Say, Why Aren’t More Eligible Americans Getting Boosters?

Look, for me, I have no problem getting a booster. If this stuff is still around in April, I’ll get another booster if recommended. I’m not in the danger group. I’m under 55, and, while I could lose about 25 pounds, I’m at the gym 3-5 times a week, get in at least 10K steps a day, and I’m generally pretty healthy. I just like to sprain and break bones. I also despise getting sick. Maybe people aren’t getting boosters because they don’t think they’re helpful, since they all seem to lose power at about 6 months?

3 reasons why the U.S. vaccine booster drive is sputtering

COVID dancing penguinsOnly about 40.3% of eligible Americans have received a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot, according to CDC data, despite public health officials agreeing that the extra dose is the best defense against severe outcomes as the highly-transmissible Omicron version of the coronavirus circulates.

Doctors told Yahoo Finance that three primary factors are contributing to the booster drive’s struggles: confusing messaging from public health officials, misconceptions about the severity of the Omicron variant, and increased political polarization related to the pandemic.

“Much of the issue comes down to clarity of messaging,” Dr. Anand Swaminathan, a New Jersey-based emergency medicine physician, told Yahoo Finance. “We need to be crystal clear about what vaccines are intended to do, the fact they don’t work on an individual level but on a population level, and why and when boosters are recommended and for whom.”

Maybe that’s one of the problems, this whole “we’re in this together” stuff, which we’ve heard for 2 years now, which required all sorts of restrictions, lockdowns, forced masking, etc. You lived it, you know it. Many states have little to no restrictions (we really should be doing some form of pushing washing hands, avoid contact, and keep at least 3 feet distance), and many nations, such as Denmark, are doing away with everything. We need to learn to live with this, just like we have with the flu. The 1918 Spanish flu killed a much higher percentage of Americans than COVID, around 6 per 100K, vs COVID with 1 to 2 per 100K.

Anyhow, the article gives Reasons, but, it seems to forget that Omicron tends to evade the vaccines, even with a booster. Some countries, like Israel, are on their 2nd booster, and still getting hit. And people are kinda over this. Even if the Chinese flu isn’t done with us. Even lots of Democrats are over it, even while they’re president is pushing N95 masks and testing.

Yet, interestingly, the Biden admin has forgotten to research new and better treatments. It’s almost like they do not want this to end. Not sure why, since polls are not going Biden’s way on his handling of COVID.

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27 Responses to “Say, Why Aren’t More Eligible Americans Getting Boosters?”

  1. Our incredible host wrote:

    Anyhow, the article gives Reasons, but, it seems to forget that Omicron tends to evade the vaccines, even with a booster. Some countries, like Israel, are on their 2nd booster, and still getting hit. And people are kinda over this. Even if the Chinese flu isn’t done with us. Even lots of Democrats are over it, even while they’re president is pushing N95 masks and testing.

    Perhaps one factor is that people do have memories longer than three weeks, and they remember how we were told, a year ago, that the vaccines were a miracle, that they’d prevent people from contracting the virus.

    Then came Delta, and we were seeing a significant number of ‘breakthrough’ cases, which was worrisome, but, not to worry, even in ‘breakthrough’ cases, the vaccines reduced the severity of the disease if you contracted it.

    And then came the numbers: with well over half the eligible population vaccinated, there have been more deaths attributed to COVID-19 since we’ve had the vaccines than before. Telling people that the vaccines lessen the severity of the disease if contracted, yet numbers telling us that the virus has claimed more lives than before vaccines were available, do not match.

    Then came the information that the vaccines’ effectiveness waned after six months, and fully vaccinated people would require a booster.

    Then came the Xi Omicron variant, and now we know that the vaccines have virtually zero effectiveness in preventing someone from contracting or spreading the virus, but, not to worry, they still helped significantly in mitigating the severity of the disease. Yet we have the talking heads of the media and Governors like the loathsome Andy Beshear (D-KY) telling us, seemingly every day, about greatly increased positivity rates and an increased number of deaths.

    Then there were masks. We were told, for a year and a half, that masking up would help Save the Nation. Oops, sorry, no, but that cloth face diaper you’ve been wearing for a year and a half, that doesn’t work after all, and you have to wear an N95 mask, complete with the flexible metal bar that digs into your nose, to be Safe.

    It’s not just that the goalposts have been moved on the same field; they’re three football fields away!

    All of this has occurred over less than two years, and people — at least non-liberal ones — do have some common sense, and common sense tells people that if the government and the media haven’t been able to tell us consistent stories over such a short period of time, maybe they don’t really have a f(ornicating) clue as to what is really happening. Why would you trust any of these people?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Dana whines: Then came the Omicron variant, and now we know that the vaccines have virtually zero effectiveness in preventing someone from contracting or spreading the virus, but, not to worry, they still helped significantly in mitigating the severity of the disease.

      We’ve shown Mr Dana that his claim is false.

      Look at Table 1, far-right column. The vaccines reduced incidence against omicron 3-fold and reduced deaths by 20-fold.

      Are you sorry that you received the vaccine?

      • From CNN, not exactly an evil reich-wing source:

        The highly contagious Omicron variant will ‘find just about everybody,’ Fauci says, but vaccinated people will still fare better
        By Travis Caldwell, Jason Hanna, Deidre McPhillips and Christina Maxouris, CNN | Updated 9:04 AM ET, Wed January 12, 2022

        (CNN)As the Omicron variant spreads like wildfire across the United States, it’s likely just about everybody will be exposed to the strain, but vaccinated people will still fare better, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert said Tuesday.

        “Omicron, with its extraordinary, unprecedented degree of efficiency of transmissibility, will ultimately find just about everybody,” Dr. Anthony Fauci told J. Stephen Morrison, senior vice president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “Those who have been vaccinated … and boosted would get exposed. Some, maybe a lot of them, will get infected but will very likely, with some exceptions, do reasonably well in the sense of not having hospitalization and death.”
        In contrast, those who are not vaccinated are “going to get the brunt of the severe aspect of this,” he added.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Such incessant whining from “tough, courageous macho men”! No masks, no seat belts, no vaccines… they sneer, they drive pick-up trucks made in America and they whine fugging nonstop! Loathsome.

      Masks reduce the spread of Covid. Any mask is better than no mask, although thin cloth masks are worst. Four-ply medical procedure masks are better, and even better if well fitted. Most KN95 masks are even better, but the ear loops mean they fit less well. The best are NIOSH N95 with head bands to make them fit tight. All are widely available.

      The vaccines (mRNA versions are most prevalent) reduce the spread of Covid-19. From a few fold to many fold depending on the variant. The vaccines reduce hospitalizations and deaths 10 to 20 fold. Unvaccinated people are 57 times more likely to end up in the hospital and die than BOOSTED people.

      The vaccines are safe.

      • david7134 says:

        Mask are totally worthless. They are political theater to make fools like you think the demented jerk in the White House is doing something besides stealing elections. I am sure you have a completely worthless study, wipe your ass with it.

        As to the vaccine, it is clear it is only good for the elderly and to give it in children is criminal. You can wipe your ass with whatever study you mined that information from.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Porter D,

          You are wrong. What’s criminal is that shit-for-brains like you are killing people with your false claims.

          • david7134 says:

            Nope, it is Shelfless Joe killing people. And idiots like you pretending you have knowledge of medical issues.

          • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

            You have no self awareness, do you. People are dying of Covid after being fake vaccinated. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT MEANS THE VAX DOES NOT WORK? People are dying FROM the vaccines. Have you no concept of facts?

            Being a Democrat/communist Dowd is cognitively unable to see let alone control his well known biases. They all have control problems

            Let’s go Brandon, kill more Americans with fake vaccine. Dowd loves the death toll.

            When Dowds fascist leftists run crime and punishment:

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Poor Brenda doesn’t seem to understand.

            The unvaccinated are 20 times more likely to die from Covid than the vaccinated.

            I saw where a young man died in New York from cold exposure. He was wearing a coat. Therefore, coats don’t work. But Big Coat keeps pushing coats often charging $200 for a “good” one.

          • Down on the Corner says:

            You are wrong. What’s criminal is that shit-for-brains like you are killing people with your false claims.

            Actually, I would think it is YOU, Dowd, that are killing people by giving them a false sense of security that going out in public wearing a cheap assed mask is going to save their life when in fact they are about as likely to get the Fauci Flu as someone not wearing a mask and trying to be safe.

            Study after study is now concluding that cloth masks are almost worthless, yet the MSM and Dowd do not explain to anyone why homemade cloth masks are almost worthless and in fact give people a false sense of safety by telling them that it is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE TO GO OUT IN PUBLIC OR GO TO SCHOOL WITH A WORTHLESS CLOTH MASK AS OPPOSED TO A MUCH MORE COSTLY N95 mask.

            It is like the person who buys a gun, has no clue how to use it, aim it, clean it, load it, and shoot it but now thinks they are perfectly safe in a gang fight cause they have a felony carry gun stuffed in their belt aimed at their pekker and femoral artery with the only safety on the trigger controlled by an untrained trigger finger.

            People are not buying boxes of N95 masks which would cost a family 50-100 per month that they most likely don’t have. The surgical masks still cost money. So most people are using CLOTH MASKS.

            All one has to do is look around. My daughter brought me a picture of her class posing for a class picture. 22 kids in the picture. 21 kids wearing cloth masks and one was wearing an n-95. The school was fist pumping themselves for 100 percent mask acceptance in an area that was parents choice.

  2. Professor hale says:

    After a global rollout of vaxes, the obvious reason people avoid them is that they dont work.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      That’s right. Vaccines only save 19 out of 20, therefore they don’t work.

      • CarolAnn says:

        Vaccines are supposed to stop 20 out of 20 from getting the disease and passing it on. This shot does neither therefore you are a liar. I see now why so many here think you’re a moron. You prove it daily.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          Thank you for the kind words.

          If you obtain an influenza vaccine and subsequently contract influenza would you take to social media to rant against those vaccines? After all, vaccines are rarely 100% effective.

          The shingles vaccine is reported as 50-90% effective in preventing reactivation of the varicella zoster virus. The vaccine does not eliminate the virus. Why not rail against the shingles vaccine?

          In the early 1990s, an average of 4 million people got chickenpox, 10,500 to 13,000 were hospitalized, and 100 to 150 died each year. The chickenpox vaccine is 70-90% effective in preventing mild disease and 95% effective in preventing severe disease. Some vaccinated children get a milder case termed “breakthrough” disease. Although the vaccine is not 100% effective, more than 3.5 million cases of chickenpox, 9,000 hospitalizations, and 100 deaths are prevented by chickenpox vaccination in the United States.

          Did you know that non-paralytic polio occurs much more often than paralytic polio (100:1 to 1000:1)? Fortunately, over 90% of Americans are vaccinated against polio, which helps protect those that can’t or won’t get vaccinated. Although less than 1% of those infected went on to develop paralytic polio, during epidemics tens of thousands of Americans DID develop paralysis. The vaccines took years to develop. In April 1955, Salk’s vaccine was adopted throughout the United States. The incidence of paralytic poliomyelitis in the United States decreased from 13.9 cases per 100?000 in 1954 to 0.8 cases per 100?000 in 1961, a 17 fold reduction in paralytic polio. But it didn’t happen overnight. Of course today, we have 0 cases, thanks to vaccines and public health policies.

          The current right-wing attack on public health and vaccines is spread via social media and far-right blogs and “news” organizations and is 90-100% based on political ideology.

          Be patriotic, get vaccinated. No one has to know. You can still rant and rave against the police state, commies, fascists, Nazis, libs, progs, Brandon et al. But you will be 1) less likely to contract and spread Covid and 2) much less likely to be hospitalized/die from Covid. Yes, it’s your personal choice. But the smart money is on vaccination. It helps you. It helps America.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Bullshitter Teech: Yet, interestingly, the Biden admin has forgotten to research new and better treatments.

    Presidents don’t research better treatments, but doctors and scientists do and have been. Under President Biden, oral anti-viral drugs have been developed and are being manufactured.

    Why did trump support making those ineffective vaccines, with no follow-up to develop a vaccine against Omicron?? Under President Biden, clinical trials are underway investigating anti-Omicron vaccines!!

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      They should be investigating kidsniffer biden for election fraud. Just to start. Healthy young athletes are dropping dead because of childraping joe and his fascist mandates.

      Now bridges are collapsing and cops are being murdered by blacks with illegal guns who are released. Brandon needs to go.

      The worst president (?) ever!

      Let’s go Brandon, kill more American children with the phony vax they don’t want nor need. Kill’em all Brandon. They are just deplorables and lying dog faced pony soldiers anyway.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        What? Healthy young athletes are dropping dead from vaccines??

        This news is being suppressed! Can you please share your credible and reliable sources for this??


        Data, evidence etc (ya know, that stuff that you ignor) shows that unvaccinated Americans are dying from Covid at a RATE 20 times greater than vaccinated.

        The 7 day average of Covid deaths stands at 3000/day. Fortunately, the number of new cases appears to be have peaked nationwide and are dropping rapidly in eastern states. Deaths will also start to decrease.

        Co-morbidities include lack of vaccination, age > 60, hypertension/CV disease, diabetes, obesity, other chronic diseases (COPD, CKD, immune diseases, cancer etc). Multiple comorbidities increase the risk.


        You’re an ignorant, angry American, i.e., a trumpist.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        TG Brenda!,

        DJ trump is consistently ranked in the bottom five of former presidents, now ahead of Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson and James Buchanan. trump ranks lower than Millard Fillmore and Warren G. Harding.

        trump is MUCH lower than Jimmy Carter and 31 places behind President Obama.

        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          Trump is ranked by leftist, fascist Democrats who can’t stop being partisan for one minute. A-holes like you! If you believe those idiots on their rankings you probably believe incest joe won an election from his basement. All you gov/academ/media sorts are f’n liars. You should know that you’re one of them. Are your pants constantly on fire?

          Are you gearing up to once again start calling everyone a white supremacist for Black History Month? That’s your usual position. I’ll tell you right now: I’m a racist and I believe as an American that America is a superior country and as a white man whites are a superior race. Now that that’s out of the way maybe we can talk about all the great contributions of blacks to America and the world for BHM. You know like how a black invented electricity or made the first airplane.

          Let’s go Brandon, get your cronies to put out the rankings and idiots will believe them like they believe the numbers about Covid, the economy or gas prices.


          “People directly experience their standard of living declining every time they buy food and fill up their gas tanks. When people have to minimize or eliminate beef and other preferred foods from their diet, they experience creeping impoverishment and worry what lies ahead. When they get to the supermarket checkout counter and don’t have enough money or have to mentally calculate what other expenses they will cut to pay for their shopping basket, they realize that their interests are not being protected by those who are supposed the shepherd the nation.

          That is why the recent latest pricing report and analysis from the US Department of Agriculture will only make people angry and cynical, while fooling no one. Sundance writes:

          In their update to the USDA pricing forecast and analysis dated January 25, 2022, the USDA claims: “2021 retail food price inflation continued at same pace as 2020 but varied among food categories.” Oh, but it gets even more stupid:

          “USDA, Economic Research Service (ERS) researchers project that prices for food-at-home, or food purchased typically from grocery stores or other food stores, will increase between 1.5 and 2.5 percent in 2022, lower than the 3.5-percent increase that occurred in both 2020 and 2021. Forecasts for all food categories for 2022 are available in ERS’s monthly Food Price Outlook data product, updated January 25, 2022.” (link)

          If there was ever an argument that every single institution in the U.S. government was corrupt, manipulative and ideologically bent, this claim by the USDA would be a case study in the supportive evidence.

          The bureaucrats no doubt have methodologies – the contents of the “market basket” whose prices they measure, probably — that enable them to put out this crap with a straight face, but they only erode the vestigial respect for government that still survives decades of malpractice.”

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Apoplectic Brenda!: All you gov/academ/media sorts are f’n liars.

            So the only truths are found on far-right media outlets, blogs and YOUTUBE? LOL. The opinions and beliefs of ignorant and angry right-wingers trumps the data and evidence from the gov/academ/media sorts? LOL.

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Maybe because people are becoming aware of the fact that the COVID vaccines are “leaky”, i.e. they do not neutralise the virus.

    This means vaccinated people fail to act as breakers of transmission. In fact, they can actually become super-spreaders because their innate immune system is suppressed so they can harbour higher viral loads in the upper respiratory tract without exhibiting symptoms that might otherwise alert them to distance themselves for the benefit of the rest of society.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Global warming is a scam/hoax to control conservative Americans.
    Covid-19 is scam/hoax to control conservative Americans.
    Fair elections are a scam/hoax to control conservative Americans.
    Good government is a scam/hoax to control conservative Americans.
    Vaccines are a scam/hoax to control conservative Americans.
    The Holocaust was a scam/hoax to control conservative Americans.
    Public schools are a scam/hoax to control conservative Americans.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      There you go Dowd. Yappin’ your bull crap and spewin’ your lies. You are either a dangerous sociopath or a terrible comedian we can’t figure out which.

      You think there’s a white supremacist with swastika neck tattoos under every bed, smelly joe who hid in his basement got 81 million votes and won a crooked election, all races are the same, men can have babies and Buttgig can breast feed, Stacy Abrams should be the next SC justice, baby killing is just fine, child killing with fake vaccines is fine too, we should go to war with the Russians to protect Ukrainian borders but leave ours wide open, and too many more BS “facts” to mention. Your rants only prove your inability to connect with reality.

      Nicholas Freitas may be a humble state-level legislator, but in the above he speaks for millions of Americans who have simply had enough and will have no more of being slandered and condemned by persons who:

      Practice the lowest, tawdriest, most deceitful imaginable sort of politics;
      Recognize no standards of conduct to which they will adhere;
      Never accept responsibility for their failures.

      You and your fascist, racist tribe should be eliminated. For the good of the children.

      Let’s go Brandon, kill more kids with fake “vaccines” and blame it on Trump you fag.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Brenda! the ignorant, angry whyte nationalist,

        For a few decades, American white nationalists were forced into hiding, but re-emerged from their cocoons with their new leader, DJt. This energized tribe of white supremacists is terrified, staring down the barrel of a demographic blunderbuss that they believe will eliminate their unearned privilege and superiority. Once they saw that a weak candidate, Joe Biden, could trounce their uber-pop Chosen One in a national election, the tribe starting working even harder to assure it couldn’t happen again. Never again!!

        Great idea regarding Stacy Abrams for the Supreme Court! Thanks. She’s young, smart and liberal (yes, we understand that “smart” and “liberal” is redundant).

        Back to the terrified whyte guys. Terrified animals are dangerous animals. The current crop or tribe of terrified whyte guys are emerging as more and more violent – Proud Boys, Dead Rabbits, IIIpercenters, Boogaloo Bois, Wolverine Watchmen, QAnon, Oath Keepers and unaffiliated right-wingers are frightened by democracy, schools teaching science and history, immigrants, Black violence, Muslim decapitators, and any change in the American status quo. Many far-righters are ill-equipped either intellectually, psychologically or emotionally to deal with change.

  6. Hairy says:

    Teach the prices we pay for gasoline are directly related to the global prices. Multi national companies don’t care about borders. When the world price for oil goes up we here in the USA pay more.

  7. Hairy says:

    Brandon isn’t happy today.

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