Australia Wants To Unmask People Who Make Mean Comments Online

I’m wondering the citizens of Australia are wondering why in the heck they haven’t forced passage of a Bill of Rights, especially in the wake of the tyranny of the Australian national, province, and city governments since the start of the Chinese coronavirus. Now we get this

Australia to introduce new laws to force media platforms to unmask online trolls

Australia will introduce legislation to make social media giants provide details of users who post defamatory comments, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Sunday.

The government has been looking at the extent of the responsibility of platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, for defamatory material published on their sites and comes after the country’s highest court ruled that publishers can be held liable for public comments on online forums.

The ruling caused some news companies like CNN to deny Australians access to their Facebook pages.

“The online world should not be a wild west where bots and bigots and trolls and others are anonymously going around and can harm people,” Morrison said at a televised press briefing.


The new legislation will introduce a complaints mechanism, so that if somebody thinks they are being defamed, bullied or attacked on social media, they will be able to require the platform to take the material down.

If the content is not withdrawn, a court process could force a social media platform to provide details of the commenter.

Let’s be honest: this is not about randos saying mean things on social media, in comments, through email. I get plenty of nasty comments and emails. I either respond with a kill them with kindness attitude or just delete it. I’m mostly Tim.

It’s about those in the Australian government mad that those damned serfs dare say mean things, demand action, slam government officials for misconduct, etc, an anonymity. And they want that stopped. Are the citizens clamoring for this law? Or, is it government officials? I’d bet on the latter, and I’ll bet this is used more by government than any citizen, who doesn’t have the resources to be filing complaints and suits because someone wrote a mean tweet. Having rights like Freedom of Speech and others embedded in the very fabric of the Constitution would be nice about now, right?

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One Response to “Australia Wants To Unmask People Who Make Mean Comments Online”

  1. Zombies are Cool says:

    China 2.0 and their social score and dictatorial/authoritarian government lording it over the people. Remember Australia is mostly a socialist nation. It seems all these socialist nations have to rely on the USA to bail them out when things get bad. An example is the submarines France was building for them, it took France 10 years to come up with a hunk of junk sub so bad that Australia begged the USA to sell them some subs that actually worked.

    Omicron is a more contagious version of the delta and very mild. Many doctors are chiming in from South Africa saying they believe it is so mild that many of those who have already contracted it, never reported it. Its main symptom is a bad headache, body aches. A 24-hour virus that lasts 3 days. It might be able to escape vaccines. You know. Like a cold does.

    Meanwhile back at the sensational CORPORATE OWNED MEDIA, they have to scare the piss out of people, hype this up to get clicks and sell papers and force people to tune in to get the latest. No one gonna listen or tune in if they tell the truth.

    Gop set to add more governorships to their fold bringing their total to 34-35 seats by 2024.

    There are over 150 new government programs in the Build Back Better bill. Cradle to grave. Forcing people to be dependent upon the government. Not asking, not making it easy to become dependent but literally forcing the middle class and lower classes to rely almost exclusively on the Government.

    Remember once a bill becomes law….were all FUBARed. It’s never going away. Joe Manchin better vote this lunatic bill down or he is gone in WV. Sinema has a chance to win reelection in AZ because they love them some Mavericks in that state, but a Maverick will turn this piece of crap bill down.

    400 billion to the debt in 10 years. Does anyone notice how they have changed from 1 year to 10 years to make the numbers seem lower? Has the OMB ever been right on anything once a bill is passed? No, it hasn’t because once a bill is passed bureaucrats take over and you know what they say about a septic tank. Just make sure the pipe runs down hill cause that is where the shit goes.

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