Vaccine Madness: Britain Sharing Vax Passport Facial Data With Police

Now, originally, when the Chinese coronavirus vaccines were said to be ready for deployment, the idea of a vaccine passport immediately came out, and, really, would that have been so bad? We were still deep in a lot of people getting the Wuhan flu, and many saw this as a way that vaccinated people could re-engage with society. It would be something simple. Basic info showing the person was vaccinated I was for them. They would be temporary until enough people had the vaccine and/or the antibodies. However, right after that, the Big Government people started giving reasons why passports would be bad, as they would be used for Big Government purposes, never mind the exclusion of the unvaccinated as secondary citizens. And now

COVID-1984: NHS Admits Vax Pass App is Sharing User Facial Recognition Data With Police

Britain’s socialised healthcare system, the National Health Service (NHS) has admitted that it is sharing facial recognition with police from the NHS app, which is now being used as the UK’s vaccine passport.

An estimated 16 million people have installed the NHS app, which can be used to book GP doctor visits as well as “NHS Covid Pass” proof of vaccination status in order to travel, and even as a domestic vaccine pass if businesses or events require it.

While it is possible to use separate means of identification to verify the app, the software uses facial recognition as the standard developed by the company iProov, which according to a report in The Guardian, is linked to Conservative Party donors.

The app records a video and then sends it to iProov to compare the user’s face against government ID photos in order to prove they are indeed who they say they are. The smartphone app also records information such as date of birth, postcode, phone number, and either a photo of a passport or driving licence.

The National Health Service and iProov have claimed that the data collected is anonymised and put under strict privacy protocols, however, an NHS spokesman admitted to the paper that facial recognition and other data is shared with law enforcement agencies, with the caveat that a special panel reviewed such decisions.

Of course they’re saying “meh, it’s not so bad, y’all are worried about nothing”, but, this is exactly the kind of thing people were worried about. That facial data could be shared across all sorts of U.K. allies, meaning that people with no criminal record would then have their facial data all over the 1st World nations.


You can’t call him racist, he’s just doing what the State wants him to do, turn the unvaccinated into second class citizens, able to be denied service. Same with people who refuse to use the vaccine passports/carry their vax cards.

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is Counterproductive and Likely Illegal | Opinion

As a public health measure, Biden’s orders may be salutary. But they stand on shaky legal ground. Historically, vaccine mandates have been imposed—if at all—by state governments, and not by the federal government. The new regulations invert this feature of our federalist constitutional structure: Biden’s orders trump state policies that provided workers with the choice to get vaccinated. Moreover, the president acted unilaterally: Congress has not expressly authorized this sweeping expansion of federal power. Rather, to justify his edict, Biden reached back to a Nixon-era workplace safety law. I am skeptical that this half-century-old law can support Biden’s novel mandate.

Ultimately, Biden’s measures may also prove counterproductive. Forcing people to get vaccinated could deepen vaccine hesitancy. Herd immunity cannot be achieved through herd mentality—individual choice, not forcible mandates, is the only path forward.

The argument that many use for a COVID mandate is that schools require kids to get all sorts of vaccines. However, it is primarily the states which require them, not Los Federales. Further, using OSHA as the law and agency to require them will simply create a lot of lawsuits. Worth reading the rest.

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