Fauci Says Don’t Be Complacent With Omicron, Keeps Scaremongering Going

It’s really hard to determine whether the people in the federal government, especially Fauci, are being serious or whether they’re just trying to keep the gravy train going, enjoying the power trip, the notoriety, being wined and dined by the compliant media

U.S. can’t be complacent on Omicron despite reduced severity -Fauci

The United States cannot be complacent about the Omicron variant of the coronavirus despite signs of its lower severity compared to the Delta variant, top U.S. infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci said on Wednesday.

The variant’s reduced severity might be overridden by the volume of cases arising from its increased transmissibility, Fauci said at a White House briefing.

“(Omicron) could still stress our hospital system because a certain proportion of a large volume of cases, no matter what, are going to be severe,” Fauci said.

Wasn’t that the reason for the initial lockdown, to stop the spread and keep the hospitals from being over-run, even though most weren’t? He is right that Omicron is pretty darned infectious, as I know of more people who’ve gotten Omicron since the week before Christmas till now (heck, 4 notifications for work went out on Tuesday) than people I know who actually got COVID from Feb 2020 till that week. None of them are serious, though, and a couple are already back. But, Fauci can’t give up the doomy talk, because it’s all he knows.

Germany could reduce COVID isolation periods to keep country running

Germany is considering shortening COVID-19 self-isolation periods over fears that critical services could grind to a halt as the highly infectious Omicron variant takes hold, a health ministry plan showed on Wednesday.

Workers in critical sectors, such as hospitals or electricity suppliers, would be able to end their isolation after five days, provided they test PCR negative for the virus, under the draft proposals being sent to regional leaders. The current isolation period is 14 days for everyone.

For the general population, the isolation period would be reduced to seven days with a negative PCR test, according to the draft document prepared for the leaders, who will meet Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Friday to discuss how to respond to the spread of the Omicron variant.

So, it’s not based on science, but, economic need? Huh. Meanwhile, the People’s Republik Of California extended their indoor mask mandate to February 15th. Looks like someone wasn’t happy about that

Swalwell pulled an AOC, and like a lot of other Democrats, who are fine pushing Other People to be restricted and masked, but, not themselves, so, they go to the free and open Red state of Florida.

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5 Responses to “Fauci Says Don’t Be Complacent With Omicron, Keeps Scaremongering Going”

  1. Peev'ed and Agreived says:

    They want to horrify us indoors until at least the 2022 election where they hope to steal another couple senate seats and a few more house seats.

    then they can have their green nirvana for their 10,ooo year Reich.

    This is all about struggling to the finish line of 2022 midterms. After that, the USA is 1. in a civil war or 2. typical conservatives who sit on their hands expecting those they send to Congress to save them from the lefts idiocy when half of those on the right are in on the palm greasing the billionaires and Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big corporations do to achieve their offshoring.

    The worst fuking thing that ever happened to this country was lowering interest rates to zero. Now their is no competition for the stock market as opposed to when you could get a CD for 5 percent or 6 percent, or invest in Muni’s tax free for 4 percent. Hell even a simple savings account paid 3 percent.

    No longer. It is a giant shell game being played by Wall Street, the FED and Billionaires to make them richer and to fuk the living shit out of the rest of the world.

    Vote your congress critter out.

    • Dana says:

      P&A wrote:

      then they can have their green nirvana for their 10,ooo year Reich.

      With any luck, their 10,000 year reich will last 10 years less than Der Führer’s 1,000 year reich!

      Vote your congress critter out.

      My congresscritters are all Republicans, and while my Representative is solid but unspectacular, Kentucky’s two Senators are examples of awesomeness! Voting out my congresscritters would have me represented by [shudder!] Democrats. https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_negative.gif

      • Est1950 says:

        There is such a thing as primaries.

        Secondly, do you actually think McConnell is Awesome? Paul is very good. McConnell is what is wrong with the GOP, IMO.

        Additionally one of the most effective Reps in Congress has been Majorie Taylor Greene. Why?

        Democrats reps say horrendous things and the left defends them with a vengeance, until it passes. GOP says something and the cockroaches that are GOP scurry for the darkness and put as much distance between them as they can.

        Here is the insane Ms. Greene speaking for herself on a left website. Remember all three of the hosts in this show are Lefties. They are NOT Conservative. But they are pro-free speech and pro-constitution.

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hv0CVaI__o Start at 1 hour 12 minutes with the problem of term limits and then what she has been doing in congress that makes her the most effective congressman in this session. The whole video is great and Tim Pool is almost as popular as Joe Rogan and gets more views than CNN and MSNBC. You really only need to listen for 5 minutes but the entire 2 hours podcast is really really good and you will come away with a different impression of Greene.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Today’s JAMA has an article by two renowned medical scientists and Dr Zeke Emanuel.

    In general, they recognize that with the dominant omicron variant (more transmissible but much less deadly), that Covid infections will be the “new normal”, much like seasonal colds and influenza.

    SARS-CoV-2 continues to persist, evolve, and surprise. In July 2021, with vaccinations apace and infection rates plummeting, Biden proclaimed that “we’ve gained the upper hand against this virus,” and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) relaxed its guidance for mask wearing and socializing.1 By September 2021, the Delta variant proved these steps to be premature, and by late November, the Omicron variant created concern about a perpetual state of emergency.

    The goal for the “new normal” with COVID-19 does not include eradication or elimination, eg, the “zero COVID” strategy.2 Neither COVID-19 vaccination nor infection appear to confer lifelong immunity. Current vaccines do not offer sterilizing immunity against SARS-CoV-2 infection. Infectious diseases cannot be eradicated when there is limited long-term immunity following infection or vaccination or nonhuman reservoirs of infection. The majority of SARS-CoV-2 infections are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic, and the SARS-CoV-2 incubation period is short, preventing the use of targeted strategies like “ring vaccination.” Even “fully” vaccinated individuals are at risk for breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 infection. Consequently, a “new normal with COVID” in January 2022 is not living without COVID-19.

    • david7134 says:

      Now Jeff is quoting JAMA. For those not aware, JAMA is the journal of the AMA. Only 5% of doctors are members of the AMA. The AMA is and always has been in the government pocket. They endorsed socialized medical care in about 1918 give or take. Their main occupation is producing code books for communication with the various insurance agencies (the real reason medical care has become so expensive). Thus, if the government says jump, you will see the AMA jumping all over the place. Normally the JAMA is sent out free as no one would seriously subscribe to it.

      Now one of the people that Jeff thinks is so great s Zeke, a true piece of shit. This is the guy that gave us the crap that is Obamacare. He is a real dumbass. Of course, anyone of the other authors that endorse a subject that jeff approves of is renowned.

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