Climate Cult Concerned Over What’s Replacing “Climate Denialism” On The Right

Of course, one thing is, the young and old Republicans who are going Warmist have entirely different ideas on how to Solve ‘climate change’, pretty much ignoring increasing the size of government, taking more more, and limiting freedom and choice. Except for some of the grifters, who want to have a carbon tax, calling it “free market”. Because they’ll make money off them. Anyhow

Climate denial is waning on the right. What’s replacing it might be just as scary

Standing in front of the partial ruins of Rome’s Colosseum, Boris Johnson explained that a motive to tackle the climate crisis could be found in the fall of the Roman empire. Then, as now, he argued, the collapse of civilization hinged on the weakness of its borders.

“When the Roman empire fell, it was largely as a result of uncontrolled immigration – the empire could no longer control its borders, people came in from the east and all over the place,” the British prime minister said in an interview on the eve of crucial UN climate talks in Scotland. Civilization can go into reverse as well as forwards, as Johnson told it, with Rome’s fate offering grave warning as to what could happen if global heating is not restrained.

Wait, what’s this about uncontrolled immigration? What does this have to do with climate doom? And, I can find almost no sources that talk about uncontrolled immigration. Slavery, attacks, other issues, not immigration.

This wrapping of ecological disaster with fears of rampant immigration is a narrative that has flourished in far-right fringe movements in Europe and the US and is now spilling into the discourse of mainstream politics. Whatever his intent, Johnson was following a current of rightwing thought that has shifted from outright dismissal of climate change to using its impacts to fortify ideological, and often racist, battle lines. Representatives of this line of thought around the world are, in many cases, echoing eco-fascist ideas that themselves are rooted in an earlier age of blood-and-soil nationalism.

Huh? This whole thing has nothing to do with the climate, does it.

In the UK, the far-right British National party has claimed to be the “only true green party” in the country due to its focus on migration. And in Germany, the rightwing populist party Alternative for Germany has tweaked some of its earlier mockery of climate science with a platform that warns “harsh climatic conditions” in Africa and the Middle East will see a “gigantic mass migration towards European countries”, requiring toughened borders.

Oh, so the doomsday cultists are upset that some of the more extreme folks on the right are taking advantage of what the cult calls a crisis, and emergency?

“Environmentalism [is] the natural child of patriotism, because it’s the natural child of rootedness,” Le Pen said in 2019, adding that “if you’re a nomad, you’re not an environmentalist. Those who are nomadic … do not care about the environment; they have no homeland.” Le Pen’s ally Hervé Juvin, a National Rally MEP, is seen as an influential figure on the European right in promoting what he calls “nationalistic green localism”.

Of course, they’re really talking about true environmental issues, not the fake climate crisis.

The response to this trend on the right has led to what academics Joe Turner and Dan Bailey call “ecobordering”, where restrictions on immigration are seen as vital to protect the nativist stewardship of nature and where the ills of environmental destruction are laid upon those from developing countries, ignoring the far larger consumptive habits of wealthy nations. In an analysis of 22 far-right parties in Europe, the academics found this thinking is rife among rightwing parties and “portrays effects as causes and further normalizes racist border practices and colonial amnesia within Europe”.

BTW, this whine, made possible in the UK Guardian by a far left group’s research, keeps going and going. Have fun!

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3 Responses to “Climate Cult Concerned Over What’s Replacing “Climate Denialism” On The Right”

  1. alanstorm says:

    It’s from Yahoo. Slate and Salon’s less stable cousin.

    • Dana says:

      Actually, it’s from The Guardian, a very left-wing British publication our esteemed host quotes fairly frequently. Yahoo! News frequently quotes what they can from other publications, and, since Yahoo! is free, you can often find things otherwise hidden behind paywalls. The Guardian does not have a paywall.

  2. Dana says:

    The article is saying that restricting immigration is bad, bad, bad, but more and more sensible people — a description which excludes leftists — are seeing unchecked immigration as changing the character of their homelands, which is why the nationalist parties are seeing more and more support.

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