UMaine Hosts Third Series On Climate Crisis (scam), Given By Socialists And Marxists

This is totally all about science, though

UMaine hosts third Socialist and Marxist Studies Series on climate change

On Nov. 4, Cindy Isenhour, an associate professor of anthropology and climate change, gave the presentation for the third installment of the Socialist and Marxist Studies Series. Isenhour focused on the relationship between climate change and inequality.

Isenhour’s background in anthropology and climate change led her to investigate the connection between inequality and the carbon footprint emitted on the local and global scale. While people have been aware of issues related to power, equity and justice as it relates to inequality, there has not been much discussion on how wealth and social status play a role in mitigation while planning climate adaptation programs. (snip)

Paying attention to individual wealth, Isenhour discussed how there are many privileges the wealthy have regarding climate change that are not brought to light. For example, members of the wealthier class have the ability to move or build barriers to protect their home. On the other hand, families that are impoverished have more barriers to overcome and a lack of resources to mitigate, flee the general inability to protect their home, revise the architecture or have the ability to deal with environmental consequences at the most basic level.

So, basically, this is typical leftist class warfare using the banner of ‘climate change’. And this is part of the Socialist and Marxist Studies Series. Yup, definitely a science.

UMaine also offers a minor in Socialist and Marxist studies, which looks more like about learning how to be one rather than understanding why it is so bad.



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