California Apparently Has A “Criminal Tourism” Industry

Well, sure, why not? Their laws are extremely soft on crime, and unhinged leftist prosecutors will most likely let the perps go….but, there’s actually something else going on. The perps, if caught, will still be let go, though

“Criminal tourism” apparently plaguing well-off Northern California towns

Hillsborough, California — This quiet town has seen an increase in burglaries over the past four months and, reports CBS San Francisco, police say a specific group could be responsible.

Many of the sophisticated burglary crews are coming from South America for “criminal tourism” and targeting wealthy communities, according to a community alert sent Sunday.

Residential security video shows a suspect dropping to the ground before looking around at about midnight on March 11.

A getaway car pulls up as burglars carrying stolen property load up the vehicle. Police say the thieves also stole an SUV from the garage. Detectives announced Sunday they’d recovered the stolen car and processed it for evidence.

Did you catch that?

Police believe South American Theft Groups (SATG) often enter the U.S. legally and rotate members out of the country in a matter of weeks. Such crime rings were first investigated in Hillsborough in 2018. Suspects often use luxury cars to easily blend into their target communities, police said.

Because Democrats have made the border so easy to cross, so easy to enter the country, these groups come in, burglarize rich areas of California, and scoot. If caught, they can simply claim asylum, be released, and then leave the country. It is strange to blame them, though: that’s a long trip from South America to way up near San Francisco. Are they flying in? Driving across the border? Have any been caught? But, are all the groups from South America, or, just some? Could the rest be Americans looking to take advantage of the lax prosecution and “hate the rich” policies of the Democrats?

“I’ve been seeing more policemen driving around at night, people being more concerned recently; because I’m very young and drive a black van. Recently I was stopped by a woman thinking I was a burglar — thief — and asking me what I’m doing here,” said Hillsborough resident Matt Gouley.

And, because this is an affluent area (it’s just south of Poop City, er, San Francisco), there are more law enforcement officers deployed to the area.

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11 Responses to “California Apparently Has A “Criminal Tourism” Industry”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Our recollection is that trump was president in 2018. We understand the right’s reluctance to recognize those years.

    • Dana says:

      In 2020, President Trump’s last year in office, the City of Brotherly Love saw 499 homicides, good then for second place all time, behind the even 500 during the crack cocaine wars of 1990. 2020 saw the ridiculous ‘black lives matter’ riots Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests™ after the deaths of drug addled convicted felon George Floyd and others.

      Then came 2021, and President Trump, sadly, left office on January 20th. With the evil reich-wing Mr Trump gone, gone, gone, everything should have calmed down, under the sweetness and light Joe Biden. Oops, sorry, but 2021 saw Philly not just top the all-time record, but blow it to smithereens, with 562 murders. This far in 2022, the city is ahead of last year’s bloody pace.

      The city government? Democrats have run Philadelphia for decades, the last Republican mayor leaving office while Harry Truman was still President.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Then came 2021 and disgraced president trump left office on January 20th, to the delight of America and the world.

        BTW, what does Philly have to do with DonJon allowing immigrant criminals into the US in 2018?

        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          And then came 2022 when it was discovered the dOwdist faction of the American Communist/Democrat Party tried to sell nuclear secrets because they “Hated Trump”. These people just can’t get over the fact a president actually put the USA over democrat graft and corruption…and now treason?

          “A disgraced Navy nuclear engineer and his wife facing a combined 20 years in prison for to trying to sell secrets about American nuclear-powered warships approached Brazil with the classified information, it has been revealed.

          Jonathan Toebbe, 43, and his Trump-hating teacher wife, Diana, were arrested last October after prosecutors said he approached a foreign government in an attempt to provide the nation with thousands of pages of stolen classified documents about the nuclear reactors that power the U.S. submarine fleet.

          The identity of the foreign power had been concealed by federal prosecutors. It was widely speculated to have been France after investigators revealed the Toebbes had contacted a friendly foreign power, rather than an adversary.

          However, a senior Brazilian official and others familiar with the investigation have since confirmed Toebbe approached their government during April 2020, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.

          Analysts allege Toebbe’s outreach was an ‘odd choice’ given then-President Donald Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro had strengthened the alliance between the countries. Some argue at that time U.S.-Brazilian relations were the closest they’d been in decades.

          That set off a monthlong undercover operation in which the agent made contact with Toebbe and agreed to pay $100,000 in cryptocurrency for the information Toebbe was offering. Toebbe was already paid $70,000 before he was caught.”

          Let’s go dOwd, just a bit more treason can only help the Dems.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Brand0 points out more treason that occurred under the twice-impeached former U.S. president. Fortunately the Toebbes will spend their wonder years in prison. Winning President Biden’s administration is cleaning it up.

            The U.S. should investigate the links between Brazil’s president Bolsonaro, Putin and the twice-impeached former U.S. president.

          • Dana says:

            Elwood P Dowd wrote:

            the twice-impeached former U.S. president.

            the twice-impeached and twice acquitted former U.S. president.

            Fixed that for you.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Acquitted, indeed. This time.

            Perhaps his next trial will also have some lapdog Republican Senators on the jury.

        • Dana says:

          The distinguished Mr Dowd wrote:

          Then came 2021 and disgraced president trump left office on January 20th, to the delight of America and the world.

          So, we had no more mean tweets, but inflation spiked as soon as the muddled Mr Biden took office, higher than anything under President Trump as early as April of 2021, doubled the March 2021 rate by June of 2021, and now has tripled it.

          Year-over-year inflation hit 6.2% in October of 2021, then 6.8% in November, 7.0% in December, and 7.5% in January, all before the invasion of Ukraine. Americans lost 1.8% in real income in January of 2022, and that rate ticked up to 1.9% in February, all in data collected before invasion of Ukraine.

          What you called “the delight of America and the world” has made Americans poorer.

          Let’s face facts: everything Joe Biden has touched has turned to [insert slang term for feces here], but, hey, no more mean tweets!

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Mr Dana typed: Blah, blah, blah inflation! LOL.

            A noun, a verb and INFLATION! It’s all the nuGOP has these days.

            No doubt the Fed has reacted too slowly to the explosive economic growth, a result of the recovery from the trump recession and the economic stimulus necessary to support American workers. We’ll survive.

            The former president wasn’t impeached twice for mean tweets.

            We’re still in awe of the former, twice-impeached president’s ability to motivate 40% of the American people to follow him – and it continues! Kudos, DonJon, Kudos!!

  2. Dana says:

    Maybe they can have poop tourism as well, coming in to see the homeless in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco relieving themselves on the streets.

  3. Dana says:

    The distinguished Mr Dowd wrote:

    Mr Dana typed: Blah, blah, blah inflation! LOL.

    A noun, a verb and INFLATION! It’s all the nuGOP has these days.

    Please! I also used adjectives!

    But, more importantly, I also used numbers, hard data, and if my source citation was my own site, the article therein included it’s own source citations.

    No doubt the Fed has reacted too slowly to the explosive economic growth, a result of the recovery from the trump recession and the economic stimulus necessary to support American workers. We’ll survive.

    Lawrence Summers, a professor at and past president of Harvard University, treasury secretary from 1999 to 2001 and an economic adviser to President Barack Obama from 2009 through 2010, wrote, in The Washington Post, that the path the Fed are taking is “a course to stagflation and recession.” ‘Stagflation’ is the word coined to describe the economy under the woeful Jimmy Carter, with high unemployment and high inflation.

    Oh, we’ll survive, but how many Americans will be thrown into poverty, how many Americans will lose their homes?

    The former president wasn’t impeached twice for mean tweets.

    No, the former President was impeached twice because the Democrats absolutely loathe him; he was acquitted twice because the impeachments were pure bovine feces. But the facts are clear: the United States was better off with him as President than they are now with the dummkopf from Delaware in office. Americans are, on the whole, poorer than they were under President Trump. That’s a fact you cannot deny.

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