Surprise: Many Pop-Up Chinese Coronavirus Sites Are Fake

Do any state, local, county, or federal authorities ever consider checking these places?

Pop-up Covid testing sites could be rife for nefarious activities, experts warn

Sandra Jaramillo needed a negative Covid-19 test to return to work but was coming up empty on finding a same-day test due to overwhelming demand.

Jaramillo was experiencing headaches and a fever, and with limited options, she decided to stop at a pop-up testing site set up in the parking lot of a church near her home in San Antonio.

Under a small tent, she was told to give her driver’s license number, date of birth and email address before she was handed a swab to administer the test on herself.

That was more than a week ago, Jaramillo said, now panicked that her personal information may have been be compromised.

No one ever answers the number listed on the information sheet she was given, and the voice mailbox is full.

“At this point, it’s making me feel like I am being scammed,” Jaramillo, 32, said. “It’s been terrible. It feels like there is no choice and nowhere to turn [for a test].”

Not sure about your area, but, here in Wake County people can set an appointment to get tested, which “allows the county to prioritize residents who are symptomatic, have been exposed to COVID-19 or are at higher risk.” There are also multiple avenues via the NC Dept of Health and Human Services. The idea is to stop the needless tests because people are scared. People who really do not need a test. I’ve had two tests this whole time. One was because I was flying to see the parents, did not want to possibly expose them. They other because I felt sick (though no elevation in temperature at all), came out negative. Just a cold

Pop-up testing sites have cropped up on street corners, in parking lots and on shopping properties across the country, but health and legal experts say many of these are unregulated and could be rife for nefarious activities like identity theft.

In the last few weeks, legislators and attorneys general in several states including Illinois, Maryland, California, Texas and Pennsylvania have said they will be investigating and introducing regulatory legislation overseeing these operations.

If I see a setup like that, I’m suspicious, especially if asking for all that information, which was never necessary at the Wake County sites in this manner, and, they had profession setups and credentials. At government buildings. Anyhow, the article goes through many examples, and that authorities are trying to go after them and warn people. It was just a matter of time before this happened, what with the media and Democrat driven hysteria. Oh, and most is happening in Democratic Party run cities, which love them some shady criminal activity.


Omicron spike in most vaccinated German state heralds nationwide surge

The northern German maritime state of Bremen has the country’s highest COVID-19 vaccination rate by far, but it has become the hardest-hit by the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, reporting the highest infection rate of any region in Germany. (snip)

Close to 84% of the population in Bremen, the smallest of Germany’s 16 federal states with fewer than 700,000 people, are double-vaccinated, compared with a national figure of around 72%. Some 44% have received a booster shot, compared with 42% nationally.

On the plus side, hospitalizations are pretty low. And the notion of Wuhan flu becoming endemic is becoming more likely

(The Conversation) On the other hand, pandemic viruses may also gradually settle into a relatively stable rate of occurrence, maintaining a constant pool of infected hosts capable of spreading the virus to others. These viruses are said to be “endemic.”

Examples of endemic viruses in the United States include those that cause the common cold and the seasonal flu that appear year after year. Much like these, the virus that causes COVID-19 likely won’t die out, and most experts now expect it to become endemic.

Time to stop freaking out. We should all just relax, take appropriate measures (wash your hands, keep your distance, at least for the time being, try and avoid touching your face, avoid contact, like shaking hands. Just be cautious), and learn to live with it.

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5 Responses to “Surprise: Many Pop-Up Chinese Coronavirus Sites Are Fake”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach gets it right, largely! Yes, it appears Covid-19 (tRump virus) will become an endemic disease, likely part of the panoply of “common cold” viruses (many colds are caused by other coronaviruses).

    The more transmissible but much less deadly omicron (ivanka) variant of the tRump virus greased the skids to endemic disease. But have just a soupcon of caution; a widespread virus with 10s of millions of victims is still in the “incubator”, randomly mutating. Note too that Covid is a zoonotic disease that leapt into humans from an animal host. These mammalian reservoirs (e.g., white tail deer, dogs, cats and farmed mink) are also viral incubators where Covid-19 mutations can occur and expand.

    It also appears the ivanka variant may better evade the anti-Covid-19 antibodies generated by the current vaccines, making it more transmissible. Despite the inexplicable right-wing disinformation campaign, being fully vaccinated reduces the transmission, hospitalization, morbidity and mortality of the ivanka variant.

    To Teach’s list of precautions (wash your hands, keep your distance, at least for the time being, try and avoid touching your face, avoid contact, like shaking hands) add vaccination and masking where appropriate.

    It’s disingenuous to “support” vaccination but to continually share only examples of breakthrough cases or to over-emphasize the expected and mild side-effects with the vaccines.

    Drs Zeke Emanuel and Celine Gounder agree with Teach – we must learn to live with endemic Covid.

  2. Matthew says:

    What? Criminals are using a disaster to take advantage of people? Holy smoke! What next, will they pretend to be contractors and cruise neighborhoods struck by tornados or the like taking deposits for repair work?

    Not all scammers tell you that they are Nigerian princes, the red flags are there if you pay attention.

    Like anyone telling you that anything is free, or .gov telling you that the sky is green, inflation is good or that that COVID-19 spontaneously sprang from a bat in a funky food court.

    Be wary.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Fortunately we caught a break with the omicron (ivanka) variant. It’s more transmissible and because of this it has largely supplanted the more deadly delta (eric) variant, so we CAN calm down. Do you think the Chinese figured they had harmed Western societies enough and introduced an engineered ivanka variant in South Africa?

    Humans exist in a swamp of viruses and bacteria. Every human harbors TRILLIONS of bacteria and even more TRILLIONS of viruses! Viruses that infect and kill bacteria are called bacteriophages.

    Unsick humans also normally harbor several viruses that may trigger disease. Studies show that various HPV’s (cancers, herpes, “cold” sores) are widespread as are adenoviruses (pneumonia, colds). Humans probably have have a dozen or more disease causing viruses onboard at any time. Note too, that many are hidden in cells and are hard to detect. The chickenpox virus that causes shingles later in life stays hidden in nerve cells for decades.

    • Down on the Corner says:

      Your a little late at the party there Dowd.

      Infectious disease experts have been saying we hit the jackpot with Omicron 2-3 weeks ago.

      As for Omicron itself, it came about as a result of UNVACINATED PEOPLE IN AFRICA. I think you guys on the left should lead a delegation to South Africa, round them all up, and execute them since you believe that unvaccinated are evil Nazis trying to destroy the world.

      A pandemic of the unvaccinated led to the cure for Covid-19. How about them apples.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        You’re a little late to the party there, DotC. Actually we predicted long ago that a great outcome would be a more transmissible but less virulent strain.

        The Omicron (ivanka) variant is thought to have originated from an unvaccinated population in South Africa. As much as nuCons would love to execute Africans, that’s not a solution.

        You may be confused, as there is no cure for Covid at this time. Are you claiming that the pandemic is over? Don’t forget to tell the virus.

        Unvaccinated Americans (who should know better) MAY serve as a reservoir for more virulent mutations in the future. Let’s hope not. How about them apples?

        Tell us DotC, are you vaccinated against Covid? Either way, why or why not?

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