Climate Cult Today: Warmists Threaten Businesses, Norway Votes

This doesn’t sound threatening in the least

‘We will have a really long, long memory’: Greens calling businesses’ bluff on climate change

Green groups backing the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending package are aiming their fury at one of the bill’s most powerful opponents: corporate business lobbies that claim to support action on climate change.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable and the National Association of Manufacturers all support the much smaller bipartisan infrastructure bill championed by the Biden White House, which includes tens of billions of dollars for responding to climate disasters and promoting green power. They also backed billions in new spending last year for wind, solar and renewable energy.

But the same business groups have taken a hard line against the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion plan, which would raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations while tackling causes such as health care, child care and racial equity in addition to climate change. The groups are sticking with that position even as some of their own members, such as Pfizer, Microsoft and Bank of America, have criticized them for doing too little on climate. (snip)

“It’s a really hard test for corporations: Was it all bullshit?” said Lori Lodes, executive director of Climate Power, a group whose leaders include veterans of Hillary Clinton’s and Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaigns. “There’s one train and you’re either getting on it or we will have a really long, long memory.”

We could ask the same of Warmists: if you won’t practice what you preach in your own lives, is it all bullshit? Well, yeah. It is. It’s a scam. Cultists are very good in attempting to force Other People to comply, not so good when it applies to themselves.

Norway sees final day of voting in election fought on oil

Voters in Norway head to the polls Monday, the last day to cast ballots in the country’s parliamentary elections.

The issues of climate change and economic inequality have dominated campaigning and the outcome could influence oil activities in Western Europe’s largest producer.

It is expected that the center-left opposition headed by the Labor Party will topple Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s Conservative Party, which has governed for the past eight years. (snip)

Norway is an affluent, oil-rich country that is not an EU member state. It has the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, thanks in no small part to the financial windfalls brought about by the country’s significant fossil fuels sector since the 1960s.

GDP from the sector is at 14% and 40% of all exports are oil and gas. Petroleum accounts for 160,000 jobs.

Stoere’s (who is projected to become the next Prime Minister) Labour Party wants a gradual, rather than immediate, reduction in the Norwegian economy’s reliance on oil and gas sector, unlike parties further to the left that may form part of a ruling coalition.

Either way, this will be great to see if they win and start knocking oil down, creating havoc in the economy. Will the same people who voted for the Leftists bitch and moan? Will they turn around and vote them all out in the next election?

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3 Responses to “Climate Cult Today: Warmists Threaten Businesses, Norway Votes”

  1. Dana says:

    I’ll believe that they have a long memory when they start giving up the consumer products they use.

  2. est1950 says:

    The Biden Administration is destroying the middle class.

    Not on purpose mind you. I think in some Small(itty bitty, teeny tiny)way they truly believe they are helping the middle class.

    Let me give you a single example of why the middle class is being crushed by this administration.


    By adding to the corporate rate these corporations will simply RAISE PRICES while no longer raising wages as they have already raised them as high as they are willing to go….13-20 dollars per hour to work at McDonald’s.


    Now lets look at what this massive 9 trillion in spending has done to a single segment of the housing industry.

    I have a house in the mid west that we were thinking of selling as we rarely get out to it any longer.

    The price of the house two years ago was appraised at 458,000. Absurd. Its not a big house, in fact it was our main house for a long time and 30 years ago we paid 118,000. for the house and 2 acres of land.

    Three months ago we had it appraised again to get ready to sell it and it was appraised at 641,000.

    Then the people who bought the house had it appraised three weeks ago and in a period of two months the house appraised for 669,000. In other words inflation has driven up the price of this home from 458,000. To 669,000 in just 22 months.

    That my friends is roughly 25 percent inflation.

    Now why do I use this example. Because the amount of income needed to buy this house is much more than 90 percent of America can afford.

    The house is on 2.3 acres of land. I have had solar installed on the roof and it has two 500 watt wind turbines spinning to keep this house off grid. It has septic, water well and self generated power.

    Truly the dream home of many even though it is an unremarkable home other than being truly off grid.

    The problem is the cost. With the Biden administration raising taxes on corporations inflation is going to shoot up another 10 percent because these corps will simply raise their prices.

    Raising prices without the underlying demand for the product is what is known as inflation. Right now homes are sky rocketing because their is not an underlying demand for them but in fact homes are being bought by the federal government for HOUSING.

    Black rock Hedge fund the trillion dollar behemoth is buying homes for 25-50 percent over the true value of the home and the average citizen cant afford to compete with that because a bank is not going to lend you 150,000 dollars for a house that appraises at 100k….EXAMPLE. That is what three different hedge funds are doing right now.


    These homes are then being sold to the government who has plans to use them for housing and equity. In other words. If you ain’t white you get a 3/4’s of a million dollar home for pennies. IF YOUR WHITE….you can’t buy a home right now.

    Why did I use White and Black? Because again the left is showing their stripes by continuing to put blacks on the reservation and keeping them there.

    This country is FUBAR. The very essence of its power was economics and that has been stripped away first by Obama and now by Biden and the left.

    • est1950 says:

      El Salvador just signed into law BIT COIN as its legal tender.

      Why is this significant. Because there is a movement to take away the US dollar as the worlds currency.

      The left is trying desperately to destroy the US dollar with their policies so that the billionaires who are heavily invested in Crypto Currency can make trillions off of the world switching from the dollar to Crypto or even the Chinese unit of money. Renmimbi.

      However at this moment there are many reasons why the world would hesitate to use the YUAN as the worlds currency, the infatuation with Crypto continues to grow exponentially especially with the ease by which you can now MINE Crypto using your computer.

      Hell even Norton Antivirus company now offers Crypto mining with their basket of products.

      Crushing the dollar in favor of Crypto will further transfer wealth from the poor to the rich. But one always has to remember that those making policies are already making insane amounts of money under and above the table. Imagine if you will, AOC writing a book. Don’t matter how good it is…one of the major publishers will push a million, 2 million bucks into her hand for the rights.

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