR Social Security and Medicare?

    • Dana says:

      The distinguished Mr Dowd wrote:

      FL Senator Rick “Skeletor” Scott proposes forcing ALL Americans to pay federal income taxes

      You mean, as the Framers of the Constitution meant, that federal taxes should be applied by population, that all Americans pay the same taxes?

      They didn’t mean taxes on income, of course, but equal taxation by individual, with Mr Dowd, Mr Teach, and all the commenters on this fine site paying the same dollar amount, which is the way taxes should be imposed. The Sixteenth Amendment was the worst violence ever foisted upon a free people, using the power of government to set one American against another.

    • Doom and Gloom says:

      OMG DOWD!!

      Are you telling us that if a republican is elected in 2024 that they will rid the nation of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security?

      Wow. Who would ever think that the GOP would stoop so low as to rid the country of a social program so popular that the next election would see the house at 535 DEMS and 0 ZERO RePUBLICANS>

      YOU MUST BE RIGHT. Gird you loins. Democrats tax billionaires and republicans throw granny over the cliff!!!

      Yep you heard it here. DOWD said it on the internet so It must be true.

      I can’t imagine a dumber person than DOWD who would even waste time writing this drivel. For 40 years it has been the GOP is gonna get rid of medicare and SSI and here we are 40 years later with numerous GOP presidents and many times holding all three branches of government and what has happened?

      Medicare Part D brought to you by a republican. Expanison of Medicare and Medicaide brought to you by Democrats.

      These three things are etched in stone. If you want to die just fuk with Old people, older people and really old people. GOP…got the message granny.

      DOWD still thinks the 2010 message of throw granny over the cliff was really, really real!!!


  2. The socialist from St Louis revealed much about himself:

    2024 presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis spells out his strategy… paraphrasing Ephesians from the christianist bible…

    “Ist” is an English suffix which denotes a person who adheres to or advocates a (specified) doctrine or system or code of behavior, or a practitioner of certain skills, such as a machinist, while “ian” is an English suffix which means, as a noun, belonging to, relating to, or like, or having a certain profession. Putting the two suffixes together is poor grammar, and, in this instance, is used by leftists — leftists plural; Mr Dowd is hardly the only one who uses it — as a deliberate insult.

    When Governor DeSantis said, “you’re gonna face flaming arrows,” he was referencing Psalm 91:5, “You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day.” It is also part of the hymn Blest be the Lord, and the embedded link leads to the performance close to Mr Dowd, by the St Louis Jesuits.

  3. The purpose of the Florida law is not to fight “grooming,” or the manipulation of the young into a particular sexual path, but to fight the normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism in society.

    We see it all the time. There was a commercial which ran, maybe half an hour ago, on the Weather Channel, for something to do with helping families to come with Biden’s Disease, creeping dementia, but the actors were portraying a homosexual male couple, as though that was perfectly normal. The commercial had nothing to do with homosexuality, other than to normalize it.

    We see the power of the media through commercials, as commercials with interracial couples have become prevalent, though, amusingly enough, they’re commercials depicting a middle-class, ‘white’ lifestyle. Not too many commercials out there depicting life at the intersection of Kensington and Allegheny Avenues!

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