Your Fault: Pumpkin Pie Prices Up Due To ‘Climate Change’

This is all your fault. I’d say “thanks”, but, I detest pumpkin pie

How climate change is raising the price of your pumpkin pie

As Americans sit down at their Thanksgiving tables, many of the items in front of them will be more expensive than they were last year. Pies in particular. And climate change is a contributing factor.

Inflation is hitting every sector of the economy, and food products are not immune. But many of the ingredients that go into holiday pies have been hit by floods, fires and drought, causing shortages and pushing prices higher.

For example, the crust. Wheat prices are now at the highest level since 2012 and are up over 10% in just the past month. Severe drought in the U.S. west and northern plains caused what the U.S. Department of Agriculture is estimating will be the worst wheat production in nearly two decades.

Those higher costs for wheat, as well as alfalfa, make feed costs higher, causing dairy prices to rise. Cows also produce less milk during droughts.

Pumpkins are also pricier, due to heavy rains in the midwest that caused a pumpkin shortage. The average price of a pumpkin was 15% higher this fall.

See? Because you refuse to trade in your gas vehicle and spend $58K for an EV, that pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving is getting expensive. From both wet and dry!

Wait, I thought Florida was doomed from sea rise because Other People drove fossil fueled vehicles? No? Will she change her residence to avoid the high California taxes?

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3 Responses to “Your Fault: Pumpkin Pie Prices Up Due To ‘Climate Change’”

  1. robert kendall says:

    huckleberries were scarce and 4 times more expensive this year because of dry conditions in Idaho

  2. Dana says:

    Now this, from our host, is simply unacceptable:

    I detest pumpkin pie

    This is just plainly unAmerican!

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