The 2022 Polestar EV Is Totally More Affordable Or Something

They’re really just trolling us now, but, hey, maybe it’s affordable if you’re working a cushy government job

The 2022 Polestar 2 is more appealing, affordable and repairable

electric vehicleWhen Polestar launched its first all-electric vehicle last year, it came in a single flavor: a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive configuration that cost around $50,000 before incentives. Next year, the automaker is adding some variety.

Polestar is rolling out a more affordable, single-motor, two-wheel-drive version of the sedan that still offers many of the features of the dual-motor Polestar 2 along with a few changes that make it a bit more affordable, appealing and greener for those looking to make the electric switch. In a recent drive, we put it to the test. (snip)

The 2022 Polestar 2 Single motor sedans also get the optional addition of a mechanical heat pump (available in the Plus Pack for $4,000 more) that helps maintain that charge in more adverse climates. Polestar says that under certain climate conditions the heat pump will scavenge heat from the outside air to extend the range of the vehicle by as much as 10%. Using Polestar’s estimate, that means that the 2022 Polestar 2 Single motor could gain an additional 27 miles of range thanks to the heat pump.

27, folks! For $4,000! probably more about the batteries not working well in really hot and cold conditions.

You can opt for the Plus Pack, which includes the heat pump, a glass panoramic roof, Harman Kardon premium audio and a wireless phone charger (amongst other things). This pack was on the prototype Polestar 2 I drove. You can also opt for the the Pilot Pack ($3,200 more) that includes things like adaptive cruise control and LED exterior lighting. Sadly, the vehicle I drove did not have the upgraded ADAS system so I was not able to test out what Polestar says offers Level 2 driver support aids on my drive.

Most standard vehicles include adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation, and others, for not much more than the price of the car used to be

If I had needed to recharge, Polestar says that on DC fast chargers, I could have expected to get to 80% charge in just about 30 minutes. That’s down from the 40 minutes it used to take to get to an 80% charge, according to Glenn Parker, a Polestar technical operations specialist. Parker also said that continued over-the-air updates will improve the efficiency and range of the entire portfolio as the company rolls out updates to all owners.

I can fill my tank in 10 minutes. Same with a hybrid. Let’s skip to the end to see how affordable

Prices for the Polestar 2 Single motor start at $45,900 and vehicles will be available starting January 2022, not including the destination fee or taxes. With the $7,500 federal tax incentive — as well as incentives from certain states — that price can come down to around $35,000 (again not including taxes and the destination fee).

$46k is “affordable.” And, once again, they included the 100% lie about the tax incentive. Doesn’t work like that at all. If they have to lie about it, what else are they lying about?


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Climate change activists have staged blockage protests at Amazon warehouses across Europe to confront the company’s “environmentally destructive” business practices.

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These same people will most likely be ordering stuff from Amazon and others, for Cyber Monday and other days.

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11 Responses to “The 2022 Polestar EV Is Totally More Affordable Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    According to the Hirsute One, the advantages of an electric vehicle are so manifestly obvious that gimmicks would not be needed, and he never se3ems to include the $7,500 tax credit as part of his arguments.

    I just wonder why the ‘merican aren’t already buying plug in electrics faster than fossil fuel vehicles. Surely, surely! there ought to be at least 81,268,924 electric buyers.

  2. Hairy says:

    Well over 200000 Americans have put down deposits for the privilege to wait in line to buy one of Ford’s EVs
    That includes 50000 waiting in line to buy one of the EV Mustangs (0 to 60 3.5 seconds)
    Hertz is also on of the big companies buying for their fleets
    Right now Ford can’t fulfill its orders they are so popular
    People ate paying more than list fir used ones
    Expected operating costs per mile??? About 10 cents

    • CarolAnn says:

      Mr. Hairy, do you own an electric car? If so how do you like it? If not why not?

    • Dana says:

      There are roughly 17,000,000 new cars sold in the United States every year, so 200,000 electric vehicles out of 17,000,000 would be a whopping 1.18% of the total new car market.

      You’ve made your 200,000 deposits claim many times now, as though that’s the significant number, but it isn’t. If it represents only 1.18% of new car sales, it becomes pretty insignificant. I have no objection to people buying plug-in electric vehicles, if that’s what they want; such would be their money, and their choice. What you need to explain is why, if plug in electric vehicles are just so, so fabulous, why are the sales of them such a minor part of the new car market?

    • david7134 says:

      Hairy, or rather, john, used to drive for UPS. He is a major polluter.

      • CarolAnn says:

        Are you suggesting Hairy is an EV hyping hypocrite? Say it ain’t so. Just so you know I also don’t get all the bravado over 200,000 EV deposits. That’s nothing. If they were actually becoming popular there would be 5 million deposits.

        • Dana says:

          If the Hirsute One used to drive for UPS, at least that means he was a working man, and he didn’t have a choice as to what he drove. But, at least as far as I have seen, none of this site’s global warming climate change emergency activists have been willing to tell us what they, personally, have done, have given up, to reduce their own carbon footprints.

        • david7134 says:

          Not only driving for UPS. But our man John was a Buddhist monk or monk in training, and note the unpleasant nature of his comments. Definitely not what Buddha would do.

  3. Unkle C says:

    The Polestar EV is the ChiCom entry in the US EV market. Polestar is a jointly owned by Volvo Car Group (Zhejiang Geely Holding) and LYNK & CO, an new Chinese auto brand.
    FYI, Volvo Heavy Trucks is still Swedish.

  4. Hairy says:

    Americans must wait in line after making reservations to buy a Ford EV
    50000 have put deposits down on the Mustang EV
    David UPS where I live operates hybrids and EVs
    EVs are a rapidly developing technology it will take a generation for them to become the majority use vehicles.right now Ford can not make enough to satisfy the demand but ALL car manufacturers feel that they should be investing billions into building the factories that will build EVs
    Of course some people posting here feel emotional bound to deny what is obvious to car manufacturers. That the days of new cars and trucks powered by fossil fuels are limited. All of the car manufacturers in all countries know this. China the country thst builds more cars than any other expects 25% of all cars to be EVs by 2025
    No I personly do not own any car
    When I need one infrequently I use a Zip car more often than. Ot an EV is available.Hertz also is buying Teslas. Since you have asked me about my use if EVs might I ask all of you the same? Has anyone here ever driven anEV ? All you manly men ever driven anything as fast or quiet or as cheap to operate? Just as Apple computers were only affordable for the rich in the 80s and 90s the price of EVs wi continue to decrease Early innovators pay more. When ICE vehicle production ends in 2035 there will still be fossil fueled vehicles being driven but their days will be numbered, just as our own are numbered am over 70
    In 2035 I don’t expect to be putting to many miles per year in any vehicle except a self driving one which most likely will be an EV

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