LOL: Almost Half Of Youths Say Climate Anxiety Causing Problems In Their Daily Lives

Just wait till they actually have to enter the Adult World and deal with real issues

Nearly half of young people worldwide say climate change anxiety is affecting their daily life

A global study has found young people are suffering “profound psychological distress” due to climate change and government inaction on the crisis.

Some 45% of the 10,000 young people surveyed across 10 countries for the study, published Tuesday, said anxiety and distress over the climate crisis was affecting their daily life and ability to function.

Three-quarters of respondents aged 16-25 felt that the “future is frightening,” while 64% of young people said that governments were not doing enough to avoid a climate crisis.

In fact, nearly two-thirds of young people felt betrayed by governments and 61% said governments were not protecting them, the planet or future generations.

The study, which was said to be the first large-scale research of its kind, was led by academics from the U.K.’s University of Bath and the Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health, among others. It is under peer review in The Lancet Planetary Health journal.

“Such high levels of distress, functional impact and feelings of betrayal will inevitably impact the mental health of children and young people,” the authors of the study warned.

First, it’s fantastic how the climate cult has created a bunch of neurotic youngsters, fearful of a complete scam. Second, the same scammers have created a generation of people who can only do things that the government tells them to do. They cannot survive or do anything, seemingly, without the Strong Hand Of Government.

They added that while climate anxiety may not constitute a mental illness in itself, “the realities of climate change alongside governmental failures to act are chronic, long term and potentially inescapable stressors; conditions in which mental health problems will worsen.”

If they’re so concerned why don’t they change their own lives? No more taking a fossil fueled trip somewhere to take selfies. No more streaming TikTok, which uses a lot of power. No more smartphones. No spring break. And so much more.

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5 Responses to “LOL: Almost Half Of Youths Say Climate Anxiety Causing Problems In Their Daily Lives”

  1. Kye says:

    Because that would require a personal commitment to DO something. A design to better themselves without an opportunity to blame others. And worse of all, they couldn’t force other people to bend to their will.

    They have been programmed well.

  2. est1950 says:

    They think they got anxiety now. Just wait until you get a high rise full of snowflakes who have nothing but a cell phone and the internet. Sleeping on a hard floor in an non airconditioned or heated two room apartment.

    They think they have anxiety now. Just wait till they have to start standing in line just to get a soy burger and a soylent green shake.

    They can thank Hairy and Zach and Elwood. I am sure those guys will be living large at the expense of the rest of the sheeple.

    • Hairy says:

      Do you really think that “living large at the expense of the sheeple” is the key to happiness?
      Do you think that Trump is truly happy?

      • est1950 says:

        Unlike you hairy I am not afraid to answer an impossible question with the wisdom supposedly the Daily Llama gave you.

        Do you really think that “living large at the expense of the sheeple” is the key to happiness?

        I of course cannot speak to the happiness of others. I surmise you are a very unhappy person as you fight for lockdowns, masks and the great reset. I surmise you are unhappy because people have as yet not found true harmony living in a concrete cell block, being fed lies by the MAIN STREAM LYING MEDIA. I surmise given the true unhappiness of those who think the world is about to die that there can be little happiness in living large.

        IF they believe what nonsense they are peddling. You sir seem to peddle a lot of nonsense. So I can only conclude that because living large escaped you that if you are at the forefront of the movement you will be entitled to something above and beyond for your service to the collective.

        It is how The Russian Revolution went. It is how Cuba Went. It is how Vietnam went. It is how China works today. The great leaders of the rebellion are always rewarded. But there is always a fine line to walk, so be very careful, lest you find yourself in that two room concrete cell, a few brain cells short of realizing that concrete cell was constructed using CO2.
        Do you think that Trump is truly happy?

        Do you think that Trump is truly happy?

        The GREAT DAILY LLAMA says I WOULD RATHER BE SAD AND RICH THAN SAD AND POOR. I imagine Trump is a grumpy old man after you stole the election from him and gave us the disaster that is the most corrupt president we have ever had. A man who spent 50 years in government and his only claim to fame was he PUT BLACKS IN JAIL.

        Do you think George Soros is happy?
        Do you think John Kerry is happy?
        Do you think Bill Gates is happy?

        How many leftist billionaires would you like to ask that question of that are every bit as involved in politics as was Trump?

        The worst thing you guys could have done was to steal the election from Trump and then let him live rent free in your heads. How did your conversation even turn to TRUMP after asking about living large when your party is full of mega wealthy people all pretending to give a shit about what is important to China.

  3. ruralcounsel says:

    Anxiety about things they have no power or influence over is the definition of a psych problem. They’re victims of the media scare campaign ginned up by technocrats that see it as an opportunity to seize more power and financial backing, and control over most peoples’ lives.

    If they aren’t careful, their next biggest problem to worry about is how to get enough to eat and where to get a pair of work boots, as they get shuffled out into the fields to do manual labor like the serfs they are choosing to become. The Khmer Rouge showed how it’s done, and our ruler elite caste is anxious to follow in their footsteps and reduce the human “footprint” on the planet by allowing large swaths of the population to die off, leaving just enough to keep as virtual slaves. That way the elites get to keep all of the benefits of modern life, all of the natural resources, for themselves.

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