AP: Pro-Hamas “Activists” Attack Israel With Balloons Again

The Israel and Jew hating Associated Press has gone from calling Hamas terrorists to militants to now

Pro-Hamas activists launch incendiary balloons into Israel

Israeli warplanes struck a target in the southern Gaza Strip, the Israeli military announced early Monday, saying it was responding to the launches of incendiary balloons that caused at least three blazes in southern Israel.

The military said it had struck a Hamas military base. It said the base was near civilian areas that included a school but gave no further details. There were no immediate reports of casualties.

The airstrike came several hours after the incendiary balloons were launched into Israel by activists linked to Gaza’s ruling Hamas militant group. Photos and video posted on social media showed them sending the balloons into Israel. On one of them was written the message: “Time is running out.”

Activists. Seriously. People attacking civilian targets, who want to wipe Israel off the map (remember, that is Hamas’ stated goal, and the US State Department designates Hamas as a terror group), are being called activists. You know, like those who are Fighting For $15 and for body positivity. Could the AP let us know what the pro-Hamas activists are being activists for? Of course, they term Hamas itself “militants”, not terrorists.

Israeli media reported at least three fires set in southern Israel, breaking a three-week lull in the launches of the balloons.

Israel’s new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, has compared the balloon launches to rocket fire and has ordered airstrikes following previous instances as well.

In an initial response, COGAT, the Israeli defense body that oversees Palestinian civilian affairs, announced Sunday that Israel was cutting the fishing zone for Gazan fishermen in half, from 12 nautical miles to six nautical miles. Reducing the fishing area is a common Israeli response to fire emanating from Gaza.

Bennett may not be Netanyahu, but, it’s clear he’ll brook no attacks from the pro-Hamas terrorists. Oh, sorry, activists.

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One Response to “AP: Pro-Hamas “Activists” Attack Israel With Balloons Again”

  1. bob sykes says:

    The hard reality is that 7 million Israeli Jews are trying to control 7 million Palestinian Arabs. They do so because the fear the Arabs. And with good reason, the Arabs want them gone.

    There is really no solution to do this struggle, or at least none that anyone would agree to. Would either the Arabs or the Jews accept the UN’s 1948 boundary?

    The violence has been going on for 73 years, almost my whole life. I have no doubt it will go on for another 73 years, or even longer.

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