St. Greta Claims Scotland Is No World Leader On Climate Crisis (scam)

You know what would be cool? If St. Greta of Stockholm told all her acolytes to practice what they preach. Give up their own massive carbon footprints. And, hey, maybe get a degree

Greta Thunberg: Scotland not a world leader on climate change

St. GretaCampaigner Greta Thunberg says she doesn’t regard Scotland as a world leader on climate change.

The Swedish activist told BBC Scotland she recognised that some countries “do a bit more than others” but that none were coming close to what was needed.

On the Scottish Greens’ deal to enter government, she said some politicians were “less worse” than others.

But she said tackling climate change was not as easy as voting for a green party.

The 18-year-old said: “Of course there might be some politicians that are slightly less worse than others. That was very mean but you get the point.

“It’s a hopeful sign that people want something that’s more ‘green’ – whatever green means – but in order to solve this we need to tackle this at a more systemic approach.”

In other words, she wants more dictatorial government, telling people how to live their lives and forcing them to comply. No one should expect anything else from climate cultists.

Ms Thunberg still believes the conference will not lead to anything “if we don’t treat this crisis like a crisis.”

She explained: “It should be all about climate justice and we can’t achieve climate justice if everyone is not contributing on the same terms.

Climate justice is a political term, requiring political, not scientific, solutions, usually involving force from government towards citizens.

Speaking of politics

Climate change in election spotlight in oil giant Norway

Climate change has surfaced as a key issue for Norwegian voters in a Sept. 12-13 parliamentary election, and none more so than in the country’s oil industry capital, Stavanger, which is preparing for a low-carbon future. (snip)

The opposition Labour party and its allies including the Socialist Left are widely expected to replace the ruling coalition of Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg, polls indicate. Labour supports continued petroleum exploration while the Socialist Left opposes it.

Since the publication of a United Nations report on Aug. 9 warning that global warming was dangerously close to spiralling out of control, parties that prioritise climate change, such as the Green Party and the Socialist Left, have seen their popularity rise in polls. The Greens saw a 25% rise in their party’s membership.

The better the pro-environmental parties perform in the election, the more likely they will be able to force through curbs on oil companies, such as limiting where they can look for new fields.

Still, it will be a tall order to call time — as the Greens want — on a sector that accounts for 42% of national exports and employs around 160,000 people.

Either people will say “no” to the Greens, because Doing Something about ‘climate change’ is popular in theory, not practice, or they empower the Greens and deal with the fallout, having to wait till the next election to replace them while dealing with the economic destruction caused by the Green’s policies.

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