Democrats Want Dementia Joe To Come Out Swinging Against Republicans Or Something

The guy can barely speak in literate sentences with a a teleprompter, often going off script and yammering the same old stories we’ve heard, making things up. Besides, I thought he was the #Unity president? No? Allies also think he can’t do it

Dems want Biden to start swinging at Republicans. Allies aren’t sure he can.

Joe Biden spent much of his first year in office proving he could still work across the aisle. Now, with the second year approaching, Democrats want him to turn up the heat on Republicans.

That’s a joke, right? What has he done that’s bipartisan? The infrastructure was helped by unhinged, Never Trump, RINO’s. Other than that, what? Everything he’s done has been deeply partisan

WIth the bipartisan infrastructure bill signed into law, Democratic lawmakers and party leaders say Biden needs to relentlessly hammer GOP lawmakers for opposing his economic priorities and hampering progress on the pandemic and inflation.

“The president is in an awkward position [because] to get things done outside of reconciliation will require Republicans,” said Robert Gibbs, who served as press secretary under former President Barack Obama. “But sooner or later, Joe Biden has to make this more than a referendum on himself and his presidency and instead make this a stark choice between two very different ideas and philosophies. Contrast with Republicans’ positions will be central to having a chance in the 2022 midterms.”

Yes, it’ll look great for him to hammer Republicans for opposing Biden’s economy killing agenda

White House officials say they’re eager to make that contrast. In the coming weeks, Biden and administration officials will “make the case that Republicans are unanimously opposed” to the president’s social spending bill, said Kate Berner, deputy White House communications director. The administration also plans to label Republicans as being on the side of oil and gas companies that “are padding their profits” and a party “rooting” for price increases spurred by inflation “because [they] think it will help them politically,” Berner added.

Republicans are against cradle to grave social welfare, with Big Government being our nanny? Republicans are for inexpensive, affordable, reliable energy? Joe is against that? Huh.

“We believe, the president believes, that his presidency will be measured on what he gets done for families, not on what political line that hits Republicans garners the most retweets on Twitter,” Berner continued. “That doesn’t mean that he’s not going to be strong and aggressive and call out Republicans.”

Yes, his policies have hurt families. He’ll be remembered for being the modern Jimmy Carter. Though, at least Carter had good intentions.

Outside of the White House, Democrats argue that Biden’s willingness to make more aggressive attacks against Republicans will be key to their success in 2022. Not only do party members want Biden to highlight GOP opposition to popular components of his social spending plan, they want him to go after Republicans for pushing voter restriction laws and embracing former President Donald Trump’s lies of election fraud and revisionist Jan. 6 history.

And Republicans can respond by noting that no one who’s allowed to vote will be stopped. They just have to follow the rules.

Retiring Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) said Democrats need to “go on an all out attack against Republicans.” He called for Biden, Democratic leaders and surrogates to visit every competitive Republican congressional district — excluding the 13 Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill — and say “this is what your district is getting and this is what your member voted against.”

Why’s he retiring? This looks like fear of losing the House and Senate.

Behind closed doors, Biden does not mince words about his frustration with the Republican party, which he believes, due to Trump’s grip, has become a threat to the nation’s democracy itself. But he has warned off both Klain and the White House communications shop from too many direct swipes at the GOP when he tried to secure bipartisan support for his prized infrastructure deal, according to the three aides.

And therein lies the issue: Biden and Dems think that anyone who isn’t with them is against them, and should be treated like traitors and terrorists. You don’t build consensus and agreement with people you see as an enemy.

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11 Responses to “Democrats Want Dementia Joe To Come Out Swinging Against Republicans Or Something”

  1. alanstorm says:

    Joe Biden spent much of his first year in office proving he could still work across the aisle.

    When your article starts off with Used Food, it’s unlikely to improve with reading.

  2. L.G.Brandon says:

    Brandon has spent much of his first year in office proving he can still give a very short speech without crapping himself like Nadler’s so fond of doing.

  3. Hairy says:

    Now over 700 mostly peaceful tourists who only wanted to “stop the steal” and prevent a peaceful transfer of power to the the newly elected POTUS have been arrested

    • drowningpuppies says:

      And you wonder why Johnnie, the Buddhist stoner, is so enamored with Brandon.
      Have another toke.

      Bwaha! Lolgf

    • CarolAnn says:

      Are you actually gleeful at the fact that almost 700 fellow Americans are imprisoned in hideous conditions without trial? Really? They also have done a magnitude less legally speaking than the armies of looters, plunderers, arsonists and murderers who burned down American cities without so much as a peep from you. Where were you?

      What’s next, have them shot?

  4. ruralcounsel says:

    Sure, the same way the NVA wanted the Viet Cong to attack full frontal during the Tet Offensive. It’s called sacrificing the pawns.

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach: You don’t build consensus and agreement with people you see as an enemy.

    True. The nuGOP sees the Democrats as fascists, nazis, communists and worse. This is the party of Greene, Cawthorn, Boebert, Brooks, Cruz, McConnell and trump etc. This is a party where a sizable minority believes the QAnon conspiracies. Where a sizable majority actually believe that DJ Don won the the 2020 election and supported violent and behind the scenes efforts to overturn the election.

    So stop whining.

    • alanstorm says:

      The nuGOP sees the Democrats as fascists, nazis, communists and worse.

      If they would stop ACTING like fascists, nazis, communists and worse there wouldn’t ne an issue.

  6. david7134 says:

    Remember that all Elwood, or Jeff, is only trying to get everyone upset. There is little purpose in reacting to him.

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