Biden Admin Opposes “Honorable Discharges” For Military Members Who Refuse COVID Vaccine

These are the same people who didn’t want traitor Bradley Manley prosecuted, who want to kick Conservatives out of the military for Wrongthink, and are protecting General Milley after he broke numerous rules of the Code of Military Justice. The same ones who demonize the unvaccinated and want them fired from their private sector jobs and not allow them to leave the house. The same ones who have no problem with illegal aliens being released on a “promise” to return for their court date without being vaccinated

Biden administration ‘strongly opposes’ honorable discharge for service members who refuse COVID-19 vaccine

spite houseThe Biden administration has come out against an amendment to the defense budget that would prevent the Pentagon from dishonorably discharging service members who refuse to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Office of Management and Budget said in a statement Tuesday that the administration “strongly opposes” the amendment, arguing that if it’s implemented, it would “detract from readiness and limit a commander’s options for enforcing good order and discipline when a Service member fails to obey a lawful order to receive a vaccination.” (snip)

Tennessee Republican Rep. Mark Green, a veteran, has led the push to prevent the military from discharging service members who refuse the vaccine with any distinction other than honorable via the National Defense Authorization Act.

“I am disgusted that the Biden administration is trying to gut my amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that prevents anything but an honorable discharge for servicemembers who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine,” Green told the Washington Examiner in a statement.

“Every Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee agreed to my amendment. It is tragic and horrifying that the Biden administration can’t respect the rights of our military that every House Democrat on the Committee voted for,” he said.

No one should be surprised. The Biden admin decided early on to use the stick rather than the carrot to get people to get vaccinated. And not allowing honorable discharges for refusing to take a vaccine which, while it has been fully approved by the FDA, hasn’t even been out for a year yet. It usually takes years before something like this is fully approved. No one really knows what the full side effects are, and they’re still trying to figure out how effective it is. And any other than an honorable discharge would ruin their lives.

Non-active-duty Marine Corps and Navy Reserve service members need to be vaccinated in full by Dec. 28, reserve Air Force personnel have to get the shot by Dec. 2, and Army reservists need it by June 30, 2022.

Yeah, Surrender Joe even wants them kicked out

As far as effectiveness

(NY Times) Roughly 221 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine have been dispensed thus far in the United States, compared with about 150 million doses of Moderna’s vaccine. In a half-dozen studies published over the past few weeks, Moderna’s vaccine appeared to be more protective than the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in the months after immunization.

The latest such study, published Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine, evaluated the real-world effectiveness of the vaccines at preventing symptomatic illness in about 5,000 health care workers in 25 states. The study found that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine had an effectiveness of 88.8%, compared with Moderna’s 96.3%.

If the efficacy gap continues to widen, it may have implications for the debate on booster shots. Federal agencies this week are evaluating the need for a third shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for some high-risk groups, including older adults.

Pfizer was originally said to be around 96% effective. Now it’s at 88.8%. And researchers are still considering if the efficacy drops more.

Consider also that the Biden admin coming out against honorable discharges will mean lots of military members voluntarily leaving before the November and December vaccination dates, and the military losing a lot of really good members with a lot of experience, harming the military. Who replaces them? You can bet it will be a bunch of Wokesters.

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21 Responses to “Biden Admin Opposes “Honorable Discharges” For Military Members Who Refuse COVID Vaccine”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host noted:

    Pfizer was originally said to be around 96% effective. Now it’s at 88.8%. And researchers are still considering if the efficacy drops more.

    The Fayette County Health Department’s daily statistics show that, currently in September, out of 3,546 total new COVID cases, 1,171 were in fully vaccinated people, a ‘breakthrough’ rate of 33.0%. There are too many variables I do not have to calculate any particular efficiency rate, but one thing is obvious: when Pfizer claimed a 96% effectiveness rate at the beginning, they had just pulled that number out of their collective ass. The number of ‘breakthrough’ cases with the vaccines out in the real world, have shown that the initial claims were bogus. What the numbers for Moderna and Johnson and Johnson are we don’t yet know.

  2. est1950 says:

    Bill Marr of HBO fame is ranting and raving against the left using COVID-19 to fear monger people into an early grave. There are more and more, albeit an extremely small amount of influential lefties that are starting to stand up against the insane left.

    IN Florida college Students just voted to Abolish the constitution….This is what I mean when I truthfully say that our colleges are teaching Communism in our schools and High Schools.

    China has infiltrated many, many towns and states with its propaganda machine to teach children that the CCP’s communist way of life is a GRAND adventure of a lifetime, and they do not pretend to do otherwise. Google it Elwood….if its on the internet it must be true.

    COVID was the perfect excuse to bankrupt millions of businesses and to perpetuate the power of the MEGA CORPORATION. Twitter and Facebook and Google and YouTube and Amazon and Walmart and a dozen others now run the world.

    Led by Communists graduating form Universities for the last 30 years. Big Business/Corps look at conservatives and laugh today. STILL YOU INVEST IN THEIR COMPANIES and they laugh some more.

    The left is trying desperately to force the right to lash out in anger. The spark for the civil war.

    MASKS, Vaccines, and now Biden is refusing Monoclonal antibodies to Texas and Florida because they are leading the effort against his agenda. POKE YOU IN THE EYE. OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

    ELWOOD IS HERE DAILY trying to goad everyone here into anger with his semi-honest posts. Those are the most dangerous kind of postings. Those that hold a bit of truth but are mostly semi-truths intended to illicit emotional responses.

    At some point people are going to lash out and the LEFT WANTS TO GENOCIDE THE RIGHT… I have little doubt of this now.

    A POLL WAS RECENTLY CONDUCTED. What are the 3 most important issue facing the USA TODAY.

    Conservatives. 1 Taliban. 2. China. 3. Illegal immigration.
    INdependents 1. Taliban. 2. The Economy. 3. China.


    IN short the left has scared the shit out of their own people with a disease that kills barely twice as many as does the flu, but again if a person had asymptomatic covid and died of a heart attack he was listed as a COVID DEATH inflating the numbers drastically. They are scaring people with the fact that you are going to die if you don’t get the vaccine and INDIA is proving that a BIG LIE and the MEGA BIG PHARMA doesnt want you to know that.

    Donald Trump Supporters and anti-vaccine people are the biggest fears of today. This is preposterous. IF YOU WORK IN A HOSPITAL YOU HAVE THE VACCINE AND YOUR SAFE. MOSTLY. WHY REFUSE TREATMENT TO THOSE THAT REFUSED TO GET THE VACCINE?????? POKE THEM IN THE EYE. DEMONIZE THEM.

    This is why you do not see these highly inflated death numbers anywhere but in the USA.

    POKE AND GOAD is now the strategy of the left. They are begging for another 1/6 moment and this time they will act. YOu and I will be rounded up by the bad cops that have NOT QUIT THE FORCE. BY THE BAD MILITARY THAT ARE WOKE.

    They believe in genocide to save the planet. Kerry, Pelosi and all their acolytes have just openely admitted to that.

    • Hairy says:

      Youbate DOOMED!!!
      Gen Mike Kelly has just released our secret plan to
      This is worse than the seat belt mandate

      • Kye says:

        Go ahead and make fun Hairy, that’s what they did in Venezuela. “Our government would never……..” fill in the blank you naïve fool. They’ll give us the Ashli Babbitt treatment in a heartbeat. You too, Mouse.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Ashli Babbitt was shot committing a serious crime. Tragic, yes.

          • est1950 says:

            Just imagine if Donald Trump had fired on BLM activists trying to break into the Capitol.

            Elwood arrives just as expected with just enough truth to illicit an emotional response from patriots who are trying vainly to defend this country from communism.

            Hairy just uses Ridicule which is a Saul Alinsky Staple. However I do not care what Hairy writes. Its almost always filled with stupid.

            The truth is simple….the left is willing to kill millions to save the planet. Communism has killed 100 million plus of its own people for the right to RULE…the left in America is no different….they are just trying to goad the right into making the first move to justify their ethnic cleansing.

          • Kye says:

            A serious crime? Who’d she murder? Ashli Babbitt was shot protesting a fraudulent election at HER NATION”S CAPITOL. It used to be called Freedom to Assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances when we had a Constitution and before the demofascist coup.

            She was murdered by the very government that was supposed to protect her. And you. And me. From what is happening at our border. And what is happening to our Liberties, in our cities, to our military, in our schools. Our RIGHT to be masters of our own bodies.

            The biden junta still has hundreds of political prisoners being held for a protest they deemed an insurrection just to persecute political opponents. If it were an insurrection everyone would have been armed. None were. Some were murdered by the biden (fake) administration just like in Afghanistan. They are liars and cowards. They murder civilians in cold blood. Elwood wants to murder more of us if we refuse to comply. That’s what “mandates” are for. To provoke a response so they can justify the slaughter of millions of us. It’s history.

            She was murdered by people like Elwood who hate us and want us dead. Remember back during the election when one of their memes was “By any means necessary”? Well, welcome to our deaths because Elwood and his Nazi stormtroopers like Lt. Michael Byrd will not hesitate to murder UNARMED WOMEN. Any. Means. Necessary!

  3. Hairy says:

    Many if the least vaccinated states lije Idaho must now triage because they simply don’t have enough bed space
    And the average cost of a hospital admission is 50000 dollars

    • Kye says:

      Then they should build more hospitals. Find a need and fill it. That’s what I did with my gv’t rental properties.

      Let’ face it, as long as demofascists can use a disease like the flu to hold power over everything we do we will need more hospitals. Now that 75% of those “vaccinated” are coming down with the flu the “emergency” will continue.

      Now we could stand up and revolt but that could prove dangerous since the demofascists have culled Free people from the ranks of the police and they will now murder their own mother to keep the checks and perks coming.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Building new hospitals because of a unnecessary bolus of critically ill Covid patients seems inefficient, if not counterproductive.

        We DO need to reopen and revamp community hospitals in rural America. And we need universal health insurance.

        BTW it was never expected that the Covid vaccines would be effective against influenza.

        • Kye says:

          What is a “bolus”?

          • Dana says:

            In medicine, a bolus is a single dose of a drug or other medicinal preparation given all at once. In a hospital, it’s a reference to an IV bag given pretty much as fast as it will go in. Since infusing a liter of liquid that fast into a patient is dangerous, potentially lethally dangerous, it’s only done in critical situations. Smaller IV bags with medication can be so administered more safely.

            Mr Dowd’s use of the word bolus could, I suppose, be considered as meaning a rapid infusion of critically ill patients, but that would be somewhat out of the ordinary.

        • david7134 says:

          Very stupid. A tent can be an adequate hospital. Or a hospital ship. Good enough for soldiers, adequate for citizens.

          Universal health care is what has caused this fubar.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:


            Very stupid. We can also use reefer trailers as adequate morgues (and we have).

            Every advanced nation on Earth except one has universal health care and every one pays less per capita for heath care than does the US of A.

          • david7134 says:

            Then is government run health care is so great, why do all the other countries try to eliminate it and why do they come here for care. And, why did our government run system cause such a fubar.

          • drowningpuppies says:

            To be fair, maybe someone should ask Rimjob, dipshit that he is, which country in the world with a population over 320 million has the best healthcare system?

            Wonder if the dumbass knows the answer.

            Bwaha! Lolgf

  4. […] The COVID-19 vaccines were hurriedly developed and rushed to market due to the tremendous economic and social disruptions caused by federal and state governments’ reaction to, overreaction to, the spread of COVID-19; there are no long-term studies on the vaccines’ effects because it hasn’t even existed for very long. The New York Times reported:[5]Hat tip to William Teach for the story. […]

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    “Never underestimate Joey’s ability to fu*k things up.” — Barack

    Seems America’s patience is wearing thin regarding Joey.

    Gallup: Biden Hits a New Low in Approval, Even Lower Than… Kumala’s

    Bwaha! Lolgf

  6. Kye says:

    “Very stupid. We can also use reefer trailers as adequate morgues (and we have).”

    Morgues are for dead people. They really don’t require 24/7 doctor care now do they? As usual you’re comparing apples to Hondas trying to make and missing a point. By a mile.

    “Every advanced nation on Earth except one has universal health care and every one pays less per capita for heath care than does the US of A.”

    In the US of A no person is refused health care unless they don’t want it. I call that “universal”. Everyone on earth probably pays less per capita for food, housing, clothes, alcohol, phones, eyeglasses, hair styling and a million other commodities. It’s the way it is. Don’t like it? Move. Sorry, it’s expensive to live here in many ways. There are cheaper places to live and we very much encourage you to explore and move to one of them.

    The biden junta has brought America to crisis and that’s a fact jack.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      But a tent is an adequate hospital?

      Anyway, healthcare in the US of A is a larger % of GDP than in any other advanced nation AND they all have better coverage of their residents.

      Kye: In the US of A no person is refused health care unless they don’t want it. I call that “universal”.

      You would. Showing up at the emergency room then being transferred to another hospital is hardly “quality” universal healthcare. Having access to primary care physicians, Ob/Gyn, internists, dentists on a regular basis is. Prevention is almost always better and cheaper than treatment.

      The US spends less on food per capita, less on phone service plans than most other wealthy nations, on just the first two we checked. Do your own research!!

  7. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach, duke and Bungholio, dippy dipshits all, believe/”feel” all the people of other advanced nations on Earth, e.g., Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany etc, etc and so forth, are dissatisfied with their healthcare systems. They should talk to residents in those nations. Do your own research!!

    They also believe/”feel” that the US of A has the best healthcare system evah! Nope. Millions of Americans have inadequate access to quality healthcare. Do your own research!!

    MORE Americans visit foreign countries for healthcare services than foreigners come here for healthcare. Do your own research!!

    But then much of what nuCons believe/”feel” to be true is false. They live in a fantasy world of conspiracies, myths and shadows. Your faux authorities (nuCon elites, nuCon media, nuCon politicos, T****, etc) are lying to you. They are using you. They will send you into the Capitol Building then abandon you.

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