Bummer: Agriculture Produces About A Third Of Greenhouse Gases

The obvious solution here is that Mankind needs to drastically reduce the amount of food we produce, which means we need to kill off a goodly chunk of the world’s population, and, either figure out a way to recycle the people without producing GHGs, or launch them into the Sun

Food production generates more than 1/3 of manmade greenhouse gas emissions – a new framework tells us how much comes from crops, countries and regions

climate cowProducing enough food for a growing world population is an urgent global challenge. And it’s complicated by the fact that climate change is warming the Earth and making farming harder in many places.

Food production is a big contributor to climate change, so it’s critically important to be able to measure greenhouse gas emissions from the food sector accurately. In a new study, we show that the food system generates about 35% of total global man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

Breaking down this share, production of animal-based foods – meat, poultry and dairy products, including growing crops to feed livestock and pastures for grazing – contributes 57% of emissions linked to the food system. Raising plant-based foods for human consumption contributes 29%. The other 14% of agricultural emissions come from products not used as food or feed, such as cotton and rubber.

This is nothing new. Way back in the day the UN IPCC’s first report said that the majority of GHGs from Mankind came from agriculture and landfills. And it was more about methane than CO2. We’ve done a good job with landfills, better recycling, better management, reduce the GHGs produced. Agriculture? What do they want us to do? But, the study itself?

To fill those gaps, we have developed a comprehensive framework that combines modeling and various databases. It enables us to estimate average yearly global emissions of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide from the production and consumption of plant- and animal-based human food. Currently, our study covers the years 2007-2013. Here are some of the insights it offers, using data that represents an average of those years.

So, mostly a computer model, and it is more about methane and nitrous oxide. And it only covers 6 years. So, a rather weak study. Though probably correct. Even though there are a lot of estimates, rather than hard figures. And Blamestorms a lot of areas like SE Asia, India, and China.

Based on these results, governments, researchers and individuals can take actions to reduce emissions from high-emitting food commodities in different places. As U.N. leaders have stated, making food production more climate-friendly is essential to reduce hunger in a warming world.

And there we go, a study meant to give government some data so that government can look to take more control of the agriculture sector. Surprise?

Climate alarmism is the real threat to public health

So climate change is now a ‘health emergency’ is it?

That was certainly the message from US president Joe Biden last week, after he launched the Office of Climate Change and Health Equity. It will reportedly explore how a warming, changing climate poses an immediate, existential threat to people’s health. As Gina McCarthy, the White House national climate-change adviser, put it: ‘Climate change is fundamentally a health threat.’ (snip)

It’s scary, portentous stuff. But this rather desperate presentation of climate change as a public-health emergency is hardly a surprise. Policies and measures to tackle everything from knife crime to racism are now often framed in terms of public health. It has become the catch-all justification for policymakers – a source of authority and legitimacy for technocrats. And this tendency to justify just about anything in terms of protecting citizens’ health has been supercharged by the response to the pandemic, where all sorts of measures, from school closures to bans on protests, have been imposed in the name of health and safety.

I’ve been sitting on that one in the GetPocket account, worth a full read.

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6 Responses to “Bummer: Agriculture Produces About A Third Of Greenhouse Gases”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The scientists supplied data not recommendations.

    Agriculture and land use are major sources of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but previous estimates were either highly aggregate or provided spatial details for subsectors obtained via different methodologies. Using a model–data integration approach that ensures full consistency between subsectors, we provide spatially explicit estimates of production- and consumption-based GHG emissions worldwide from plant- and animal-based human food in circa 2010. Global GHG emissions from the production of food were found to be 17,318 ± 1,675 TgCO2eq yr−1, of which 57% corresponds to the production of animal-based food (including livestock feed), 29% to plant-based foods and 14% to other utilizations. Farmland management and land-use change represented major shares of total emissions (38% and 29%, respectively), whereas rice and beef were the largest contributing plant- and animal-based commodities (12% and 25%, respectively), and South and Southeast Asia and South America were the largest emitters of production-based GHGs.

  2. Hairy says:

    Conservatives seem to have lost their sense of duty to community and country
    Replacing it with freedom from government

    • Kye says:

      Leftists seem to have lost their sense of duty to the Freedom our nation was founded upon and replaced it to fealty and obedience to fascist government. In case you never studied American history the entire point of America was FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT. That’s why we have states rights and a government Of the People, For the People and By the people and not an unelected (junta joe) dictator or a one party system.

  3. Kye says:

    The type of commie hypocrites Elwood and Hairy worship:


    The self-styled champion for poor (and menstruating) people wore a designer dress with ‘Tax The Rich’ on the back — but no mask — to the ritzy Met Gala.

    That’s Rich
    ‘Tax the Rich’ ……But first I’m gonna go have the time of my life partying with them all at the most extravagant over the top party of the year that is essentially a celebration of richness.”

    “A table at the Met Gala costs around $275,000 and an individual ticket costs $30,000.

    “If @AOC hates the rich so much, why is she attending an event that only the wealthiest people in America can afford to attend?

    “I wonder if any journalists will do their job and ask her.”

    Mask The Commoners “@AOC doesn’t need a mask at a packed celebrity haute couture event, but your kindergartener needs one to go to school and you need one to walk from the hostess stand to your restaurant table, even if you’re vaccinated.”

    “They lock you up, mask your children, and then party and laugh at you.”

  4. Kye says:

    David Horowitz a Jew, former radical leftist democrat an writer wrote this about Elwood and his party of traitors today:

    “What do you call a party that takes the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the worst attack on the homeland since the British burned the White House in 1812, to lecture Americans on their persecution of Muslims? Especially, when the attack was inspired by Islamic doctrine in a declaration of (unprovoked) war against the “Jews and the Crusaders” (Christians)? What do you call a president who, on the anniversary of this attack, describes this as a “religion of peace”? The 2001 assault on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon was inspired by Islamic doctrines leading to similar attacks on Jews and Christians for over a thousand years, including hundreds of thousands of slaughters and beheadings of Christians in the last twenty, and attacks on Jewish civilians as recently as a year ago.

    Islam is, without any question, the most war-like, intolerant religion on the planet, yet America’s commander-in-chief defends it as a “religion of peace” and warns American citizens commemorating an unprovoked Muslim attack, which took nearly 3,000 innocent American lives, to put on sackcloth and ashes to atone for their imaginary “persecution” of Muslims. Look up the statistics, Joe. It’s Jews who are the most persecuted religious group in America, thanks in large part to the influx of radical Muslims from “Palestine” and other Muslim nations at war with Israel because they hate Jews.

    What do you call a party whose leaders turn a twenty-year victory over Islamic barbarism in the country that attacked us on 9/11 into a massive defeat, abandons massive airbases and $90 billion in advanced weaponry without a fight or plan to retrieve them, and makes the Jew- and Christian-hating Taliban terrorists “partners,” legitimizing them in the process?

    What do you call a party that is legitimizing Islam and Islamic terrorists who stone women for adultery, behead them for “fornication,” deny them education, sanction their beating by irate husbands, and make them second-class citizens generally compared to males?

    What do you call a party that allows the terrorist Taliban to vet tens of thousands of Afghan refugees entering the United States and disappearing into the general population from where the terrorists among them can launch terrorist attacks?

    What do you call a party that treats 81 million unvaccinated Americans as domestic enemies and, in violation of the Constitution, forces vaccines on them even if they have medical conditions that might cause the vaccines to kill them, but allows hundreds of thousands of unvetted illegal migrants already infected with COVID to cross U.S. borders and be flown into the heartland by the United States Air Force? And once there – to get free medical care, welfare payments, and education?

    What do you call a party that refuses to impose consequences on American diplomats and military generals who enabled the worst, most humiliating American defeat in our history? Why are Secretary of Defense Austin, Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley, and Secretary of State Blinken still holding their jobs?

    What do you call a party that is pursuing a national witch-hunt against a former president and his patriotic supporters, calling them “domestic terrorists,” when 99% of the violence is coming from the anti-American ranks of Black Lives Matter and the Democrat-supported political left?

    What do you call a party whose leaders require all of America’s soldiers to undergo indoctrination in an ideology that calls for the “dismantling” of America and tells them that their oath to defend the Constitution is an oath to defend a document that codifies “white supremacy”? What American patriot is going to risk his or her young life for that country?

    You call the party responsible for all these actions a party that has committed treason. Today’s Democrat leaders have traduced the Constitution, and betrayed our citizens and the country they love to murderous enemies. Patriots need to stop pussy-footing around this treason and call it by its right name. Impeach Biden, Harris, Pelosi and the Joint Chiefs for treason. Only when that happens will a recovery from this nightmare appear on the horizon.

    You call it treason.”

  5. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Commontater: What do you call a party whose leaders turn a twenty-year victory over Islamic barbarism in the country that attacked us on 9/11 into a massive defeat, abandons massive airbases and $90 billion in advanced weaponry without a fight or plan to retrieve them, and makes the Jew- and Christian-hating Taliban terrorists “partners,” legitimizing them in the process?

    tRumpublican Party?

    Anyway, the GOP assured America it was secular Iraq that attacked America on 9/11. Are you finally admitting that the GOP manipulated evidence to facilitate their invasion of Iraq?

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