Insulate Britain Climate Cultists Glue Themselves To Petrol Trucks

Before it was Extinction Rebellion, now it’s Insulate Britain

Grant Shapps takes out a SECOND injunction against Insulate Britain mob as 39 are arrested after GLUING themselves to tankers carrying petrol at Dover port

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has taken out a second injunction against the Insulate Britain mob after 39 were arrested for gluing themselves to tankers carrying petrol at Dover port.

More than 40 protesters glued themselves to tankers and blocked the A20 road in Kent which provides access to the Port of Dover this morning – making a mockery of Priti Patel‘s injunction against them.

Kent Police made 39 arrests and the port was reopened just after 11am – though two protesters remain glued to a lorry afterwards and had to be taken down with a sling.

The group previously shut down parts of the M25 motorway around London five times in just over a week in a bid to force the Government to insulate and retrofit homes across the UK to cut climate emissions. (big snip)

One of the protesters on the tanker – 27-year-old Stephanie – said: ‘We do not want to be here. I want to be home with my family spending time with them but if we don’t do this they aren’t going to have a future.

‘The Government are not doing enough. On the current trajectory we are heading for chaos.’

The other protester sitting on the tanker, 28-year-old Josh, added: ‘We are here today to get the Government to insulate the houses of the UK. The reason being is because per-pound invested insulation is the fastest and cheapest way to reduce CO2.’

OK, why are you not paying to insulate your own home? Why is this government’s concern? These nuts do realize that they will be paying for it in taxes, right? Meanwhile, here are some other headlines

I wonder how many took a fossil fueled trip to the protests? Wasting the time of police who could be dealing with criminals, and then have to haul the idiots away in fossil fueled vehicles.

The should leave them glued and let the trucks drive off with them stuck to the top.

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4 Responses to “Insulate Britain Climate Cultists Glue Themselves To Petrol Trucks”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    At least Insulate Britain didn’t storm Parliament threatening to murder the policymakers.

  2. ruralcounsel says:

    Should have just driven the petrol tankers off with them glued to them. That would have been hilarious. And the number one rule of teaching children is to let them suffer the consequences of their own mistakes.

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