Bummer: Dell Won’t Ship Certain Computers To California, Other Climate Crazy States

Believing in climate doom and wanting to Do Something is all fun and games right up to the point it rears up and smacks you in the face, eh? Climate cultists are super excited to do something in theory, not practice, at least where it affects their own life (via Watts Up With That?)

Dell won’t ship energy-hungry PCs to California and five other US states due to power regulations

unintended consequencesDell is no longer shipping energy-hungry gaming PCs to certain states in America because they demand more energy than local standards allow.

Customers seeking to purchase, for example, an Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 Gaming Desktop from Dell’s website and have it shipped to California are now presented with a message that tells buyers they’re out of luck.

“This product cannot be shipped to the states of California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont or Washington due to power consumption regulations adopted by those states,” the website says. “Any orders placed that are bound for those states will be canceled.”

Dell confirmed to The Register that the California ban was down to power consumption regulations, saying:

Yes, this was driven by the California Energy Commission (CEC) Tier 2 implementation that defined a mandatory energy efficiency standard for PCs – including desktops, AIOs and mobile gaming systems. This was put into effect on July 1, 2021. Select configurations of the Alienware Aurora R10 and R12 were the only impacted systems across Dell and Alienware. (snip)

At the end of 2016, California became the first state to approve energy efficiency limits for computers. At the time, the California Energy Commission (CEC) voted unanimously to adopt tighter appliance energy standards in an effort to meet climate policy goals. According to the 2016 CEC Staff Report, computers and monitors account for about 3 per cent of residential and 7 per cent of commercial energy use in the state.

Certainly, many of those pre-made gaming/high power computers use a heck of a lot more power than your average laptop. But, so what? The people using them are willing to pay for the power in their electric bills. This is their choice. And climate scam regulation will take away choice. You can bet that other manufacturers are looking to do the same. This is what happens when the climate zealots get their legislation passed: unintentional, and intentional, consequences. Computing requires power. The more powerful the computer the more energy needed. How many of the folks who want higher power gaming rigs are also climate cultists? How many now realize that Doing Something does actually negatively affect their lives?

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11 Responses to “Bummer: Dell Won’t Ship Certain Computers To California, Other Climate Crazy States”

  1. Geo Wash says:

    “Their choice”

    That’s so cute.

  2. samoore says:

    If someone wants a high-capability gaming desktop, he’ll have to do what I’ve done for years; buy the components and assemble the rig. The regulations don’t apply to individual components. I can get a Geforce RTX 3090 at Best Buy (assuming I’m willing to deal with Best Buy, which I’m not).

    I live in Oregon, and I just had a 750-watt Antec power supply shipped to me for my gamer.

  3. Hairy says:

    OMG sobadz
    This is worse than when they took away those wonderful incandescent bulbs and subjected us with the risk of mercury poisoning if a CFL broke and made oyr home a toxic waste site

    • gitarcarver says:

      Well, it is clear that you are not willing to spend any energy – electric or intellectual – on spell checkers, but that is not the point.

      However, Hairy once again shows his ignorance on an issue. Computers require power. The more powerful the computer, the more power it consumes. A high end graphics card requires more power than other cards; so do higher end processors.

      The gaming industry is massive yet California is not banning the servers and computers of the companies who make the games themselves. Is that because the gaming companies have paid for better lobbyists?

      The California Energy Bill was written in 2017, and recently went into effect. This led to several US States outside of California joining in; effectively banning high-end pre-built gaming PCs.

      The state had recently published a paper looking into the power efficiency of computer gaming. They claim in their findings is that computer gaming in California consumed 4.1 terawatt hours in 2016, costing roughly $700 million USD in energy bills. They list consoles with taking a bulk of the emissions at 66%, and desktop computers at 31%. In spite of this, consoles are seemingly exempt from the bill.


      A 2019 report from the California Energy Commission notes that “computer gaming in California consumed 4.1 terawatt-hours/year in 2016,” but that’s a small fraction of the amount of energy consumed by, say, a typical Google datacenter. On average, those use about “200 terawatt hours (TWh) each year.”

      A single data center requires 50 times more energy than all of California’s gamers combined.

      According to DataCenters.com, there are currently “197 data centers in California.”

      If my math is right — and it is — data centers in California consume roughly 10,000 times more energy than gamers do.

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      But Google and Apple and Twitter and Facebook can afford pricy Sacramento lobbyists. A gamer streaming on Twitch from his basement is a much easier target for feel-good legislators. And since gamers are more likely to be white and male than is average, they make a popular target for California’s progressives.


      California has real problems. The state doesn’t produce enough electricity, has underinvested in water infrastructure, refuses to manage its forests properly, is experiencing rising crime, increasing inequality, decreasing opportunity, and is headed for (assuming it hasn’t already reached) a neo-feudal tech-state.

      California and other states are waging a war on their own economies, with large companies getting a pass while individuals are targeted.

      One has to wonder why people like Hairy hate gamers and the rigs upon which they play. Then again, all the left has is hate.

  4. Hairy says:

    I don’t hate gamers
    You are projecting again
    Why do you hate everyone in CA g man
    I enjoyed playing Choplifter in ’83
    Gamers can certainly find another way to get what they want, this will be a minor inconvenience to someone
    Try to smile more often
    Maybe you are hating on me for teasing Teach about how upset he was years ago about Obama killing off incandescent light bulbs
    Do you remember that also?
    I don’t hate
    I have been a Buddhist since 1963 and lived in a monastery for 12 months in Thailand
    I laugh when you try to insult me

    • drowningpuppies says:

      I have been a Buddhist since 1963 and lived in a monastery for 12 months in Thailand.

      That explains why Johnnie is a retard and living at the nervous hospital in Queens.

      Bwaha! Lolgfy https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif
      And finish your rice pudding.

    • gitarcarver says:

      I don’t hate gamers

      Of course you do. If you didn’t, you would say how ridiculous this is.

      You are projecting again

      I haven’t eaten a pizza roll in decades, so I am not sure what you are referring to.

      Gamers can certainly find another way to get what they want, this will be a minor inconvenience to someone

      Oh? Once again, your lack of understanding and hatred is showing. The gaming computers are not being sold in certain places most likely because of the power draw from the graphics card. Modern cards can draw over 200 watts of power. So a person goes to order a gaming computer from Dell, (and other companies) and won’t get the graphics card they want.

      They will then order the card they do want than they would have paid in a complete system. There is also now additional costs of shipping, packaging, etc., which add an economic and ecological burden on the “inconvenience” you blithely dismiss.

      In short, your lack of critical thinking is on display again.

      Why do you hate everyone in CA g man

      You think that advocating for freedom in places like CA is hating Californians?

      That’s laughable but consistent with your view of the world and hating freedom.

      I don’t hate
      I have been a Buddhist since 1963 and lived in a monastery for 12 months in Thailand


      Yet you support abortion?

      The first of the five precepts—the essential guidelines for Buddhist ethics—is to abstain from taking life. The Buddha laid out a set of conditions that constitute the act of killing: Was the act intentional? Was an effort to kill exerted? Abortion does fulfill those conditions and thus violates the first precept.

      According to Buddhist teachings, life—rebirth—begins at conception. In the traditional view, whether or not an embryo or fetus can survive on its own, it is a sentient being whose spiritual progress is thwarted by an abortion. Both the mother and whoever performs the abortion generate negative karma as a result, too.

      It appears that like many things, your devotion to your beliefs is flexible and situation dependent.

      Your alleged adherence to Buddhism may reflect your hatred of women, as Buddha himself thought women to be second class citizens.

      I laugh when you try to insult me

      Your own words and actions condemn you. If pointing that, and your abject hatred of everything is insulting, maybe you need to look in the mirror.

      But you won’t, because that would prove your own hate.

      All the left has is hate.

    • gitarcarver says:

      I enjoyed playing Choplifter in ’83

      I wanted to circle back to this to show your ignorance.

      When Choplifter came out in 1982 for the Apple II, the power supply for the Apple put out less than 35 watts of power for everything – motherboard, cpu, graphics, drives, etc.

      Today’s cards – basic elementary cards or even embedded graphics on motherboards – require a minimum of 55 watts of power. Higher models are, as I said earlier require well over 200 watts of power.

      In other words, you were trying to compare playing an 8-bit game powered by less than 35 watts to modern games where that entire Apple II power supply couldn’t even power the most basic graphic cards of today.

      (Even gaming consoles of today require roughly 200 watts of power which for mathematically challenged people like you, is nearly 6 times the amount of power your Choplifter required.)

      Your comparison has only made you look more the fool than adding anything of intelligence to the conversation.

      Maybe you are hating on me for teasing Teach about how upset he was years ago about Obama killing off incandescent light bulbs
      Do you remember that also?

      Yep. I do remember it. You said that CFL’s were the wave of the future and that is why Obama needed to end the incandescent light.

      Teach, I and others said that the market should decide rather than government regulations made by someone who doesn’t have to buy the bulbs. We predicted that prices of incandescent bulbs would rise, forcing families to spend more.

      That is exactly what happened.

      You hated the lower and middle class so much you wanted them to spend more without any thought to them at all.

      As the rest of the people here predicted, LEDs have now taken over the market. They are cheaper to buy, cheaper to operate and easier to dispose of.

      So yeah, I remember you making ridiculous statements based on ignorance concerning light bulbs just as you are doing now with computers.

      (And just as you continue to do with you love affair with electric cars where you lie about costs and other factors.)

      You hate freedom. You hate the unborn. At best, you have a religion of convenience. You hate any type of morals and ethics (or else you would not lie as much as you do.) And of course, you hate facts.

      All you have in your dark soul is hate.

      It is all the left has.

  5. est1950 says:

    Hard to square a Buddhist training with what you post everyday on this site. I doubt you even understand the first thing about Buddhism without googling it.

    I won’t go into a long list. You can google it. So can others. But I remember one thing very clearly in my studies of Buddha.

    From the wheel of life or Wheel of Dharma.

    The Three Causes of Suffering is greed, ignorance, and hatred.

    Since you are obviously ill-informed, ignorant and filled with political hatred for the other side especially when it comes to AGW, I must only surmise that your Buddhist training no longer matters o you which begs the question WHY DID YOU EVEN POST THAT?

    Saul Alinsky rules for radicals make them live up to their own core values. Time to temper your words here hairy. Since any self respecting Buddhist would never call out The OP of this blog the way you do, because it goes against:



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