St. Greta Makes Fun Of Surrender Joe’s “Build Back Better”

So, what has St. Greta of Stockholm in a tizzy?

Greta Thunberg mocks Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ climate plan

St. GretaSpeaking at a climate rally in Berlin on Friday, Greta Thunberg mocked President Biden’s attempt to address climate change through his “Build Back Better” agenda.

“As we move out of the pandemic, many are talking about using this as an opportunity for a green sustainable recovery, whatever that means,” the 18-year-old Swedish activist said. “And world leaders are talking about ‘building back better,’ promising green investments and setting vague and distant climate targets in order to say that they are taking climate action.” (snip)

“When you look at what we are actually investing the money in — the money that is supposed to be building back better — it shows the hypocrisy of our leaders,” she said.

According to the International Energy Agency, just 2 percent of governments’ recovery spending has been allocated to clean energy — money that will fall well short of what is needed to reach international climate goals, such as net-zero emissions by 2050 or keeping global temperatures from rising above 1.5 degrees Celsius.

“The fact that we are in a crisis that we cannot build, buy or invest or way out of seems to create some kind of collective mental short-circuit among the people in power,” Thunberg said. “And the longer they pretend that we can solve the climate crisis within today’s system, the more invaluable time we will lose.”

Hmm, it sounds like Greta wants even more money spent on “green” stuff and change the current governmental and economic systems. Weird that she doesn’t say to what. In fairness, she wasn’t just talking about Biden, there are quite a few 1st World leaders yammering about Build Back Better. And if the extreme Progressivism (nice Fascism) of BBB isn’t good enough for Greta and her peeps, what is?

‘There’s no going back’: Thunberg addresses tens of thousands of climate activists outside Reichstag

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered outside Germany’s parliament on Friday calling on authorities to take stronger action against climate change.

It comes only two days before the country holds a national election that will designate chancellor Angela Merkel’s successor after her almost 16 years in power.

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, 18, addressed the Berlin crowd from a stage, urging voters to keep politicians under constant pressure over climate change.

“We must keep going into the streets and we must keep demanding our leaders to take real climate action. We must never give up. There’s no going back now”, she said.

“We can still turn this around,” she added. “We demand change, and we are the change.”

It’s rather a bit of satire that St. Greta is speaking to people who want big, authoritarian government at the Reichstag building, eh? If they care so much, why are they taking so little action in their own lives?

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