Progressives Super Worried About “Rights” They Will Lose If The GOP Takes Control

First off, even if the GOP regains the House and Senate, Biden will still be able to veto everything he doesn’t like. Second, they’re really letting the cat out of the bad on the way they think

The Rights Blue States May Lose If the GOP Returns to Power

At the moment, the two major parties in the U.S. are polarized on the role of the federal government. Democrats, as has generally been the case since the civil rights era, favor federal activism to establish certain rights and living conditions nationally. Republicans have more and more uniformly adopted the states rights posture the GOP was initially founded to oppose in the mid-19th century.

So, Democrats want to invent rights and use the power of the federal government to force these “rights” on everyone, in violation of the Constitution, which gives The People the power. Sounds rather like an authoritarian system.

But it would be a mistake to assume that this is the “new normal” in American politics, with Democrats perpetually attempting to extend their policies to those living in red states and Republicans focusing on state under their control and implicitly accepting that they have little control over what goes on elsewhere. If Republicans secure their own governing trifecta – which could happen as soon as 2024 – they will be tempted to abandon their passion for states rights and impose the policies they favor nationally, a development that Brownstein calls the “darkest scenario for Democrats.” Here are some types of federal laws and regulations that Republicans could very conceivably enact in that scenario, which would curb rights even in blue states.

Hold on to your butts!

Fetal personhood protections that restrict abortion nationwide

Obviously, the 1st thing on the mind of a Democrat is the killing of the unborn, because these people are irresponsible when they have sex.

“Election integrity” laws that keep states from expanding voting rights

Obviously, Dems are upset about any law that makes a person identify themselves, makes sure they only vote once, and only vote where they’re supposed to vote. And stops illegal aliens from voting. And stops felons and those in prison from voting. And stops people from being forcibly registered to vote against their wishes

Parental rights laws that undermine national education standards

That should scare every single parent out there, that Democrats want to take away any parental input into the education of their children, in what goes on in schools. How far will this extend with Democrats in charge? Control of your children when they are outside of school?

Bans on state and local efforts to stop climate change

Probably not, at least not in states not run by Republicans. They certainly won’t stop Dem states from ruining their own economies and education sectors.

Filibuster reform that further empowers the GOP

The claim here is that the GOP might do away with the filibuster to jam stuff through. Nice little bit of projection.

This is all Democrats have, spreading fear and doom. But, that’s how you get compliant minions advocating for things that are bad for them.

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2 Responses to “Progressives Super Worried About “Rights” They Will Lose If The GOP Takes Control”

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  2. alanstorm says:

    States don’t have rights.

    People have rights.

    Why an I not surprised that NY Magazine can’t grasp that simple concept?

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