St. Greta Is Unhappy About Greenwashing Or Something

Maybe she should be unhappy about all her cult Comrades taking long fossil fueled flights

Greta Thunberg, other climate change activists in Glasgow slam ‘greenwashing’ and ‘false solutions’

St. GretaClimate activist Greta Thunberg stormed out of an event at the U.N. Climate Change Conference on Wednesday afternoon, where officials and business leaders were discussing how to ensure that markets for trading carbon offsets actually achieve the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Swedish teenager, who was in the audience at a panel discussion, left the venue saying, “Thanks for greenwashing,” after a moderator thanked her for attending the session.

When Thunberg said “greenwashing,” she was using an environmentalists’ term for an organization’s false portrayal of itself as environmentally friendly. Some activists contend that corporations and governments participating in the climate summit, also known as COP26, are guilty of just that, by paying lip service to combating climate change while continuing to use the fossil fuels that cause global warming. (snip)

Earlier on Wednesday, hundreds of protesters from the group Extinction Rebellion gathered in the center of Glasgow, just under 2 miles from the official conference venue, to show their concern over what one protester described as “false solutions” to the climate crisis.

The crowd included one activist dressed as a tree who spoke angrily about deforestation, while another was in costume as a green blob — he said the outfit was the embodiment of greenwashing — and said, “Companies say a lot of nice things, but then they don’t do any of them.”

And what are St. Greta and her Comrades doing, exactly, other than attempting to force Other People to do things she and the others won’t do? They talk a big game, and, that’s about it. Isn’t that also greenwashing?

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3 Responses to “St. Greta Is Unhappy About Greenwashing Or Something”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Maybe Greta should show us her boobies.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  2. Dana says:

    While Miss Thunberg is just boneheadedly stupid, even a stopped clock gets the time right once a day, and on this one, she has. Carbon ‘offsets’ are simply paying money to someone who isn’t emitting much CO2 by someone emitting a lot, so, between the two their total emissions are below a certain point. They don’t actually reduce emissions one bit!

    Our esteemed host likes to call global warming climate change emergency a “scam,” and, at least when it comes to selling carbon credits, that’s exactly what it is.

    • Professor hale says:

      The carbon trade doesn’t just fail to reduce carbon, it actually guarantees it increases. High carbon users will just get used to paying the gouge and passing it along to the consumers, just like any other tax. A cost of doing business. And since Known liars and thieves are running the carbon trades that they themselves set up, it should surprise no one that they can print as many carbon offsets as they can sell, without needing to buy anything at all. Carbon trades don’t work without a government using force to compel buyers to buy stuff they observably don’t need or want.

      Carbon trades are designed only to help the transfer of wealth from the middle class back to the connected politically wealthy “elites”.

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