Good News: Alabama Solar Panel To Close Due To Biden Removing Sanctions On China

Here’s the thing: most ‘climate change’ Skeptics are not against energy like solar. On the contrary, we support them. We just don’t like the idea of replacing existing reliable, affordable, dependable energy sources with unreliable, expensive ones at this time, especially when it requires a massive footprint to have these solar farms (among others). One day this will work. It’s not today. Not yet. Also, those of us here in the U.S. are not particularly happy with the low cost garbage solar panels being brought in from China. Why not make them in America? That would be a good question for Brandon

Alabama Solar Factory to Close After Joe Biden Guts U.S. Tariffs on China

A Huntsville, Alabama, solar panel factory will close after President Joe Biden exempted foreign-made bifacial solar panels from United States tariffs earlier this month.

LG Electronics, a South Korea-based company, announced that it will be closing its Huntsville solar panel manufacturing operation, resulting in the layoffs of about 160 American employees and another 60 Americans who are employed as contract workers.

Executives said they hope to retain as many employees as they can by transitioning them into the company’s other business and manufacturing sectors at its Huntsville campus. Laid-off employees will receive severance packages.

The announcement comes just weeks after Biden decided to exempt foreign-made bifacial solar panels — the overwhelming majority of which come from China — from Section 201 tariffs on solar imports to the United States that were first imposed by former President Trump in January 2018 at a 30 percent rate.

Sure, a lot of the profits for the panels goes back to South Korea, but, at least they are not a hostile foreign government, and Americans make money working at the plant, and Huntsville made money off of taxes and such. Now? Nothing.

Why would Biden waive sanctions?

Shortly after Trump imposed the U.S. tariffs on solar imports, LG Electronics announced that they would expand their Huntsville campus to include manufacturing solar panels — a boon for the city’s local economy as every one factory job supports an additional 7.4 jobs.

Because Trump imposed them. Also, you have to wonder how much his family is making off of doing business with China, which helps out Biden. Joe talks a lot about “buying American”, then does what he can to replace American manufacturing with imports from China.

Further, regardless of the whole climate crisis (scam) issue, when the panels are built here in America we can do what we can to reduce the negative environmental impact from manufacturing. China’s operations will create lots and lots of environmental damage.

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2 Responses to “Good News: Alabama Solar Panel To Close Due To Biden Removing Sanctions On China”

  1. Carlos the Jackal says:

    Stolen elections have consequences.

  2. Hairy says:

    So Trach is now saying that tge Free Market doesn’t work and that American consumers must pay to keep solar affordable?
    Trump imposed thst tariff because he hates renewable energy and has the backing of giant fossil fuel companies. That tariff imposed was 30% essentially making ALL solar installations cost 30% more. What do you think is more important the usa solar industry or 200 jobs in Huntsville. The usa Solar industry currently employs over 230000. Jobs ??? People collecting unemployment are at a 50 year low. Those workers not rehired by the same company at a different plant can find work. The plant was only open for 4 years.

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